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Discharge from Hospital

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Contact Details Sexual Concerns Below are contact details relating to your discharge from Beacon Hospital after your treatment Beacon Hospital 01 293 6600 Medical Social Worker Ext 6097 Discharge Co ordinator Ext 4796 DISCHARGE FROM HOSPITAL Beacon Hospital Sandyford Dublin 18 D18 AK68 PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET Tel 01 293 6600 www beaconhospital ie Version 2 07 2022 THIS IS MODERN MEDICINE

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DISCHARGE FROM HOSPITAL PATIENT INFORMATION LEAFLET We hope that you have a positive patient experience assessment of when you will be clinically ready to medically fit for discharge you will be discharged from here at Beacon Hospital Planning for your discharge leave and no longer require an acute hospital bed Beacon hospital back to the medical care of your GP will start on or before your admission If you have your discharge date will be determined come for a planned procedure you may already know your expected date of discharge If you have been admitted as an emergency we will start planning your discharge upon your diagnosis and treatment plan decision Supporting Discharge At Beacon Hospital we have a multi disciplinary team to assist with discharge transfer from hospital The team consists of your primary Consultant Ward Manager and nursing staff Discharge Co ordinator Medical Social Worker and therapists Your care needs will be discussed with you and your family We will provide you with information regarding convalescence home care packages or long term care options where required Checklist Before Discharge Discharge letter Medical information Prescription if needed Details of care needs Follow up appointments Lifestyle changes information Contact numbers Day of Discharge Discharge for home by 11 00am At Beacon Hospital all patients for discharge may use Within your patient care area your personal white the Discharge Lounge whereby your discharge board next to your bed will display your care along paperwork will be ready Patients must vacate their acute with expected discharge date This is to assist you hospital bed by 11am and can avail of the lounge whilst with discharge planning waiting for their nominated person to collect them Leaving Hospital Important Information Your Primary Consultant will decide when you are Beacon Hospital is an acute care Surgical Medical clinically fit for discharge Based on your Consultants facility When your consultant determines that you are If you decide to remain in Beacon Hospital for whatever reason you will become personally liable for all further costs relating to your stay These will be calculated from the discharge date noted in your medical record These costs will also include any consultant professional fees Please note that Health Insurers will not cover your hospital stay once your discharge date is documented

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