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By: Maxim Rogoff

D is for Deathstroke         

Hero and Villain alphabet Book

Ares is one of the top enemy to Wonder Woman and they always fight. Ares started the first world war, World War l. In the DC universe, not in real life. Wonder Woman left her home, Paradise Island, to find Ares. Looking for Ares, Wonder Woman and a spy sailed all the way to London. There they settled to find other soldiers to go with them. Secretly, Ares was the spy’s manager. Wonder Woman thought Ares was the leader of the other army. Stealthily, Are’s followed them and studied her powers. Finally, when Wonder Woman was at the base of the enemy’s she killed the leader. She thought she had ended the war but, that was not Ares and the war went on. Ares showed himself and challenged her. Ares was strong and got Wonder Woman stuck in the middle of metal, squeezing her insides out. For a long time Ares was confident he’ll win. But, with the power of Zeus, Wonder Woman hit Ares so hard with a blast of lightning. Furthermore, ending the war. However, since he is immortal he still was alive.



God of war and violence 

Full of death and greed

Immortal one of Olympia 

Would love for you to bleed

A is for Ares

Super villain full of strength

Muscles very bulky

Bane to other super heroes

Is a humongous difficulty

B is for Bane


Bane was born in a hell like prison, located in the Middle East and never had a family. He never saw the light until he was an adult. Cleverly, Bane never caused too much attention or problems. Not until he took interest in a young girl named Thalia. Bane helped her get out of many fights. Once, heroically, Bane helped Thalia on her escape when her mother died. Unfortunately, Bane was grabbed by other inmates and was tortured. Hurting Bane savagely, the other inmates damaged his face brutally. Because of his selfless actions Bane was wrapped in bandages that were covering the monstrous looking bruises. The damage was so bad that the doctor gave something to help Bane just be able to breath. However all the pain Bane suffered, it was worth it for Thalia. Later he found Thalia in Gotham City. 



Carnage is a Marvel Super-villain that merged with some type alien. At first Carnage was a serial killer called Cletus Kasady. One day Cletus was found and taken to prison. A few years later Cletus was involved with a prison outbreak. Unfortunately, while breaking out, he merged with an alien offspring symbiote named Venom. The symbiote stayed with Cletus because they both appreciated Killing. This made Cletus even more mentally unstable. The symbiote made Cletus so strong he was able to beat Spiderman and Venom together. This made him a feared villain who took many lives. 



C is for Carnage

Enemy of Spiderman

Former serial killer

Trying to hurt him

Might get him triggered

D is for Deathstroke

Deathstroke was a friend

And Ra’s-al-ghul's heir

But then Robin was born

And he took the chair

Deathstroke was Ra’s-al-ghul’s bodyguard and heir to the league of assassins. But Batman and Ra’s daughter, Thalia, had a son named Damian Wayne. Being Ra’s blood,  Damian was now the heir. This made Deathstroke jealous and needed revenge. So deathstroke made an army and they invaded the league. Managing to kill Ra’s-al-ghul he attacked Damian. Damian being only 10 years old was underestimated by Deathstroke and jabbed a sword through his eye. Deathstroke retreated but swore to come back for revenge. Damian went to his dad for help.



Ego is a living planet that has lived for a millennium, or 1000 years. Ego hates all life and always attempts to destroy it. But he always fails because superheroes defeat him. Also for Ego he needs to destroy planets and life because he lives off them. His source of life is in the core of his ‘body’ which he calls his brain. He also destroys life because he wants to create the universe in the way he sees it. Doing this makes him stronger because he controls everything, and he lives off it. Because there are so many planets he considers himself immortal. He was once tossed into the sun and still lived. 



E is for Ego

Ego is large and gigantic

Ever wondered life as a planet

Well Ego does not need to

He’s made of rocks like granite

F is for Firestorm

Hit by dark matter

And didn’t know his fate

Savior of central City

Firestorm the great

Ronnie Raymond was an engineer that helped create the particle accelerator. Martin was an old scientist who was near the accelerator with a project called Firestorm. Ronnie was inside when he heard something was wrong with the accelerator. Fearlessly, Ronnie, being the only engineer decided to go in and help stabilize the blast so it does not blow up the Lab. However, he was not able to get out in time. The accelerator hit Martin and his project. Martin became went into the dark matter and hit Ronnie making them merge. With the power of Martins project both people, only when merged, can control fire and nuclear blast.



Green Arrow or Oliver Queen was a rich and lucky kid. One day Oliver, his dad, his girlfriend, and the captain went on a cruise and Oliver’s Yacht. Oliver’s dad was a man who created many bad ideas or problems. Oliver’s dad’s friend rigged the boat so it sunk. So In middle of the trip, when there was a storm the ship ripped in half, while the ocean consumed it. Oliver, his dad, and the captain made it out. Oliver’s girlfriend did not. The people who made it out lived on a raft with the food they saved. After a couple days Oliver’s dad killed himself and the captain so his death could push Oliver to fix his mistakes. Later Oliver found land and had to fight to live.



G is for Green Arrow

Stuck on an island 

Five years of fright

Made the Green Arrow

Strong and full of might

H is for Hulk

Bruce Banner is the Hulk

Who is very big, fit, and mean

But most important of all

Is that he is very green

As a young kid Bruce’s dad was an alcoholic and hated Bruce which did not help Bruce control all the anger inside him. Loving Bruce, his mom actually showed emotion towards him. Bruce’s dad was a scientist, and he started to see Bruce getting smarter. Almost smarter than him. Jealousy bubbled inside him and killed Bruce’s mom thinking it'll scare Bruce. Bruce was devastated and full of anger instead. Bruce thought to help with the dreadful pain, was to make a split personality. So Bruce created a serum that he hoped would take all his anger out. It helped him not get as mad but when he did he became a gigantic green monster Bruce called the Hulk.



Danny Rand was originally a young rich kid. But on his parents private jet, the plane crashed. Danny survived and was adopted by monks. Danny trained hard to become the Iron Fist. Danny and his friend at K’un-Lun were the only ones who made it to the last test to become the Iron Fist. The final test was to fight a dragon. Both of them had to try to rip the molten heart out of the dragon. Danny saw a scar on the dragons chest and decided to hang on to it hoping it’ll demolish the beast. Danny hanged on the scar near the heart so long that he killed the dragon. Going into a cave Danny put his fist into a brazier containing the molten heart. The power and Danny controlling his chi was able to make his fist so powerful that it could break steel. 



I is for Iron Fist

The Iron Fist

Known as Danny Rand

Was trained by monks

To destroy the Hand

J is for Joker

A crazy terrorist

Jokes on all of you

He’s Batman’s nightmare

And maybe yours too

Joker then known as the Red Hood was in a fight against Batman. The Red Hood is a hood that is said to give you confidence to really do anything. Restless, they both fought on top of a pit of untested chemicals. Actually Batman had a hard time in the fight but got a lucky kick, knocking him over the rail. Batman tried to save him but was not fast enough. Red Hood fell into a pit of liquid chemicals. Batman, thinking he was dead, left the chemical plant. But Batman did not know that the Red Hood was still alive. Red Hood came out a little while later, but he was different. His flesh was know a permanent white color. In addition to all the drama, he was never able not smile. Red Hood know called himself Joker and became Batman’s biggest enemy.



Killer Frost was in S.T.A.R labs getting tested on. But Killer Frost was strong. The scientist and the lab underestimated her power. Controlling the power she had, she was able to escape the little capsule she was tested in. In revenge, Killer Frost froze all of S.T.A.R labs, leaving it like a block of ice. After freezing S.T.A.R labs she knew she could do more. So she decided to freeze all of the Western Hemisphere. Now she controlled all of it, calling herself the ice queen. Rebels struggle to overthrow Killer Frost rein. Still, Killer Frost fights the Rebels who try to defeat her. 



K is for Killer Frost

Caitlin Snow is

The ice queen

But not a nice one, for 

She's a Killing Machine

L is for Lex Luthor

Lex is fully obsessed 

With Superman’s power

The Man of Steel is strong

But Lex will not cower

For a long time Lex Luthor saw Superman as a threat who destroyed Metropolis. He also thinks Superman is an obstacle for his plans to succeed. So he thinks that the way to fix this is to kill the Man of Steel. This is when Lex came cross Kryptonite. Kryptonite is a rare rock from the planet Krypton. He learned that Kryptonite is also Superman’s weakness. So with the rock Lex made a Kryptonite suit. Being able to kill Superman with his Kryptonite, Lex challenged Superman. The both of the them had trouble defeating the other. Finally, Superman defeated Lex. But still, even though Superman won, he feared Lex’s power greatly.



Before he Became Man-Thing, Sallis was a biochemist. And thought biochemistry as a professor at Empire State University. He became very well known as well for his work. That’s when the U.S. army recruited him for a project. They called it ‘Project Sulfur’ and ordered Sallis to create something to help the army. Sallis worked hard and was able to develop a serum to make humans stronger. Sallis called it ‘Serum So-2.’ The serum worked and made humans stronger. But the serum also turned anyone who had it into a mutant. It looked like a big monster with seaweed as hair. Unfortunately, Sillas was the first to try his serum. Also the only one. That’s how he became, what people called, Man-Thing.



M is for Man-Thing

An ordinary man 

Who became something

Now lives in a swamp and

Can end you with a swing

N is for Nightwing

A very skilled fighter

That always stops crime

He will crack a case

In such a little time

Dick Grayson was the first and original Robin. He has always been with Batman as a kid. But when Dick became a teen Batman gave Dick a choice to live a real life. But Dick decided to become a new superhero. He called himself Nightwing. One day, Batman was in a battle against a powerful villain. Batman, for some reason, faked his own death. Dick decided if there was no Batman all of Gotham would go wild. That’s when Dick became Batman’s mantle. Temporarily. Now that he was the new Batman people would not freak out. Dick was strong and skilled like Batman as well. But finally Batman came back. Then Dick became the superhero he once was. Nightwing. But he always fought with Batman.


Odin Borson was the former king of Asgard. A place where Asgardians live. His job was to control the Nine Realms. To control the Nine Realms, Odin decided to make peace with them all. But the peace was interrupted by Odin’s daughter. Her name was Hela. Hela was one of the most powerful gods. So she tried to take over the entire universe. Odin was furious with Hela’s actions. So as a punishment, Odin banished Hela to a place called Hel. And yes it’s spelled like that. Odin thought that was the end of it. But Odin’s son, Thor, wanted to make war with Frost Giants. Again, Odin was mad and sent Thor to Earth and learn to make peace. Finally after Thor’s long punishment on Earth, he returned. Odin saw his son has gotten smarter. Also, Thor will make a great king. So after a lifespan of 5488 years, trying to make peace with all realms, decided he he should finally end his life. 



O is for Odin

Just for an adventure

He cut out his own eye

The king of Asgard 

Finally went to die

P is for Professor

Creator of X-man

With telepathic power

Even in a wheelchair

He stands strong like a tower

Professor X or Xavier was born a mutant. He always thought people like him were special. But normal people called them monsters. A mutant one day came in his house to steal food. Xavier saw her. He did not attacker or scare her away. She was a mutant like him. So Xavier decided to help her. He let her stay at his family's house. They were like brother and sister. When Xavier grew up he thought he could help more mutants. So Xavier created a team of mutants called the X-man. Also to train young mutants, he made a school for them. He called it Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Xavier helped so many young mutants survive through his entire life.



Pietro and his sister Wanda Maximoff were born and raised in place with a lot of war. One day a group off bad guys name HYDRA recruited the twins. While being safe with no war, HYDRA tested on them. But the were told by Wolfgang Von Strucker, the person who lead the test, said that it was “The age of Miracles.” Both twins trusted him when they were told this. In one of the test it gave the twins powers. Pietros being super speed. One time the Avengers were in a fight with HYDRA at Sokovian and the twins joined the fight. In the fight the twins saw Tony Stark. They both hated him because Tony’s bombs, in a war, blew up their parents. Ultron understood this and asked them both to join Ultron fight the Avengers. But when the twins learned Ultron’s real plans, they both helped the avengers fight against him. Pietro died in the battle.



Q is for Quicksilver

Born in a war zone 

He can run very fast

When he is in a race 

He will never be last

R is for ReverseFlash

Controlled the speed force

And now runs very quickly

Now stuck in the past

He attacks Central City

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) was from the future. He was always obsessed with The Flash’s power. When he learned that The Flash got his power from a powerful force, called the speed force, he wanted to control it. Finally, Eobard learned how to use the power of the speed force. Eobard want to show The Flash what he discovered. But The Flash told Eobard he was a fake and the opposite of a himself. Eobard was angry and wanted revenge on The Flash. So he became what The Flash told him he was. An opposite. The Reverse Flash. He caused many problems in Central City so The Flash would notice him. So The Flash fought him and saw he was very powerful. Then they became great enemies that neither can beat. One day Reverse Flash figured out a way to win the fight between them two. He learned that The Flash was Barry Allen. So Reverse Flash ran back into time when Barry was a kid. But The Flash knew what he was trying to do so ran back with him. Reverse Flash tried to kill young Barry. But The Flash saved his young self. The Reverse Flash was so mad so he stabbed his mom with a kitchen knife. After that Reverse Flash tried to run back home but his speed slowed and he was not able to go back to the future.



Kal-El was a Kryptonian. As a baby he lived on Krypton with his mom and dad. His dad, Jor-El, learned that the planet Krypton is going to blow up. He said because they were taking out the planet’s core, and harvesting it. But the council dismisses his claim, while Zod takes note. Zod tells Jor-El that he wants to overthrow the council. But Jor-El says no because he knows the planet will die very soon. So being smart takes his newborn son Kal-El, and gives him the Growth Codex. It is artificially-produced instructions to change the DNA. Jor-El puts it in Kal-El’s red blood cells. Also, Jor-El and his wife, Lara Lor-Van, set up a spacecraft, with instruction in it, to leave this planet. Zod tries to stop the ship from launching. But Jor-El fights Zod to slow him down. Jor-El did slow him down but was killed doing so. Fortunately, Lara was alive and launched the ship. Kal-El landed in the middle of a farm in a rural area.



S is for Superman

A little tiny baby

From the planet Krypton

Now with the Growth Codex

His powers are turned on

One night Barry Allen was having a peaceful time sleeping. But he woke up when he heard glasses breaking. When he woke up he saw something that was impossible. That breaks the rules of gravity. In his fish bowl the water was coming out from the top and not falling to the ground. Barry was curious. So he walked down stairs and saw the most craziest thing ever. He was looking in the living room. And in the living room he saw his mom on her knees. Crying. But that was not it. Around her was a tornado of what looked like yellow and red lightning. Before he could see the end he was outside. And a block away from his house. When he came home he could see police cars all around. He also saw his dad, getting shoved in a police car. In addition to all the bad things going on, he saw his mom under a blanket. Dead, with a wound in the heard.



T is for The Flash

The fastest man alive

Stories of a streak

The Flash may get hurt but

That does not mean he's weak

U is for Ultron

A very powerful Robot 

As everybody learned

Tried to rule the entire world

But Ultron’s plans turned

Not after a short while later after Loki attacked, Ultron came. The Avengers did not know that a robot like Ultron could be a bigger threat than a god. But they were wrong. His plans were much bigger and badder. He was going to destroy the world. Then he’ll recreate the world in his own image. To help he created an entire army of robot minions, and he had Pietro (super speed) and Wanda (magic) Maximoff. With the army on his side he was able to destroy the entire city. But both Maximoff siblings joined the Avengers. Also Tony created one of the only things that can kill Ultron. He made a new superhero called Vision. With Vision they were able to defeat Ultron. Also meaning they saved the world.



Cisco Ramon was an employee at S.T.A.R. Labs. He was also there the night of the particle accelerator. He was a friend of Ronnie and he was just outside the door when Ronnie contained the accelerator. For about a year Cisco did not know he had powers. He was just there and helped team Flash. He told the others about the visions he sees. Of a past life of his that he never really lived in. He finally learned that when he touches things from other dimensions or from other timelines. He also learned how to use his power to fight. He was able to shot vibrating beams out of his bare hands. Furthermore, when Barry needed hints to save Iris from dying he looked into the future with Barry.  



V is for Vibe

Want to see a new universe

Well then there you’re at

Or even see your future

Vibe also knows how to do that

W is for Wonder Woman

A powerful Amazon

Created by Zeus

An army against her

Does no use

Diana Prince is the first born Amazon child on Paradise Island in 3,000 years. Amazons are made from woman’s souls that were killed by men. Diana’s soul was kept back. Diana’s soul is an unborn baby. The mom carrying the baby would be Hippolyta. Hippolyta is the Queen of the Amazons. So, Hippolyta was instructed, by the gods, to carve a little child out of clay. Hippolyta found some near the beach. She carved a cute tiny little baby girl. Then the Six Greek Pantheon gave the clay baby gifts of power. And from Zeus she was given life. When she was born she was protected and not trained because she was the only child left on the island and Hippolyta did not let her train.



James Darnell his sister and two other people were once on a spacecraft. Then the ship was bombarded by cosmic beams. The beams gave them all powers. They decided to join forces and make a team. They called themselves the U-foe team. X-Ray, as did the others, blamed Bruce Banner or the Hulk for what happened. So they all attacked him. They all fought hard and for a long time. Actually at the end of that fight X-Ray made Hulk go back to Bruce Banner form. Also, that left him unconscious. The team left him in a strong and sturdy capsule. But Bruce woke up and went back to Hulk form. It took a long time but he destroyed the capsule. When he got out he went to look for the U-foe team. When he found them he tried to fight them again. This time he was more careful. And this time he beat the team.



X is for X-ray

A former astronaut

Hit by a beam  

Now he is on

The U-foe team

Y is for Yondu

Leader of the Ravagers

Adoptive father of Quill

Moving an arrow with his mind

Is Yondu’s very own skill 

Yondu is a key faction leader of the Ravagers. Also he adopted Quill, also known as Star Lord. Yondu and the Ravagers wanted to go get an orb called the Infinity Cube. But instead Quill betrayed Yondu and stole it for himself. Yondu was very mad. He wanted the cube badly. So, he sent out a search party. It was tough to find Quill. But Yondu finally did find Quill. But Yondu did not want the orb anymore because Ronan the Accuser wanted it as well. That means that Ronan would have to get it from Yondu if he wanted it. And he probably would of killed him anyway. So even though Yondu did not get the orb, he did not seek revenge on Quill. Doing this lead some mistrust among most of his me.



The final battle between Flash and Reverse Flash has finally ended. But it left a gigantic Black Hole in the sky. Obviously, team Flash was able to take care of it. Somehow, the Black Hole connected to another Earth. Or dimension. It connected to Earth 2. Out of the hole came out Jay Garrick. On his Earth he’s the Flash and Zoom. Jay being in good guy ‘mode’ became friends and helped the Flash understand his powers. Jay taught him to get faster. However, it was for one reason. To steal speed and become the fastest man in the universe. Finally, Jay introduced Zoom to Flash. Zoom tortured Flash and embarrassed him. But, The Flash learned that Zoom was Jay and he was stealing speed from him. Zoom wanted to finally end it. So he challenged Barry to a race. The race took place in something that can destroy all other Earths. But, Barry made a time remnant and let the time demons take him away. 



Very speed thirsty

Is Jay Garrick

He is full of evil

And very barbaric

Z is for Zoom

11. What did the scientist at S.T.A.R Labs underestimate about Killer Frost

5. What did Ego need to live

Questions for you to answer!

6. Who identity is Firestorm

1. What war did Ares start

2. Who did Bane help save in the prison

3. When did the Venom symbiote merge with Carnage

7. How did the Green Arrow learn to fight

8. How did Hulks mom die

4. Why did Deathstroke want to get revenge on Ra's-al-guhl

9.How did Iron Fist manage to kill the dragon

10. Who knocked Joker into the pit of chemicals

14. Who's mantle did Nightwing take over

12. Why did Lex hate Superman

13. What did Man thing use to make him a swamp monster

15. What was Odin's goal

16. Why did Professor X make a school for mutants

17. Why Quicksilver he join Ultron

20. Which one of Barry's (Flash) was murdered

18. Why did Reverse Flash want revenge on The Flash

19. What gave Superman his powers and who gave it to him

21. Who did Ultron have on his side

22. Did Vibe find out how he had powers a little while after the explosion or much later

23. What is so special about Wonder Woman

24. Who did he blame for getting his powers

25. Why did Yondu not try getting the orb from Quill

26. What was Zoom's goal

Other Super Heroes and Villians A-Z

B-Batman, Black Widow, Brother Blood

C-Captain America, Cat Woman, Cyclops

A-A-bomb, Aquaman, Ant-man

E-Electro, Elektra, Enchantress

F-Falcon, Firelord, Forgotten One

D-Doomsday, Darkside, Doctor Strange

G-Green Lantern, Gorilla Grodd, Green Goblin

J-Jessica Jones, Juggernaut, Jake O' Latern

H-Hela, Hawkeye, Hammer Head

I-Iron Man, Ice Man, Invisible Girl

S-Star Lord, Scarlet Witch, Scorpion

O-Overlord, Omega Red, Oracle

P-Penguin, Punisher, Puma

R-Rhino, Red Skull, Robin

Q-Quake, Queen Noir, Quasar

T-Thor, Thanos, Tiger Shark

N-Nick Fury, Nebula, Nightcrawler

K-Killer Croc, King Cobra, Ka-Zar

M-Magneto, M.O.D.O.K, Mr. Fantastic

L-Luke Cage, Loki, Lizard

U-Ultra Girl, Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimo

V-Valkyrie, Vulture, Venom

W-War Machine, Wolverine, Wasp

Y-Yellow Claw, Yellow Jacket, Young X-men

Z-Zatanna, Zod, Zodiak

X-Xavine, X-51, X-statixs