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by jude michelini

D is for Disneyland

A California Alphabet

Founded by E.H. Richardson, The land costed a lot of money. With 3200 people who live there, Adelanto is always sunny.

A is for Adelanto

Adelanto was founded in 1915 by E.H. Richardson. He was soon going to invent the Hotpoint Electric Iron. He purchased the land for $75,000. Adelanto had a lot of fruit trees and were famous throughout california for them. The fruit trees were later replaced by poultry trees.



B is for Berkeley

Found in California,

It has a lot to give.

Named after George Berkeley,

it’s a good place to live.

In California alone 30 other cities are larger than berkeley but Berkeley has the 4th highest population in california, right after Oakland, Fremont, and Hayward. Berkeley is famous for its academic achievements, scientific explorations, free speech, and the arts. The mayor of Berkeley is Jesse Arreguin. He is devoted to creating a city that works for everyone.



C is for Chateau Marmont

Come to the hotel Chateau Marmont,
Come and plan your stay.
Built by William Douglas Lee,
It is always fun each day.

Chateau Marmont is actually a hotel. The gorgous hotel contains a heated outdoor pool, dining room and garden terrace that serves food, fitness room, and many more. It is a great castle on top of a hill, and the set of a movie. It is located on 8221 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles California. The building was built by William Douglas Lee. It was finished in 1929. Once a man named John Belushi died in his sleep while staying at the Chateau Marmont.



Built  by Walt Disney himself,
85 acres of land.
17 million dollars to build it,
It was very experly planned.

D is for Disneyland

Disneyland is a gigantic and popular theme park built and finished on July 15, 1955. Disneyland was built by Walt Disney so he decided to name it Disneyland. The construction of Disneyland started on the summer of 1954. Walt Disney decided that he wanted Disneyland to be built near a major highway. As of about march 2017 Disneyland had about 54 attractions built for visitors.



Short for electrical bicycle,
 Invented in 1897.
Created by John Madden,
You must be 14 to ride, not 11

E is for E-Bike

The E-bike is a exhilarating ride. On october 17 2015 had a law passed. E-bike stands for electric bicycle. The law took effect on 2016 January 1. The law was that you couldn't acceed 500W and may not travel over 20MPH. It also requires a fully operable pedals.  You aren't allowed to ride if you are 13 or younger, don’t have a licence, or you aren’t registered.



The Ferrari California can go 315 MPH,
The Ferrari California is a very expensive car.
It can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.6 seconds,
The Ferrari California is normally driven by a star.

F is for Ferrari California


The Ferrari California can go 315 MPH. It takes about 3 weeks to build a Ferrari California on your own. The Ferrari California can price from $188,425 to $400,000. The Ferrari California has 553 HP (or horsepower). The Ferrari California can also accelerate from 0 to 100 in about 3.6 seconds.



G is for California Grizzly

The California Grizzly,
Looking for a dish.
Wanders through the forest,
and finds some fish.

The Grizzly is on the California state flag. It is also the mascot for The University of California Berkeley. The flag was first raised on June 14 1846. It was raised by a group of settlers against Mexican rule. The California Grizzly is unfortunately now extinct. The California Grizzly was a subspecies from the grizzly bear.



Built as a farm land,
Sign that stands high.
Built in 1853,
This is a place where people try.

H is for Hollywood

Hollywood is located within Las Angeles. Hollywood was named by H.J. Whitley. He was known as the father of Hollywood. Hollywood was built in 1853. Hollywood started as farming land but changed into the Hollywood we know today. Hollywood was originally named Hollywoodland but when the sign that said Hollywoodland fell down they renamed it Hollywood so they wouldn’t have to rebuild the 4  letters that fell to save money.



Employees are paid $10.50 an hour,
You can go for something yummy.
First time built in LA,
go get some food for your tummy.

I is for In N Out Burger

On October 22 1948 In N Out Burger was first opened. The first In N Out Burger was located in Las Angeles California. It was built by Harry  and Esther Snyder. Normally In N Out Burgers earn about 2 million dollars every day.



J is for California Jam

California Jam was on April 6 1979,
first located in California Ontario.
Three versions of the California Jam,
Music played in person not on a stereo.

California Jam was located in Ontario California. It was on April 6, 1979. At the California Jam they had bands play, some types of songs they played were hard rock, progressive rock, and heavy metal. Some bands that played were Rare Earth, Black Sabbath, and The Eagles. There was also a California Jam 2. Then they had a California Jam 2017.



It is not a good pet,
In deserts of California you will find.
Require a big cage if it is a pet,
They jump on the legs from behind.

K is for California Kangaroo Rat

The Kangaroo Rats scientific name is the dipodomy californicus. The kangaroo rat can be eaten as prey sometimes. It can be eaten by owls, snakes, foxes, and many more. The kangaroo rat jumps on its enlarged hind legs. They can be pets but make bad pets. To keep one as a pet you need a large cage, special cage, and more.



Focused on kids ages 2-12,
Legoland is a place to have fun.
Started in the year 1968,
Legoland shows bright in the sun.

L is for Legoland

Legoland target children ages 2-12. Legoland is also a waterpark, aquarium, and a hotel. The lines are the longest between the times 11 A.M. and 3 P.M.. Legoland was started by Ole Kirk Christiansen. Legoland was started in the year 1968.



A city in California,
The city is very busy.
Near the Monterey Bay,
It’s so pretty it will make you dizzy.

M is for Monterey


Monterey is a city in California. It was founded in the year 1770. It was founded by junipero serra. It was known for seafood restaurants. It was also famous for its bay aquarium.


He died in 1994,
he committed the Watergate scandal.  
He was born in 1916,
He even has named after him clothes and sandals.

N is for Nixon

Nixon was born in Yorba Linda California.  Nixon was born in 1913.  Nixon was the 37th president.  On July 27, 29, and 30, 1974 congress approved 3 articles about Nixon.  Nixon was born on January 9, 1913.



The Pacific Ocean borders California.
There are so many animals that we don’t know how many live there.
It is 62.46 million Mi2 big,
The animals have the Pacific Ocean to share.

O is for Ocean

California is near the ocean.  California is next to the Pacific Ocean.  Some animals that live in the Pacific Ocean include sharks, giant tube worms, vampire squid, and many more.  Scientists believe there are about 1.98 million species of plants and animals.  The Pacific Ocean is 62.46 million Mi2.



The scientific name is arecaceae,
Coconuts grow on the palm tree.
They can be poisonous,
They are all around California to see.

P is for Palm Tree

Palm trees are found in California oftenly.  They produce coconuts.  Many other things also come from them including dates, betel nuts, and acai fruits.  The berries are toxic to dogs.  Sago palms are poisonous to cats and dogs.



The California quail doesn’t weigh much,
It is the bird of the state.
He will fly if he has to,
 but when they run they are great.

Q is for Quail


The quail is the state bird for California.  The scientific name is the Callipepla California.  It weighs 5.6 oz.  They can run really fast but can also fly.  They don’t like to but they will if they have to.  A group of them can be called a flock, covey, or bevy.


R is for Redwood Tree

The scientific name is Sequoioideae,
These trees can get really tall.
They can live up to 2000 years old,
Watch out it might fall.

The scientific name is a Sequoioideae.  The tallest redwood tree is 379.7 ft tall.  Redwoods can live to be 2000 year old.  They can be up to 1.6 million lbs.  Redwoods have been around for more than 240 million years.



S is for Sacramento

495,234 people lived there in 2016.
It is the capital of the state.
Sacramento is named after a river.
When you live in Sacramento life is great.

Sacramento is the capital of California.  Sacramento was declared capital in 1850.  Sacramento was named after the river.  Sacramento was founded by Samuel Brannan.  There were about 495,234 people who lived there in 2016.



It is recommended to release the trout is you catch one.
It is the same fish of the state.
It was declared state fish in 1947,
Even though there aren’t many this is their fate.

T is for Trout

The trout are found from northern California all the way up to Alaska.  The trout is the state fish.  It was declared state fish in 1947.  The scientific name is Oncorthynchus Aquaborita.  It is recommended to release the trout if you catch one.



U is for UCLA

Founded by 2 people.
This is a very good school.
It was started in 1919,
You can learn how to use a tool.

A college in California.  It was founded in 1919.  It stands for University of California Los Angeles.  It was founded by Caroll Moore and Edward Angustus Dickson.  It is located in Los Angeles.



V is for Venice Beach

Founded by Abbot Kinney,
It is a beautiful beach.
In 2014 264, 579 people lived there.
This beach has a lot to teach.

Venice Beach was founded by Abbot Kinney.  It was founded in 1905.  It is 16 miles long.  It is famous for its boardwalk and beautiful beach.  In 2014 264, 579 people lived there.



W is for Walt Disney Concert Hall

Built by Frank Gehry,
It is a very big hall.
It costed $265 million,
It isn’t very small.


It was built by Frank Gehry. It was founded on October 24, 2003. It costed 265 million dollars to build. It was built with a steel exterior. Even though Walt Disney Concert Hall was built by Frank Gehry it is owned by Lillian Disney.


A collections of sports competitions combined,
The challenges seem hard when you begin.
Not everyone took it very seriously,
contestants were in it to win.

X is for The X Games

It is a collection of sport competitions combined. It was first launched in 1995. The first year instead of being called the X Games it was called the Extreme Games but was changed soon after. It is like the olympics because if you won you could place gold, silver, or bronze. Not everyone thought of it as a serious thing and was aften thought of as a joke.



First started in 1864,
It is very pretty and green.
Started by Muir and Johnson,
It is amazing and should be seen.

Y is for Yosemite Park

It was first started in the year 1864. There are some craters there originally from a long time ago. It costs 15 dollars for one individual person on foot or on bus. Muir and Johnson were the ones who started Yosemite National Park. There are still glaciers still active today that are slowly retreating.



It is a passenger train,
It is very high tech.
It has free wifi,
To get wifi it will only take a sec.

Z is for Zephyr

The Zephyr is a passenger train. It takes a day to ride the whole trip from start to finish. It is a type of train called a amtrak train. On the zephyr there is free wifi. There are also several electrical outlets throughout the train.