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District A Annual Report 2021

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 2021 REPORT

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RecapContact UsBy the NumbersInfrastructureCIPSWATLDPDitch MaintenanceStreet Overlay & RehabNTMPMore ProjectsPublic SafetyNeighborhood Patrol ProgramCrime StatsHFDQuality of LifeIllegal Dumping HOT TeamHomeless CampsParksAnimal WelfareCity Council HighlightsBudget AmendmentsFood AccessVehicle LeasingWinter Storm UriIn the Community125-3233-3637-4647-5051-5354-616-1415-2021-2223-2627-2829-3031-3234353638-394041-4344-464849504

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As 2021 comes to an end, I want to thank ourDistrict A constituents and everyone whosupports our community. While this year broughtmany new challenges for our community and ourCity, the District A office continues to addressconcerns like flooding, crime, and quality of life.We will continue to serve as a resource for youand hope that you will contact us if you needassistance. I am proud of the work that the District A Teamand I have accomplished. We still have a lot to doand will continue to advocate on your behalf. Ithas been a true honor to serve you this last year,and I look forward to continuing to do so in 2022! Sincerely,1

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District A Contact Us2

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The following report is a list highlightingsome of the many things we worked on thisyear. If you have any questions, pleasecontact the District A office.3

Liz Miranda - Chief of Staff
Sarah Singleton - Director of Constituent Services
Jakob Jenkins - Constituent Liaison/Director of Communications
Josie De Leon - Scheduler/Community Outreach Coordinator

The District A Team

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CIP Projects are large, often multimillion dollar projects to addressdrainage, mobility, and/or roadconditions6

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CIP ProjectsAntoine Drive Drainage & Paving (at Hempstead)- In Progress7

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CIP ProjectsAntoine Drive Drainage & Paving (from 290 to West Mount Houston) - in Progress8 In

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CIP ProjectsBinglewood Drainage & Paving -Complete9

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CIP ProjectsChateau Forest Drainage & Paving: In Progress -Construction Anticipated in 202310

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CIP ProjectsInwood Forest Drainage & Paving - In Progress411

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CIP ProjectsInwood Forest Detention Basins - In Progress12

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CIP ProjectsSpring Shadows North Drainage & Paving -Funding Secured!for a larger map, visit

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CIP ProjectsSpring Shadows South Drainage& Paving - in ProgressNeuens (Phase 1) is in progress.Working on funding for theadditional phases14

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SWAT Projects are smaller than a CIPproject but are necessary for floodmitigation Please note: These are just theprojects in progress or complete thisyear. Many more are currently indesign.15

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Alabonson/W. Little York: In ProgressSWAT Projects16

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Alcott and Peppermill Storm Sewer Improvements-In ProgressSWAT Projects17

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Shadowdale Drive Roadside Ditch Improvements(Shadow Oaks to Westview - Complete SWAT Projects18

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Spring Branch Villa Roadside Ditch Improvements - CompleteSWAT Projects19

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Spring Shadows Section 12 Study - In ProgressSWAT Projects20

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Local Drainage Projects addresslocalized flooding issues21

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Local Drainage ProjectsBlack Gum Outfall - In Progress Briarwild Roadside Ditch - In Design Clanton Street Outfall - Complete Clay Road (15660 Clay) Outfall - In Design Cole Creek Outfall - In Progress Flowerdale Drainage Improvements - In Progress Golden Forest Drive Roadside and Off-Road Ditches - In Design Padfield Outfall - In Progress Pine Grove Outfall - In Progress Quincannon Outfall - In Progress Rigel Road Ditch - Complete Upland Park (Phase I) Roadside Ditch - In Design Vogue Lane Regrading - Complete 22

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During the Fiscal Year 2022 budget process, I authored anamendment with Council Member Abbie Kamin for on-callmaintenance of city-owned ditches. City ditches are mowedroughly twice a year and maintained even less frequently.This is not acceptable, and some flooding might not occur ifthe ditches were clear and able to hold the maximumamount of water. This budget amendment passed unanimously, and werecently started this program. Several ditches wereselected for immediate maintenance. After the work iscomplete, we will continue to monitor these and otherditches before heavy rain events to make sure they willwork at full capacity. Below are some examples of the ditches that have beenmaintained under this new program.23

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Alabonson: Victory to White OakCampbell: Hempstead to Clay24

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Elmview: Hammerly to Elmview TraceMorocco: Tanner to Porto Rico25

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Windfern: Hempstead to Clay26

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Ascot Lane from Helberg to TC Jester Blvd Campbell Road from Blalock to Hammerly Windfern Road from Clay Road to Wingfoot RoadStreet OverlayStreet RehabilitationCampbell Road from Clay Road to RR Tracks Greens Road from Mills to Tomball Pkwy28

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This program is for speed cushions.If your neighborhood is interested inthis program, please send us anemail. It is a long process, and we goin the order neighborhoods apply.29

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Campbell Place East Spring Brach Montgomery Terrace Pine Terrace Post Oak Green (Awty School) YorkwoodNTMP30 East Spring Branch

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43rd and Lockfield Street Sidewalk Repair - CompleteBinglewood Water Line Project - CompleteBunker Hill and Witte Pedestrian Crosswalk - InProgressFM1960 Improvements from Mills Road to SH249 - InProgressHammerly and Ridgecrest Sidewalk Repair - CompleteI-10 at Beltway 8 Flood Warning SystemImprovements - CompletePark Ten Wastewater Treatment Plant Abandonmentand Flow Diversion to Turkey Creek WastewaterTreatment Plant - In ProgressShadow Oaks Elementary Curb Openings - Complete32

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In response to concerns about crime and other neighborhoodissues, I implemented a new program called the NeighborhoodPatrol Program (NPP). Each Council District is designated a small(compared to the overall budget) amount of tax dollars to addressconcerns in the district. These funds are called Council DistrictService Funds (CDSF). I already allocate a considerable amount ofthese dollars for overtime to the Houston Police Department (HPD)to combat crime and increase community relations. These fundsare used by HPD as issues arise. The new NPP directs extra funds on top of the overtime money tospend dedicated time patrolling neighborhoods that request thisservice.Neighborhood Patrol ProgramCoffee with the Cops and Council Members34

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Crime in the Northwest Division (Spring Branch) hasdecreased compared to last year! Non-violent crimereduced by 5.9%, and violent crime reduced 1.9%. We area also seeing positive results of the overtime andNPP in the North Division (Inwood). Since this divisionincludes four council districts including A, it is a little bitharder to track the results of these programs. Although crime is down compared to last year, it is stillhigher than any of us would like to see. The District A officemaintains a great working relationship with HPD, and safetyis our top priority. We hope to see you at upcoming Coffeewith the Cops events next year!Crime StatisticsPublic Safety Town Hall35

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Station 38 is currently getting many necessary repairs and willreopen as soon as the repairs are complete. I also sponsored new carpet at Station 49. Thank you to all of our wonderful fire fighters who support ourcommunity!Houston Fire Department36

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Illegal Dumping Hot TeamTo address concernsof illegal dumping inDistrict A, Iimplemented a HotTeam to quickly pickup illegal dumping inthe City's right of wayin our community. The District A HotTeam, Edward andJames, pick uphundreds of poundsof illegal dumping aweek. We also partner with the Harris County EnvironmentalCrimes Unit with an illegal dumping camera to catchthose who are dumping in our community.38

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Illegal Dumping Hot Team39

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Homeless Camps in District ARecently the City opened a temporary housing navigationcenter to meet the needs of individuals experiencinghomelessness who are specifically living on the streets inDistrict A. This temporary location provides comprehensivewrap-around services, onsite management, and security.Working with Harris County, the Coalition for the Homeless,and an array of other partners, the City started the process ofdecommissioning homeless camps by offering this temporaryhousing as a short transition period until they are moved intopermanent housing. Since housing is being offered and is available, once the campis closed, no structures will be allowed to return to theselocations. This was done in a holistic way to help individualsexperiencing homelessness and prevent merely sweepingpeople onto other intersections or even displacing themfurther into our neighborhoods.40

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ParksLook for improvements coming soon to the following parks:Aron Ledet - Entire Park RL & Cora Johnson - Playground Langwood - Entire ParkTree Planting in memory of RL and Cora Johnson41

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ParksInwood Forest Recreation/Parks Phase I - In Progress42

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ParksNew playground equipment at the following parks (SPARK Parks):Caraway Elementary School Northbrook Middle School Terrace Elementary School43

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The welfare of ourpets is veryimportant! Ipartnered withBARC to offerreduced adoptionfee weekends aswell as sweeps inthe district of straypets. In the sweeps,many pets werereunited with theirfamily!I also sponsored a trip through Rescued PetsMovement to send any pets without a family to beadopted in another state where there is a need forpets! We also partnered with the Houston Humane Societyto offer free pet food distributions.45

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Rescued Pets Movement TripHouston Humane Society Food Distribution46

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On call ditch maintenance (co-author: CM Kamin)Passed (see Infrastructure section for more details)On call contract for Solid Waste to assist with missedcollections.Passed - The department is working on the procurement ofthis contract.Expand the Strategic Vehicle Replacement Program to leasevehiclesPassedSignificant/meaningful changes to the Permitting Center (Co-authored with: Alcorn, Robinson, and Gallegos)PassedRenegotiate the contact with TxDOT that requires the City topay for freeway lights (potential $1,060,098 in savings)Passed I offered 39 budget amendments focused onSolid Waste, reducing costs, and quality of life. Afull list can be found here: Here are a few highlights:48

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I authored a budget amendment with CouncilMembers Alcorn and Thomas in 2020 to waivethe grocery delivery fees for those experiencingfood insecurity (income and/or limited access tofood). This program was adopted this year! Inwood Forest is one of the neighborhoods thatwill have access to this program. More detailsto come!Food Access49

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In 2020, I offered a budget amendment for theStrategic Vehicle Replacement Program to beginleasing vehicles instead of purchasing them (savingmoney and having reliable vehicles). The amendmentpassed, and the City began the program with 105light-duty cars for HFD. This program is saving $3Mover 2 years, and I am working to get it expanded inHFD and other departments. Vehicle Leasing50

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In February, Winter Storm Uri hit our City, causingpeople to lose water and power. In District A, we helped each other and supported ourneighbors. This is what District A does in difficulttimes, and I am so proud of our community. The District A office hosted 10 food/water distributions(and volunteered/donated to more) in the immediateaftermath of this storm and many more in the monthsafterwards. Thank you to all of our volunteers!51

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After the storm, I hosted a meetingwith disaster recovery partners todiscuss a disaster plan focused onDistrict A. As we continue to havemore disasters in our City, I ammaking sure that we have a plan inplace for our community. Our disaster recovery partners and Ihave done a lot of work on this, and we will be ready to serve in case ofanother disaster.53

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Neighborhood Clean ups55

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National Night Out56

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Spring Branch Central Super NeighborhoodShadow Oaks57

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Harmony School of Endeavor58

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Site Visits59

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Korean Community Public Safety Town HallMontgomery Terrace60

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