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by: Deepya Golyalla

D is for Doughnut

A fantastic food book

A is for almond

Skin that is brown

like a hibernating bear

inside, a crunchy nut

the color of blond hair

Almonds are the healthiest nut. They contain numerous vitamins. Some of them are, vitamin e, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. Almonds also lower blood pressure, give you more energy, reduce your blood pressure, and give you stronger bones. If you soak it, it overnight, it is also easier to digest. All these packed into one tiny nut!


B is for broccoli

Very green leaves

With a trunk to match

Looks like a tree

With the size of a match

When broccoli is boiled, the taste improves by a lot. The nutrition that it contains is also upgraded. One advantage is a less chance of cancer. Broccoli is also high in fiber, which can really come in handy if you have a stomach ache. To think, if some broccoli is boiled, it can be much more healthier!


C is for chocolate

Every child loves 

This sweet delight

But a dark one would be healthier 

Than one that is white

Did you know that chocolate is actually healthy? If you get the right kind that is. The best and most nutritional chocolate is dark chocolate. It contains high amounts of coca. Coca lowers your blood pressure and clears your arteries. But not all chocolate is as nutritious as this. White chocolate is the unhealthiest chocolate. It contains zero coca.There is no vitamin that you could get from this.


In many colors

As many as you can think

It can be in patterns

With frosting like colored ink

D is for doughnut

Ever wonder where, or when, the first doughnut machine was made? It was made in 1920, New York, where Aldolph Levitt began selling doughnuts from his bakery. The little pastry was so popular, Levitt couldn't make enough. So he made the machine. This way he could make doughnuts easier, and faster. 


Some can't have this

“yellow eye” that's yummy

Along with 10% of the world

You may have an allergy, like me

E is for  Eggs

There is no better breakfast than eggs. One great reason for having eggs for breakfast is there are no complex ingredients, only egg! And you can customize the way you eat it. Scramble, boil, fry, or poach them! Even shape your egg using cookie cutters! Using any shape you want, making sure its a big one, place it on a pan. Put a smaller one in the middle. Then, take the egg whites and pour it in between the two cookie cutters. Then take the egg yolk and put it in the small cookie cutter. Once that side is complete you can take the cookie cutters out and flip it. Then, enjoy your eggs and have a egg-cellent morning, that's for sure.


F is for french fries

Long and yellow 

And deep fried

Add the salt 

I don’t mind

Despite its name, french fries aren’t actually french. They actually originate in Belgium. In the 1600’s, villagers in Meuse valley ate fish that was caught in a nearby village. The only problem was that in winter, the river froze up and the fish were unreachable. This is where the french fries come in. the villagers use the potatoes they grew, cut them up, fried them, and ate them. These creations were basically french fries.


Garlic wards off vampires

In addition to diseases

Like cancer, colds, and the flu,

It gets rid of the wheezes

G is for garlic

Do you know where your garlic comes from? It comes from where we get most of our toys, furniture, and other products. China! Most people buy Chinese garlic for one reason only. It lasts long. If you want the best dishes, you should get locally grown garlic. You can’t store them for long, but it adds much more tang than imported garlic. One garlic farmer says, “what you gain in shelf life you lose in flavor.” It is up to you to choose what garlic you want.


H is for honeydew melon

The outside is the same 

As the color inside

They’re both green

Like a sweet lime

If you want a sweet honeydew melon, you have to pick it at a very specific time. The sweetness of the melon changes according to the picking time. If the fruit ripens while still on the vine, or it is removed from the vine before it is fully mature, it will be sugar-sweet. The science behind the freshness is the melon has a high sugar content at these times. So if you home grow honeydew melon, follow these tips.


Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry

They’re all a delight

I want to try them all

To many in one night

I is for ice cream

30% of Americans get a brain freeze when they eat Ice cream, and your probably one of them. What really is a brain freeze? A brain freeze occurs when a cold food, like ice cream, is too cold for the roof of your mouth. A nerve located there sends a signal to your brain to warn you. In response, your brain gives you a brain freeze. If you manage to warm you mouth, the nerve will stop and your brain will calm down. The only way to prevent this from happening again is to eat slower.


J is for jelly bean

So many flavors 

To many to choose 

So many colors

Greens, reds, and blues

Have you ever wondered how many different flavors of jelly beans there are? Probably too many to count. Jelly Belly’s company is famous for their jelly beans.They have 50 original tastes. They also have many other products. If you added all of the aromas up, you would get 228 tangs. And that is only from one company!


K is for kiwi

Kiwis are brown

Like dark brown bark

Inside they’re green

Like a great big park

Kiwis are some of the worlds most nutritional fruit. It contains many great vitamins. Not only are they delicious, they contain many vitamin, like vitamin c, vitamin k, copper, fiber, vitamin e, potassium, and even more. They contain more nutrition than pears, oranges, and even apples. So don’t eat apples everyday, eat kiwis!


L is for lemon

Sour and sweet

Bitter and yummy

When served with fish

It is good in my tummy

Eureka and Lisbon are two different types of lemons. Eureka lemons have thicker skins, longer stubs, and contain seeds. Lisbon lemons have thin skins and no stub. They are also seedless.  If you want lemonade, you should buy Lisbon for the greater amounts of juice. They both can be kept in a fridge for two weeks, one week if stored in room temperature. The juice and zest, or skin grindings that are used for flavor, can be frozen.


M is for mushroom

They come in all sizes

With many shapes

They have different colors

As they have unalike tastes

What is the largest organism in the world? Not the blue whale. It's the Armillaria Ostoyae. Also known as the honey mushroom. If you have ever seen one, you would think that it is tiny. But all mushrooms, not only the honey mushroom, are bigger than we think. The only part that we see is actually the parts that contain spores, which allows it to reproduce. The largest honey mushroom is 3.5 miles long and 1 yard deep. It covers up to 1665 football fields in the area.


N is for nacho

Made with chips

And some Cheese too

Don't forget jalapenos

And then add what you choose

1943, a man called Nacho created nachos. His real name was actually Ignacio Anaya. He created the nachos for some military wives who were hungry. The only materials he had was some chips, cheese, and jalapenos. When he was asked the name of this creation, he named them after his nickname, which was Nacho.


O is for olives

Olives have two

Colors that are great

They are black and green

And tastes great on a plate


Olives contain many nutrients. They contain copper, iron, fiber, vitamin e, and more. It can also improve eye health, skin and hair health, and prevents cancer. Unfortunately, the fruit contains very high levels of fat. Fortunately, some of this fat lowers your blood pressure.


P is for peppercorns

They come in many colors

Not just black

Pink green, and white 

Have it on a snack

In the middle ages, you would want a lot of peppercorns. People’s wealthiness was based on the number of peppercorns they had. People who had a lot were considered to be very wealthy. People who had a moderate amount of peppercorns were everyday people. People who had little to no amounts of peppercorns were poor. So if you have a lot of peppercorns, you belong in the middle ages!


Q is for quesadilla

If you make a quesadilla

You'll need some cheese 

Don't forget jalapenos 

Then add what you please 


Quesadillas are a customizable Mexican pastry. They always contain cheese and normally jalapenos. After you have these two ingredients, you can customize it. If you are in the mood for something spicy, add some spicy sauce. If you are a vegetarian, ask for no meat.


R is for raspberry

raspberries are sweet

For it has so many seeds

so many colors

Except for some greens


Raspberries come in many different colors. Beside basic red, there are many more. Some of these colors are black, purple, and even gold. They also have different tastes. The gold one is very sweet and tastes amazing.


S is for saffron

Saffron is expensive, 

That is easy to see

But with its red color

It's a delight for me

Saffron is the world's most expensive spice in the world. For just one pound of the spice, it takes 80,000 flowers. Then, if you want it to buy it, it costs $600-$2000. If you want to use it, you will have to be very careful about portions. And don't spill it.


T is for tofu

tofu is lovely

For its paperwhite

And it's for vegetarians

Who give animals no fright.

Have you ever wondered how tofu is made? First, you need condensed soy milk. It is then pressed into solid blocks. Then you have tofu. People make it in China. It is quite similar to making cheese.


U is for Unagi

Unagi is a sushi

That we all love to eat

Even if it's an eel

It's still good to eat

Unagi is a freshwater eel in Japanese. The eel is used in many Japanese recipes like kabayak. Kabayak is basically the eel prepare in any way, then dipped in soy sauce. It is then grilled and served. People normally confuse it with anago. Anago is a saltwater eel. Both are used in sushi.


V is for vanilla

Vanilla is white 

Like a blank piece of paper 

Add it to dishes

For maximum flavor

Vanilla comes from an orchid. It is the only orchids that bears fruit. The actual flower lasts only a day. Before this day is over, you have to pick the bean. The bean the undergoes a process that takes 6 months to make vanilla.


W is for watermelon

Watermelons are known

For its juicy red flesh

Spit out the black seeds

Now you're a mess


Did you know that watermelons are both fruits and vegetables? It is actually quite similar to tomatoes. Technically, it is a fruit. But with the way it is harvested it is counted as a vegetable. It is still yummy, though.


X is for Xiao long bao

It is a dumpling

As you can see

Filled with flavor

For you and for me.

Xiao long bao are basically dumplings, but how to eat them? The trickiest thing about them is how to eat it properly with chopsticks. First, hold it from the tip of the dumplings. Then, dip it in the sauce while still holding it. Next, bite a small hole into it and drink the soup. Lastly, enjoy your dumpling.


Y is for yogurt

Yogurt is the color

Of a beautiful flower 

And you can add flavor

Or eat frozen in the summer

Yogurt is a very rich source of protein. In one cup of plain yogurt, there are 8.5 grams of it. But since yogurt is man-made, where does this protein come from? It comes from the milk that it is made with. And all this protein is good for people who eat the yogurt.


Z is  for Zucchini

Zucchini is a veggie

And is very crunchy 

Eat it like crazy

And be very healthy


Zucchini plays a very important role in most weight loss programs and dieting. It has no fat at all and low calories. It's rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other vitamins. It's like biting into healthy, and tasty, air.


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