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District Newsletter Aug 17

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1 201W1 NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE AUGUST 2017 Does your club have a Safety/Security Ocer? If you have a look at the Lions Australia website hp://cer/ the reason for the posion is explained. While it may seem like another bit of administraon it is quite reasonable to expect that we look aer our members and that we reduce the risk on the part of our insurers. July ends with the Remembrance Service at Bull Creek which Allan and I aended to represent W1. August brings our Zone Meengs which Zone Chairs have been asked to organise. Your club President, Secretary, Membership Chair and any other members who wish to aend are invited along. Try taking some photos and sending them to Richard for inclusion in the District Newsleer. Also in August I have the State GLT/GMT Meeng, The Council of Governors Meeng in Ballarat followed by the Australian, New Zealand, Indonesia Pacic Forum or ANZI in Ballarat. Allan and I will be aending at our own cost. We are also training our ocers. Chrisne Walker (GMT) AND Tim Powel (GLT) have aended a forum in Melbourne to bring our District up to date with changes to our service structure. News on this very soon. Allan Lowe and Megan Brassington will aend the Advanced Lions Leadership Instute in Melbourne in September. Chrisne Walker will be providing some training at each Cabinet meeng to ensure your cabinet is well informed and able to meet the challenges we face over the next twelve months. Are you ready for our District Convenon? The registraon form is available on line and you can nd informaon about what’s happening further on in the newsleer. Get cracking so that you catch the early bird discount. We need to reacvate and look to our future. Look aer your members and enjoy your service. Leap into the future The SLowe Express Firstly, I want to congratulate IPDG Michael who is the rst DG in some years to have closed with a posive membership growth. Visitaons are well underway. I have had the pleasure of vising with Yanchep Two Rocks Lions, Noranda Lions and Swan Districts during week one. Week two saw us at Ballajura and Kalamunda and week three at Forresield High Wycombe. The visits are wonderful; we get to see our members and nd out what they are up to. You can follow our travels on the Lions In Western Australia Facebook Page. Club visits are a great way to get new ideas for your club. Why not try vising with another club? You will be rewarded with increased fun and fellowship. Speaking of vising and travelling, I haven’t heard about the Travelling Gavel for quite some me. A photo should be taken when it is handed over and sent to the Magazine Editor. Proof of Life type of thing… As Cabinet Secretary Richard has advised you in the July All Club Mail-out, your nancial audit should now be underway. My own club and District use Ford Partners in Osborne Park. If you are having trouble geng an auditor give them a call, they may be able to t in a few more clubs. If your books are in order you should nd this exercise relavely inexpensive. Once your audit is completed you should hold your Annual General Meeng. The role of this meeng is to accept the clubs audited accounts, rafy the elecon of ocers, set fees for the coming year and appoint an auditor for the next year. It only takes a short me out of your meeng and if you are having an issue with conducng the meeng. perhaps you can invite your Zone Chair along to conduct it for you. Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month

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2 DISTRICT 201W1 CONVENTION 2017 HOSTED BY CITY OF PERTH (HOST) LIONS CLUB 20th TO 22nd OCTOBER Registraon forms are now available and have been circulated to all club secretaries. Please ensure that all you club members have the opportunity to register as they do not want to miss out on this fabulous opportunity of being part of our Centennial District Convenon. The commiee has sought sponsorship for our convenon which has reduced the cost dramacally. The value of your cket is $280, however, with the proceeds from sponsors you will only pay $100 for an early bird registraon if you register before the 20th September or $130 for registraon aer the 20th September. The cut-o date for registraon is the 10th of October. Registraon will ensure your inclusion in this wonderful event to be held in our Capital City’s historic Perth Town Hall. We will meet where great events have shaped our city since 1871. We will be in good company. To view the Convenon Dra Program, please see aached. Our Convenon commiee is working hard to ensure you have a sparkling and interesng experience. Get ready to celebrate with us on October 20 – 22. Highlights will be the interesng speakers, Rob Oerlemans our Lions in Australia CEO will speak on Club Harmony. Rob will also run a forum during the lunch break. Also aending will be Robyn Falloon who will speak on Diversity within our Lions culture. We have a Speaker from Save Sight Foundaon and a number of 10 minute ‘snapshots’ from several other foundaons. Our speakers will oer valuable insights into our organisaon. There is also work to be done. We need to make decisions about our organisaon and elect ocers. To ensure a bright future; make sure you aend the business sessions so that you are included in these decisions. We will have display stalls where you can see interesng informaon about our acvies and projects, taking informaon back to your clubs which will enhance your club projects. On Friday evening we have a cocktail recepon at historic Burt Hall which is also celebrang its centenary; and Saturday evening we will dress up and dazzle at our Ties and Tiara convenon event with fabulous food and great music. Our 1st VDG Luen Chicote will host a breakfast on Sunday 22. We haven’t enjoyed one of these for the past two years so don’t miss this one. There is something for everyone in the City of Perth. Come stay in the city and enjoy the café culture and shopping. We look forward to seeing you there. It won’t be perfect without you. The Convenon Commiee Above - Burt Hall Right - inside Burt Hall

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3 DISTRICT DIAMOND DEEDS CONVENTION 2017 REGISTRATION DETAILS Our Convenon hosts, Lions Club City of Perth (Host) have provided a fantasc opportunity for all Lions to aend our Centennial District Convenon to be held at the City of Perth Town Hall. Early bird registraons up to the 20th September will only have to pay $100. Total convenon value $280. Aer the 20th September, the price will be $130. The cut-o date is the 10th October if you wish to aend any of the events over the weekend. The Convenon pin which you can view in the upper righthand corner of the registraon form is an addional cost of $5 each. There are three ways that you can register with explanaons below on the process – 1. Online registraon – preferable method to assist the Convenon Registraon Secretary – Tony Paloa. If you are familiar with the online registraon process please visit - hps:// – to register for convenon. 2. Please visit this link - FormD_REP100 - to view and download a PDF document that you can ll in on your computer. Choose your payment method then click submit at the boom of the form. This will take you to your email program with your registraon form aached. You may include a message for the registraon secretary. If you are using online banking please use your name as reference. You can also print the form. Please also aach a copy of your e-banking receipt with this registraon form. 3. Please visit this link - Form M1 - to view and download a PDF document which you can print and ll in and post back to the convenon secretary with your cheque. Once you have lled in this form you can also scan it and email it back. If you are using online banking please use your name as reference. Please also include or aach a copy of your e-banking receipt with this registraon form. If you have any queries please contact the registraon secretary Tony Paloa - Mob 0433 280 888 or Pauline Song - – Mob – 0405 656 780 L to R - Luen Chicote, Columba Sparta, Pauline Song (registraons), Tony Paloa (registraon secretary), Colin Heap, Tina Schwarz and Halina Young (Convenon Convenor) Convenon 2017 Pin CONVENTION COMMITTEE MEMBERS HARD AT WORK

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4 AUSTRALIAN LIONS PIN TRADING CLUB INC Members of the Australian Lions Pin Trading Club have returned home from the successful Hobart Convenon joyed by reaching and celebrang their 25th Anniversary in MD 201’s 70th year and Lions Clubs Internaonal Centennial celebraons. During the convenon, pins were traded and many new pins from clubs discovered. It is always a delight to discover a new Aussie club pin for traders collecons. Categories of pins are many, District Governor personal, Districts, Convenons Special Projects, ALPTC, Clubs and many more and each year aer the MD new pins are added to a CD catalogue. Aer starng in 2002 to recognize Australian issues, we have discovered in excess of 2,600 and more are being found. Our 16th annual CD will be available in June. The Execuve of our ALPTC wish to make an appeal to clubs throughout MD 201 and we would appreciate if you would bring our leer to your members for their thought. We will very much appreciate knowledge of new club pins throughout the year, whether it be for celebrang club birthday’s or striking that special pin for your club. Should you wish to help us, I will appreciate to hear from you, my email address, and aer receiving your informaon, noce of your new pin can be circulated to my members. Our club would be able to assist if needed to help with designs, costs etc. I also wish to extend an invitaon to all Lions of MD 201 to consider joining our club. We are a Lions Club within a Lions Club and we oer a great hobby, a lot of friendship and when we gather together, a lot of fun and fellowship. Collecng Lions Pins is a wonderful hobby with amazing designs themes and the opportunity to make friendships world wide. While or membership moo is, “WE ARE LIONS FIRST – PIN TRADERS NEXT” We will welcome to hear of your new pin, thus giving us the opportunity to include yours in our ever growing collecons. I look forward to hearing from you and your members. PDG Lance Leak, OAM Secretary, Australian Lions Pin Trading Club Inc. Kalgoorlie Lions running a Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings recently to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Foundaon. There will be a one day conference for the Alzheimer foundaon in Kalgoorlie being organised by the Kalgoorlie Lions on the 24th of August at the Boulder Town Hall. Two sessions - 10 am and 6 pm. Speakers Professor Ralph Marns A O expert in Alzheimer’s and Ageing. Associate Professor Kathryn Goozee specializing in Age Care and Demena A donaon will be presented to the Foundaon from the Kalgoorlie Lions Club. KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB DISTRICT 201W2 CONVENTION Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October. Hosted by the Freemantle Lions Club.

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5 Sponsors – what’s required and why Every Lion has a responsibility for membership of their Club. Every club needs members in order to achieve its service goals. New members provide clubs with fresh ideas, new projects and addional ways to make a dierence in the community Sponsors should ensure A prospecve new member is brought to your Club on a visit either to a meeng or project. Provide informaon about Lions in general. Provide informaon about your Club specically. Ensure they are told about the dues and fees that have to be paid. Ensure they are introduced to all your Club members AND made to feel welcome. Ensure they are inducted into your Club as soon as possible. Make this a VERY special occasion. Provide them with the New Member Welcome booklet. Oer new member orientaon. Oer new member mentoring. (Sue will provide informaon about mentoring) Ensure they are invited to parcipate in Club acvies and service projects to ensure they have a good experience. If your new member is made to feel welcome, comfortable and are involved in community service they will remain part of your club for a long me. As a sponsor you should ask yourself the following. Have I made the new member feel welcome? Have I given them responsibility? Have I valued their input, and respected their ideas? Have I made them feel like a member of the family? How will you know this? ASK the new member and get them to complete a Member sasfacon quesonnaire. Chrisne Walker Global Leadership Team Leader THE LIONS HEARING FOUNDATION The Lions Hearing Foundaon was formed in 1977 to serve as a charitable service orientated Lions Foundaon in the State of Western Australia. Its objects are to work in the eld of hearing conservaon and to help the hearing impaired and deaf people in parcular those who could not otherwise aord what is required. We try to increase the public awareness of disorders of the ear and auditory system and encourage the improvement of services for the hearing impaired people in general. With the mutual support and co-operaon of the Ear Science Instute Australia (ESIA), we assist the expansion and development of audiological and medical services in respect of both treatment and prevenon for the hearing impaired persons at the Lions Hearing Services. All Lions Hearing Clinics are owned and managed by the ESIA. Clinic appointments can be made by telephoning 1800 054667 and an appointment will be made at a clinic nearest to you or at a clinic requested. The Lions Hearing Foundaon nances the Lions Hearing Screening Bus which visits community events in Western Australia carrying out hearing tesng free of charge. The bus can be booked by emailing We also provide 50% of the cost of hearing tests for children who are named on a Commonwealth Health Card and screened in the Lions Hearing Clinic. We spend in the region of $17,000 per year on this service. The Arthur & Lorna Dodd Award can be ordered from the Foundaon by Clubs who wish to recognise the work a Lion or volunteer has done for the Club. Again, to order an award please email the above address for informaon. The Foundaon is also involved with the Lions Hearing Dogs based in Hahndorf in South Australia. These dogs have the same benets of Guide dogs. The dogs are not specically raised but are rescue dogs. Training costs in the region of $30,000 and distributed throughout Australia. Unwanted hearing aids can be donated to any Lions Club or posted to the ESIA at 1 Salvado Road, Subiaco, Western Australia or the LHF at PO Box 159, Greenwood, WA 6924. Aer servicing they are distributed to deserving people in WA or sent abroad to third world countries. It is only behind the ear hearing aids that can be used. Lion Chrisna Smelt Chairman

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6 Our District needs to put some strategies in place to provide a future direcon for our organisaon. I am asking Lions who have an interest in planning for our future to nominate for this important commiee. WHAT IS IT? The purpose of strategic planning is to set overall goals for our District and to develop a plan to achieve them. It involves stepping back from our day-to-day operaons and asking where our District is headed and what its priories should be. HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE IT? I envisage a committee with a sub-committee approach. Last Lionistic year a group got together with the guidance of Tim Irvine, Multiple District Global Leadership Area Coordinator, to agree on an approach to this goal. We need cabinet members and non–cabinet members for these positions. Basically the group decided that we would divide into these areas: • Governance & Due Diligence • Communications • Administration • Member Development • Provision of Training & Development We have a number of volunteers but would like more. Meetings will be mostly held on line via GoToMeeting – don’t be put off, it is a very easy system. Please contact DG Sue or CabSec Richard if you would like to contribute. S T R A T E G I C CHRISTMAS CAKES 2017 Above - Lions 100 Year Cake Tin. Right - New design on 1.5kg Cake, 1Kg Cake and 900gm Pudding. John Tidey Cake Chairman W1 Phone - 94513686 Mobile - 0414391615 Email -  Christmas cake season is here. Please click on the links below to down the various forms - 1. Lion Cake Prices. 2. Lions Cake order forms. Orders placed before 31st October will receive a discount as indicated on the cake prices form. Payment and delivery must have been made to qualify for a discount. If you have any queries please contact John. Details below.

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7 NAME SPONSOR CLUB EUAN GRYLLS DANIEL SPENCER Bencubbin & Districts ROBERT GRYLLS RONALD COLLINS Bencubbin & Districts DEANNE MORGAN HUGH MORGAN Bencubbin & Districts JULY 2017 WELCOME New Members EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the August Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the September Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. BROOME LIONS CLUB Members of the Broome Lions Club were present at an event to welcome our new PM with speeches and quesons, There was only around 100 Students and Professional in Broome invited to this event and we being the Lion's of Broome were lucky enough to have an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull. L to R - Mellissa Price MP Federal Member for Durack, Mr Malcolm Turnbull, Broome Lions Tracy Thorgersen to le of PM, Barry and Brian Pernich. DATES TO REMEMBER AND SITUATIONS VACANT CABINET POSITIONS VACANT 2017/18 FISCAL YEAR - Youth of the Year Chairperson - sadly our very ecient YOTY chair is rering from this posion, however, she is available to mentor and assist. A supporve team is also in place. Contact DG Sue Lowe for more details - 9652 2212 |0404 288 511 DISTRICT CABINET MEETING - Sunday 10th September at Gibson Park Community Centre 9am for a 9:30am start. District Newsleer copy deadline: 25th of the preceding month WEST LION October 2017 COPY DEADLINE September 2017

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8 Youth of the Year 2017-2018 Clubs are invited to parcipate in this important youth program. Clubs are encouraged to invite suitable students from their local Secondary School to parcipate. Student age criteria is 15 years and under 19 years (as at 30 June 2018). Each contestant completes an Entry Form, which is used during the Interview (80 points). Contestants are assessed on their Leadership (sporng/cultural, cizenship/community involvement), Personality, General Knowledge and Academic achievements). At the Public Speaking funcon (30 points), the contestants answer two impromptu quesons and present their 5 minute prepared speech. • Club Finals should be completed no later than 28th February 2018. • Zone Finals 10th & 11th March 2018 – assuming that two will be held – a Northern group and a Southern group. Interviews in the morning and public speaking in the aernoon. • District Final be held on Sunday 25th March 2018 , Interviews in the morning and public speaking in the aernoon • State Final to be held on Saturday 7th April 2018. Naonal Final TBD 4 - 7 May, 2018 (most likely on Monday, 7th May) As yet a District Coordinator has not been appointed by the District Governor. In the interim, Clubs can register their intenon to parcipate with Carmel Ward 0409334737 or Registraon form: hp://on-form.pdf For more informaon go to: hp://vies/youth/yoty/yoty-resources/ Start planning now, appoint your Club Chairperson. Set the date for your Club Final. Resources are available to assist your Chairperson with contacng Secondary Schools in your area. Membership Is Everyone’s Responsibility The Lionisc year has only just begun and we as a District are already minus ve. We actually inducted ve members and lost ten. This is a very disturbing trend as at this rate we will be down to eight hundred members before christmas. The fact that we lost so many means that our members are not happy in their clubs or maybe Lions as we are not fullling their needs as a group. It shows we have to care far more about our members and take an interest in their wellbeing. If you have members that are missing meengs regularly then a member of that Club needs to contact the member and ensure that they are alright. If they have had medical problems, issues in their lives we need to show support and care for them. If we show we are interested in their wellbeing and include them in the happenings in the club the chances are that they will return. All members of a club are expected to acvely encourage new people to aend meengs with a view to geng them to become members. More members means more impact in your communies and the ability to provide more projects. If each member in Lions managed to ask one person to become a member we would be up over the one thousand mark very quickly. This is even if half of those that we ask did not become a Lion. Ask yourself, “How many potenal members have I asked to become a Lion in the two years”. This would be a very low amount and one “No” means you are one step Closer to a “yes”! Don’t get discouraged with a couple of setbacks as you will succeed if you are persistent. Clubs have to nd meaningful projects for themselves to do in their communies. By meaningful I mean that they have to be meaningful to their members and the members in the community. Be seen to be meeng the needs of the community as this will result in more interest in your club and ulmately more to do the work. Clubs should already be planning the year and have some project ready to go for this rst part and a very special and outstanding project for the March to May Membership period. All members need to work to grow the Clubs for impact within their communies and also look in adjacent suburbs and areas. New developments, areas that do not have a club other clubs that and groups that you can support are always good grounds for recruing. Never give up, just ask. Don’t ignore your fellow members needs, take an interest in them, cater for the needs of the community. Barry Middleton Global Membership Team Co-ordinator.

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9 Thank you once again Bull Creek Lions for holding this very special event in recognion of the passing of our Lions over the past 12 months. The day was beauful, the locaon exceponal and we were blessed to be able to get together as Lions and some family members to remember those who have contributed to our organisaon. They have contributed to our clubs our organisaon and communies. It was a pleasure to be there. If your club missed out on having a plaque for one of your members you can catch up next year. It is a very worthwhile recognion. Lions Remembrance Day 2017 Above - DG 201W1 Sue Lowe Above - DG 201W1 Sue Lowe with DG201W2 Grant Hewi Right - Lions & Guests aending the Remembrance Day Centennial celebraons of Lions Clubs Internaonal Congratulaons to every Lion in our district. We have just begun our 101st year of service to the world. We have celebrated our rst 100 years and all that we have achieved but the contribuon we all make has not ended. For some it has just started. I would like to welcome all our recently inducted Lions to our clubs and more importantly, to our great organizaon. I wish you well on your membership. The Centennial Service Challenge connues and we have now served more than 166 million people since we set the challenge in July 2014. The celebraon carries through unl June 2018 so there is sll plenty of me to plan and give something special to your community. Another project has been added to the list and service to Diabetes prevenon is now a focus. You can be creave in how you support these projects and do not forget to publicise your eorts. Sharing the vision, engaging our youth, protecng our environment and relieving the hunger are sll worthwhile and needed aspects of the challenge with an added focus also on childhood cancer. Many clubs have supported projects like these for many years and we want to let the whole world know that we play a valuable part in solving and relieving these problems. This is also a great me to invite new members into your club and using the centennial challenge is a great way to get people talking and wanng to be a part of our service. PDG Colin Heap Centennial Coordinator ONLINE LIONS SHOP NEED A NEW MEMBER KIT AWARDS OR MEMBERSHIP BADGES CLOTHING & APPAREL GIFTS & STATIONARY JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES Please follow this link - Online Lions Shop

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10 BENCUBBIN & DISTRICTS LIONS CLUB 40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS Mike Tomas Memorial Sausage Sizzle Sunday 24th September 2017 . Bencubbin Community Resource Centre 12 noon. As part of their 40th Anniversary Celebraons. All proceeds to Cancer Research Lionsonoz in Action The ladies of Australian Lionsonoz Lions Club knit and collect knied items from various sources and distribute them to a number of needy causes. Lion Yvie said “Thank you all who have knied items during the year, I have been asked to connue with the Kning Project next year and look forward to sharing many kning hours with you.” Knied items can be arranged to be picked up by phoning Lion Yvie on 0427497660. Above - Lion Yvie Kearns (centre) and friends Dorothy and Sandy. Le - Donated Knied items ready for distribuon

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11 Click anywhere on the page to open a PDF document to view full details of PDG Barry Middleton’s Kokoda Adventure.

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12 MAYLANDS LIONS CLUB CHANGEOVER DINNER Incoming President Alex Raymond receiving the gavel & gong from outgoing President Trish Bearman. Below - New members inducted on the evening with their sponsors. BALLAJURA LIONS CLUB SENIORS HIGH TEA Over 40 Ballajura seniors enjoyed our second annual High Tea at the South Ballajura Community Centre. A variety of cakes, scones and sandwiches were served by the hard work Ballajura Lions. Tea and coee was served through the aernoon as well. Everybody enjoyed the event and are looking forward to next year.