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D is For Disney World

A Disney alphabet

By: Jayme Lubell

D is for Disney World

By: Jayme Lubell

A Disney Alphabet

Animal Kingdom became one of Disney World's new zoological theme parks in 1998. The park is themed to be a natural environment and animal conservation. Many tourists come to visit the 250 different species of animals in Africa. Animal kingdom teaches all tourists about many of the unique animals and their special features. This animal themed kingdom allows you to see all the creatures up close in person and most of the time allows you to pet them.



A is for Animal Kingdom

  In the Savannah

  Where animals are found

  You can go up close

  Just don’t make a sound

     Belle, from Disney’s movie Beauty and the Beast, is one of the most famous Disney princesses. Her first appearance was in 1991 when she fell deeply in love with the Beast. She has a passion for books and whenever she has time, she goes to the library and reads. Acknowledged, sweet, and compassionate, everyone in Belle’s village loves her. Being different from a lot of the other princesses, Belle is known as a princess even though she is not of royal descent.



B is for Belle

She is a beauty

He is a beast

They fell in love

And had a grand feast

       Cinderella’s Castle is one of the main attractions of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It’s the second largest structure in Disney World standing 189 feet tall. It’s visited by millions of people each year. You can explore inside the castle and even stay there the night. The castle has three elevators and 27 towers. Cinderella’s Castle is illuminated at night and also sometimes has fireworks shows displayed in front of it. Glowing in the dark, the beautiful Castle lights add to the amazing fairy tale feeling of the Magic Kingdom.



C is for Cinderella’s Castle 

Cinderella’s Castle

Is where dreams come true

It stands tall with pride

Painted white and blue

   Disney World is a great place to spend time with your family. Walt Disney World holds rides and water parks for all ages. You can visit all lands such as Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. There are many hotels to choose from each having a different theme. You are able to meet all your favorite Disney characters in one place. Everyday there is a variety of shows and parades from which to choose.



D is for Disney World

A magic world

Where dreams come true 

Go on every ride

And see your favorite characters too

Epcot’s ball attracts many tourists a year. It opened in October 1982. When many people think of Epcot they think of a large white ball, but actually the white ball is an oversized golf ball. It weighs over 16 million pounds. That is the same weight as 158 million regular sized golf balls!  The attraction has its own ride in it called Spaceship Earth. This oversized golf ball took 26 months to build. If you look closely at the golf ball it has patterns of small triangles engraved on it.



E is for Epcot

It’s round, it’s gigantic

It symbolizes a golf ball

There’s a ride inside

It stands 180 feet tall

Splash Mountain is a water ride that is located in Magic Kingdom. It’s based on the Disney film “Song of the South”. Splash Mountain is the number one log ride. At the beginning of the ride you sway on a log that brings you through a short story. Just when you realize the ride is over the log brings you down a 50 foot drop leaving you soaking wet. (965,000 gallons of water are splashed onto you).



F is for float

As you sway on the log

Waiting for the drop

Make sure you are ready

Or else your heart will stop


Goofy is a known character from being in Mickey Mouse’s  Clubhouse. He was created in 1932 and is a dog that walks on two feet. He was named Goofy because he’s always laughing. Goofy is tall and has floppy ears. He wears an orange turtle neck, a green hat, big shoes, white gloves, and a black vest. He is known for his clumsiness and his big white teeth and eyes. 



G is for Goofy

He’s silly and goofy

But that is his name

Some may mistake him for Pluto

Their both dogs, but not the same

Hollywood Studios is a theme park in Disney World. It opened on May 1, 1989 and still attracts many tourists. It holds one of the tallest rides in Disney World (Tower of Terror), and is the second newest park.  It also has an indoor roller coaster that is shaped like a limo called the Rock and Roller Coaster which is a tribute to the band Aerosmith. Hollywood Studios is dedicated to show business, film, television, music, and theater. 



H is for Hollywood Studios

If you keep an eye out

A famous person may be seen

This Disney park is the place

To sit in front of a screen

    It’s a Small World is one of the most well known rides in Disney World, and is located in Magic Kingdom. It’s a Small World is a relaxing boat ride that shows you many places around the world. With each of the places around the world, there are many dolls that are dressed in the clothing you would see if you were to go to that place. The dolls sing and dance sometimes in different languages. There are about 300 dolls in the whole ride and 30 different countries are represented.



I is For It’s a Small World

The songs fill the air

The colors are bright

As you float through the ride

It’s a beautiful sight

The original Jungle Book was made October 18, 1967. It’s an American fantasy adventure film. The movie shows a boy who is taken care of by animals that talk. The original movie was made again in 2016 but not animated. Mowgli, the main character, was raised to know how to survive in the Jungle. Mowgli is brave and knows how to handle any animal.



J is for Jungle Book

Be face to face with animals

Swing from tree to tree

Down in the Jungle

Is where you’re meant to be


Kilimanjaro Safaris is an open-sided safari ride on water that leads you throughout the  “Savanna of East Africa”. It’s located in Animal Kingdom. Kilimanjaro Safaris opened April 22, 1998. On the ride you can get the experience to see real African animals. You can even see many of the animals up close. Altogether there are 34 different types of animals, including elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, wild beasts and more.



K is for Kilimanjaro Safaris

You may think you’re on a safari

With all the animals by your side

But it’s really Animal Kingdom

Where you’ll find this amazing ride

"La Nouba” was located at Disney Springs (entertaining complex). “La Nouba” was a show where people show off skills as acrobats, aerialists, break dancers, singers, trapeze artists, jugglers, and clowns. The shows name come from the French phrase “ Faire la Nouba”, which means “ To live it up”. In the show, there were 65 artists representing 15 countries. “La Nouba” debuted its first show in 1998 and had its final show on December 31, 2017.



L is for La Nouba

This Cirque du Soleil show

Should be seen by all

They perform aerials and acrobats

Without a fall 

Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney’s first cartoon. He was born from Disney’s imagination on November 18, 1928. Mickey has a very famous show for kids called “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. Mickey was inspired by a pet mouse that Walt had as a child. Walt was originally going to name him Mortimer instead of Mickey. Ever since Walt Disney created Mickey, he became so famous that he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.



M is for Mickey Mouse

If you go to Mickey’s Clubhouse

You’ll see all of his friends

Dogs, Ducks, Cows, and Birds

The fun never ends

    Not So Scary Halloween takes place in Magic Kingdom once a year on Halloween. Disney World decorates all the kingdoms to have a  spooky Halloween feeling. You can sing along with many Disney characters (good and evil). This event allows you to dress up in your costumes and go to all of the lands in Disney World to get candy. There are many Halloween themed parades, fireworks, and desserts. Disney’s Halloween is fun for all ages.



N is for Not So Scary Halloween

Once the sun sets at Disney

The costumes come out

The shows begin

It’s the best night no doubt

Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake is a known dessert that can be found in Disney World. It’s located in a restaurant called “Liberty Tree Tavern”. It’s a cookie like cake and is made of cookies and ice cream. The outside is crispy while the inside is gooey. It’s topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel and chocolate drizzle. Over that there are chocolate covered toffee bites. It is a delicious dessert to enjoy in Disney.



O is for Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake

It’s ooey and gooey

Made of Cookies and Cream

Take just one bite

And you’ll think it’s a dream

    Pinocchio was a wooden puppet who dreamt of being a real boy. He is usually known for whenever he lies his nose get longer. Pinocchio hated being a wooden puppet and just wanted to be a regular kid. Geppetto carved Pinocchio and took care of him. The only way for Pinocchio to become a real boy was for him to prove himself brave, truthful, and unselfish. Pinocchio had his own movie in the 1940’s (called Pinocchio).



P is for Pinocchio

Built by Geppetto

He was just a wooden toy

His nose grew longer with every lie

All he wanted was to be a real boy


The Queen of Hearts is featured in the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland. She is an evil queen that loves the color red. Her soldiers are made of cards and she has a heart themed castle. In the movie, Alice in Wonderland she repeats “Off with your head!” many times. Unlike her, the Queen of Hearts has a sister that is not evil and instead loves the color white.  The Queen also has a husband named the King of Hearts.



Q is for Queen of Hearts

This evil character

Loves to say “off with your head”

She has soldiers made of cards

And loves the color red

    Rapunzel is a fictional character in Disney’s movie “Tangled”. She is a young princess that was raised by her mother in a castle. Ever since she was a little girl her evil mother never let her leave her home. She is known for her long blonde hair that let her mother in and out of the small tower. Rapunzel dreamed of being let out of her castle so that she can explore the world. 



R is for Rapunzel

As her long blonde hair

Flows to the ground

The great big tower 

Is where she is found


Space Mountain is a roller coaster found in Magic Kingdom. It reaches 28 miles per hour and glows up all throughout the ride. Each row has one seat per person There are huge drops and turns. Space Mountain was one of the world's first indoor roller coasters. The roller coaster ride tries to make you feel like you are riding in a colorful outer space. 



S is for Space Mountain

The room is dark

The screams can be heard

We’re flying through space

As fast as a bird


Tinker Bell is one of the main characters in Peter Pan. Her first appearance was in 1904. She is a small little fairy that loves to wear green. Tinker Bell is in many different movies and also has a movie of her own. She is not an evil character and is nice to everyone around her. She gets her name because she is a tinker fairy meaning she has a talent of building and fixings things.



T is for Tinker Bell

 Tinker Bell, a little fairy

 Dresses all in green

 Helps people fly with pixie dust

 And can sometimes be seen

Under the Sea is a slow ride for kids of all ages. It’s located in Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom. The ride is based on the movie “The Little Mermaid”. It’s a slow, dark ride attraction that takes you through a short journey in Prince Eric castle. You sit in a big colorful seashell that moves around the ride. On your underwater journey, you'll encounter an ocean of all the characters from “The Little Mermaid” , including Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle, King Triton and Ursula the sea witch.



U is for Under the Sea

In Prince Eric’s castle

You’ll board a clamshell

See all your favorite characters

Like Flounder and Ariel

Vintage Amphicars are a great way to start your day. These cars float on Lake Buena Vista in Downtown Disney.  The ride lasts 26 minutes and has a view of spring sights. The Amphicars drive straight into the water. These Italian taxi cars were made in the 1960’s and are still used today.



V is for Vintage Amphicar

Get into a car

Drive into the lake

These Vintage Amphicars

They no longer make


Walt Disney was the creator of all Disney. He has parks, movies, t.v. shows, stores, and many other things named after him. Walt was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, and film producer. Disney was very talented and won 22 Oscars. He also won 1 Emmy award, 3 Golden Globe awards, and 26 Academy awards. Walt Disney’s first creation was Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney decided that he was going to make many more characters until he died in December 15, 1966.



W is for Walt Disney

He was the creator of Disney

Walter was his name

Born in Chicago, Illinois

He quickly rose to fame

Francis Xavier Atencio worked for Walt Disney’s company from 1938 to 1965. He was born September 4, 1919 and died September 10, 2017. X Atencio was an imaginer, writer, Lyricist, animator and voice actor. Francis helped Disney by writing scripts, making the lyrics to theme songs, and providing voices for characters. By the time Atencio retired from Disney he was known as the Disney Legend.



X is for X Atencio

Francis Xavier Atencio

Was an animator and imagineer

Known as X Atencio

At 98 he died this year

Yacht Club Resort is one of the many varieties of resorts in Disney World. This Resort is a Nautical themed hotel (involving ships/ Navigation).The Yacht’s appearance gives you the feeling that you’re in New England. The Yacht’s sister Resort is the Beach Club hotel. The Resort has water slides and pools. Yacht Club Hotel is walking distance to Epcot and one boat ride to Hollywood Studios.



Y is for Yacht Club Resort

You may think you’re in New England

You may think you’re at sea

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Is where you’re meant to be

Zebra Domes are an amazing snack to have in Animal Kingdom. They are found in the restaurant Boma. These zebra snacks are one of the most popular desserts in Animal Kingdom. Zebra domes are small little zebra themed balls with black zebra prints on it. This dessert is made with amarula cream enrobed in white chocolate. Then it’s drizzled with warm chocolate and topped with chocolate shavings.   



Z is Zebra Domes

In Animal Kingdom

Zebra Domes are sold

For a chocolate lover

It’s as good as gold

Magic Kingdom

October 1, 1971

Time line of Disney World's Kingdoms

October 1, 1982


May 1, 1989

Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom

April 22, 1998