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District Newsletter Apr 18

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201W1 NEWSLETTER HUMANITARIAN SERVICE, DISASTER RELIEF, MEDICAL RESEARCH, SIGHT & THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF YOUTH WE SERVE APRIL 2018 The SLowe Express Allan and I send our best wishes to those members who celebrate Easter as part of their culture. It is an amazing me of sadness, reecon and then celebraon; not to menon Easter Eggs. No maer where our thoughts lie at Easter me it is always wonderful to bite into a delicious Easter egg and I must menon that I didn’t hold back. My own club has held an amazing Easter Market with huge crowds and a wonderful response for our community. The club has agreed to donate $1000 to Australian Lions Foundaon for the current round of disasters. Please let us know what your acvies have been and send us your photos! March brought about our Execuve and Cabinet Meengs where a number of decisions were taken on your behalf by the Cabinet. Firstly, as you are all probably aware, the personal expenditure incurred as part of the District Governor team as well as some other posions can be a lile heavy on the pocket. A large proporon of these funds are reimbursed, however, it can take a while. I asked Cabinet Treasurer Jill to invesgate the use of a debit/credit card to allow future members of the team access to funds related to their specic Lions dues. Jill has put a signicant eort into this and as a forensic accountant you can be assured that she has invesgated a very ght control system. A moon was approved by Cabinet to put such a system in place. This is a major milestone for our District and brings us into line with many other Districts. This step will remove the barrier many qualied members have to nominang for the posion of District Governor. Another moon passed relates to holding District funcons on the same day as Execuve and Cabinet meet. Your Cabinet members are all very acve Lions and are interested in aending all our District funcons. This moon paves the way to allow Cabinet Ocers to be in aendance at all our popular events. If you are interested in keeping up to date with what your District Cabinet achieves at meengs have a look on the District Website. I have met with a small joint publicaons team to establish a new publisher for the joint District Diary. Our past publisher has terminated our arrangement and no longer wishes to publish the District Diary or the West Lion. While the West Lion can easily be replaced by the District Newsleer which has signicantly improved since it was taken over by our various Newsleer Editors since 2012, the diary remains an issue. The team will work towards achieving a no-cost joint District Diary. We will keep you posted on this maer. Pauline Song and her team are progressing with the 2018 Children of Courage event at St Mary’s Anglican School. I hope that your club is well on the way to subming its nominaons. Please don’t leave it unl the last minute as it would be so very sad to see this programme fail due to a tardy response by clubs. On 24 March I was privileged to aend the District Final of the Youth of the year Programme. What a ne group of young people we aract with this compeon. Many thanks go to PDG Colin Heap for his eorts on our behalf as well as his many mentors who threw in the life buoy to save him when he jumped in at the deep end. Leap into the Future and see what you can achieve, DG Sue Lowe

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Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday 3rd May 4th May 5th May 6th May 7th May Tree Planting at Unesco Park Informal Reception Key Members & First Conventioneers Breakfast District Functions Convention Lunch Lioness Dinner Leos Night Out Tropical Gala Ball Past & Present Cab Secs, Cab Treas & Current DG's & Partners Lunch PDG's Dinner Council Chair Intern Director, PIP, PID's, PCC's & Partner Lun LIONS AUSTRALIA 66TH MULTIPLE DISTRICT NATIONAL CONVENTION FRIDAY 04 - MONDAY 07 MAY 2018 TOWNSVILLE NORTH QUEENSLAND TOGETHER IN THE TROPICS Contact: Postal Address: PO Box 659, Aitkenvale QLD 4814 For the latest news visit the Convenon Website, just click on logo on le. Chairman: PDG Di Pyers Deputy Chairman: PDG John Muller OAM Convenon Secretary: Lion Greg Jackson Convenon Treasurer: Lion Kevin Gietzel Convenon Registrar: PDG Gary Kenny ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________REGISTRATION FORMS - visit this link to download either - PDF or Word FARES EQUALISATION - is available for all Lion delegates residing 1200 kms from the Convenon Centre. Constuon and By-Laws of Mulple District 201W1, Mulple District Funds, Clause 53 (Page 8), Convenon Fares Equalisaon Fund. Please see details aached. ACCOMODATION - please visit links below and contact the facility that you are interested in. 1. Townsville Apartment Accommodaon 2. Townsville Hotels 3. Townsville Hotels and Apartments - more opons CONVENTION CENTRE - Townsville Entertainment & Convenon Centre DISTRICT NIGHT OUT - join District Governor Sue Lowe and Allan Lowe on Sunday evening the 6th of May for an evening of fun and relaxaon In Townsville from 7 pm. We have sourced the Match Restaurant & Grill which has a great menu to suit all tastes. For direcons view google map - hps:// Please let me know if you will be aending the night out. FORM 3 - Remembrance Ceremony - please nd aached and return as soon as possible. Form 4 - Delegates and Alternates - please nd aached and return as soon as possible. ITINERY BELOW. Please visit this link - Convenon Program - to view. Registraon Deadline - Friday 20th April 2018

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Email: Mobile: 0417 000 276 GOOGLE MAP

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To download a plaque order form please visit this link - ORDER FORM

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PDG Clive Tonkin Chairperson Tel: 9651 8060 Mob: 0427 518 060 Email: Maureen Tonkin Secretary Tel: 9651 8060 Mob: 0417-518-061 Email: Please click on links below to download various convenon documents - 1. Convenon Registraon Form 2. List of accommodaon EXEMPLARY SERVICE AWARDS This prestigious Award is designed to acknowledge and recognise members of the community who are not Lions who serve their communities. The object of the award is to nurture and promote the principles of good citizenship by due recognition of Service to Others. To those who through practice and example to others, promote the principles of Good Citizenship. To those who in promoting these principles foster and encourage mutual understanding among the various segments in our community. Importantly, to those who through personal sacrifice on their part and through care and devotion give service to the Needs of Others. There is no cost to individual clubs and a beautiful wooden shield is presented to the recipient. If your club is interested in nominating a member of your community please Contact Sue Renton Tel: 9409-9860 Mob: 0412 354 520 Email:

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YOUTH OF THE YEAR DISTRICT FINAL The district nal of the Lions Youth of the Year Programme was held on Saturday the 24th of March at the Duncraig Community centre. A good aendance of Lions members and Parents, Teachers and friends witnessed some very ne public speaking aer the private interviews earlier in the day. The Overall winner was Henry Pemberton of Christ Church Grammar, sponsored by the Lions club of Floreat. Conor Paon of Scotch College, was the winner of the public speaking award. Conor was sponsored by the Lions club of Perth Metropolis (Branch). Two of the remaining students also will advance to the WA state nal on Saturday the 7th of April at the Flying Angel club in Fremantle. Those students are Caleb McKenna of Warwick Senior High, sponsored by the Lions club of North Beach, and Saskia Thomas of Presbyterian Ladies College, sponsored by the Lions club of Kingsley Woodvale. Good Luck to Henry, Caleb and Saskia on the 7th of April. Above: District Governor Sue Lowe with the overall winner Henry Pemberton. Below: Lions & guests, Top: On le YOTY District Chairperson Colin Heap with DG Sue Lowe centre and the six contestants. Below: DG Sue Lowe with the public speaking winner Conor Paon.

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KALGOORLIE LIONS CLUB Members at a Concert at the Centenial Park raising funds for Alzheimers Foundaon. L to R Greame Davis Wendy Rochester Sheila Jones David Mead and Eddie Rochester Caltrop Eradicaon Project in Kalgoorlie - Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris) is a nasty ground-covering noxious weed. It produces seeds with very prickly spines, that can be painful for animals and people who are stabbed by them, and which spread the weed everywhere. This spring the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group (KBULG), is running a program to encourage the local community to “Rid Caltrop from the Region”. Individuals and groups can register an area of public land, and then remove all of the Caltrop from it. The Kalgoorlie Lions selected an area that is adjacent to the Kalgoorlie Cemetery. On Sunday 11th March the Kalgoorlie Lions were there to eradicate the Caltrop. We pulled some plants out manually, and sprayed others with herbicide. The Kalgoorlie Lions will follow up in a few weeks to make sure that the sprayed Caltrop plants are dead, and to pull out any new seedlings. Also some before and aer photos will be provided to KBULG to verify the weed eradicaon.

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Make cheques out to Lions District 201W1 and post to Cabinet Treasurer, PO Box 2524, Malaga, 6944. Make a note that it is for this appeal.

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LIONS CLUB BRANCH OPPORTUNITY Do You Need Facilities in your Community? All over Australia in towns and cities you’ll find an array of Lions funded projects that help make the places we live more liveable and enjoyable for everyone If you see a need in your community that you would like to champion, Lions can provide you with the systems, support network and the fundraising structures to make it happen How Can Your Local Lions Club Help? We can help be using the Lions Club Branch Scheme A Club Branch enables a small group (up to five people) to form a club as part of an existing Lions Club. These clubs could be a local Progress Association, a sports club or a group of parents wanting to finance a new Playground at their child’s school. How about a local choir or playgroup? The Club Branches are autonomous and can tackle just one project a year if that is what they choose, or become involved in the many projects already run by the parent club Tap into a the huge resources offered by the Lions organisation, including the many and very generous grant opportunities Gather when you want, and as often as you want or just when you can manage. These days many Lions Clubs do a lot of their communicating on line via email and social media. Some clubs still hold meetings and have a meal and a bit of fun as well. Remember, once you have formed a Club Branch it is your club your your way Many thanks to Pat Williams MD201C1 for the inspiration

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Official Publication of Lions District 201W1 EDITOR RICHARD TUNMER PO Box 2524 Malaga WA 6944 (M) 0415 089 938(H) (08) 9209 1358 email : DISTRICT NEWSLETTER Published First Week of Every Month DEADLINE FOR COPY: 25th of the preceding month DATES TO REMEMBER & NOTICES CHILDREN OF COURAGE 2018 AWARDS PRESENTATION 10.30 am, Sunday 20th May 2018 at St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, 75 Ellio Rd, Karrinyup WA 6018 Please visit links below to download documents relang to Children of Courage 2018 - 1. Informaon for Lions Clubs 2. Informaon for Parents/Guardian 3. District 201W1 Nominaon Form 4. District 201W1 Parent/Gaudian Consent Form FOR FURTHER INFORMATION Please contact Pauline Song Children of Courage Chairperson 201W1 Phone: 0405 656 780 Email: NOMINATIONS FROM LIONS CLUBS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 20th April 2018. HEARING BUS DRIVERS: We urgently require any Lions Member with a HR Drivers License to volunteer to take the Hearing Bus to various events. HEARING BUS TESTERS: An urgent appeal to any Lions Member to volunteer as Testers. Full Training will be provided, To both the above posions we would gladly hear from any Lion who would like to be part of the Hearing Bus Team. We are desperately short of volunteers who are available for both mid week and weekend events. It would ideally be suited to Lions within the Perth Metro area as the Bus is garaged in Perth. Please make contact with the LHF Screening Chairman Ivan Sturgess on or 0451 655 808 to discuss. Lions Mulple District Naonal Convenon Fri 4th to Mon 7th May. Townsville Nth Queensland Together in the Tropics More informaon Registraon Forms Convenon Program DISTRICT CABINET VACANCIES MEDIA/PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIRPERSON - to develop and implement strategies to promote the prole of Lions in the district and extend awareness of club acvies and projects. This plan shall include making contact with each and every club within the district during the District Governors term of oce. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY POSITION – provide guidance if requested by Clubs to assist in the seng up and maintenance of their Club Website . Act as a resource person for Clubs and Cabinet members with regard to IT issues and internet management, where required. Develop and maintain a quality website for the District. ZONE CHAIRPERSON ZONE 4 (Clubs - Canning City, Forresield/High Wycombe, Kalamunda) - support and liaise with all Clubs within your alloed Zone. Be an eecve liaison between Clubs, Zone Chairman Coordinator and District Cabinet. Promote and assist membership development of clubs in the Zone. Please let DG Sue Lowe ( know if are interested in any of the above posions. DISTRICT CABINET MEETING Sunday 10th June at Gibson Park Community Centre 9am for a 9:30am start. Members welcome CLUB DEVELOPMENT DAY SUNDAY 27TH AUGUST

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EDITORS CORNER: Thank you to all clubs and District Ocers for your contribuons to the April Newsleer. Please send through photos & arcles for the May Edion. A newsleer will also be circulated in Digital Format which allows any addional content and provides greater picture clarity. Email: SEND YOUR CLUB NEWSLETTER TO DG SUE If you have a club newsleer please send a copy, preferably digital, to DG Sue so that she can keep up with your news and put your club in the running for the annual Best Club Newsleer Award which is judged by the DG of the year and awarded at the District Awards Night. Your club could pick up this very special award. Email: PO Box 823 | Jurien Bay WA 6516 March 2018 NAME SPONSOR CLUB PAULETTE CONTESSI DAVE SPENCER Floreat CHERYLE DALZIELL KIRSTEN BOARDMAN Karratha Dampier KAY MCLAGLEN KERRY DONOHOE Karratha Dampier LEANN MOONEY WAYNE DONOHOE Karratha Dampier JANEEN MOORE KIRSTEN BOARDMAN Karratha Dampier ANGELA THIRD KERRY DONOHOE Karratha Dampier CLARENCE PETER ROSEMARY SENEVIRATNE Maylands ANTHONY TURNER Swan Districts MARK DEACON-EVANS RODNEY BRIDGE Victoria Park JING HONG RODNEY BRIDGE Victoria Park SUZHEN HONG RODNEY BRIDGE Victoria Park EZIA SALOTTI PAULINE SONG Victoria Park JOHN SALOTTI PAULINE SONG Victoria Park IPDG Mike Wolf receives Internaonal President’s Award from DG Sue Lowe at the March Cabinet Meeng. CLICK ANYWHERE TO VIEW LIONS CLUB OF GIRRAWHEEN - Easter bunny at Hudson park school . Children loved the Easter bunny

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DUNCRAIG LIONS celebrang St Patricks day

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JURIEN BAY LIONS CLUB WELL ATTENDED MARKETS Lion Rob Wright (right) from Duncraig Lions is now a resident at House 4 at Brightwater Birralee in Innaloo. Visitors are most welcome. Rob has had a long road of recovery from a serious illness. Rob was the Quiz Master at many fundraisers and this gives him an advantage with the quiz quesons at Birralee. Rob enjoyed an oung and lunch with Lion Carmel Ward just before Easter, garlic prawns were a real treat. Club members have been regular visitors to help support Rob during his me in hospital and at Birralee. Rob is hopeful to be back on line soon, with a computer from the City of Perth (Host), thanks to Lion Murray Fletcher and the computer refurbishing group. WiFi will soon be installed at Birralee and this will make it much easier for Rob to communicate with his family in the UK. If you have computer equipment to donate, please give Lion Murray a call 92583891 or 0414746957. Photo taken right outside Alexanderplatz S Bahn staon by Duncraig Lion Bill Hildebrand - we were staying in the hotel near there that had previously been the hotel foreigners had to stay in when this area was in East Berlin - the Stasi had eavesdropping devices in all the rooms . Hopefully they had all been removed when the place was renovated. Vale Past Lion Dennis Gran Dennis was a member of Gingin Chier-ing Lions Club While he has not been a Lions for some years, Dennis connued to look aer the mints programme for the club. He will be sadly missed by members of the club. BALLAJURA LIONS AT THE DISTRICT YOTY FINAL L to R IPDG Michael Wolf, Greg Brennan, Zachary Maews, Kaye Scandre, Jill Middlemas and Mary-Anne Wolf

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