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Page 1 outside catering Page 2 Small Eats Pages 3 Fish Page 4 Burgers Pages 5 Grills Sandwiches Page 6 Specials Page 7 Veggie Vegan and Sides Page 8 Homemade Pie and Kids Meals Page 9 2 4 12 Page 10 Desserts Christmas EVENTS AND OUTSIDE CATERING SOLUTIONS Over the years we have built up a regular demand for outside catering We work with various partners and individuals across the city and surrounding areas to bring outside catering solutions for weddings private parties and events If your looking for a caterer to assist in your future plans look no future Have a chat with Fiona who will guild you through what we are able to offer and create your perfect occasion DESSERTS Dessert available from our black board

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2 4 12 SMALL EATS 3 FOR 12 Two for 12 4 FOR 17 Wednesday to Saturday lunch Pan fried strips of chicken cooked with garlic and bacon in a cream sauce Served with chips or Lime and chilli cod bites in a spinach tortilla with sweet chilli sauce Served with salad or Fried cauliflower bound in hoisin sauce topped with pomegranate molasses and radish slivers served with seasonal salad or Scampi chips Or Loaded fries Topped with crispy Whitebait finished with tartar sauce Or Ham egg and chips BREADED WHITEBAIT 5 SALT AND PEPPER SQUID 5 FILO PRAWNS 5 PANCO COATED CALAMARI 5 SCAMPI 6 SMOKED SALMON 6 SOUP OF THE Day BREAD 5 HOT AND SPICY CHICKEN WINGS 5 SF CHICKEN FILLETS 6 PRAWN COCKTAIL 7 MIXED OLIVES AND BREAD 5

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SPECIAL GRILLS SERVED WITH CHIPS TOMATO MUSHROOMS ONION RINGS 10ozs RUMP 16 10ozs RIBEYE 19 18ozs MIXED GRILL 16 10zs GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST 13 8ozs GRILLED FILLET STEAK 23 ADD A SAUCE 2 00 each PEPPERCORN MUSHROOM BLUE CHEESE BEARNAISE HOLLANDAISE EXTRA HOUSE GRAVY SANDWICHES BROWN OR WHITE BREAD SERVED WITH CRISPS AND SALAD GARNISH Ham And Mustard 4 1 2 Prawn 7 Cheese Pickle 4 Smoked Salmon 6 Chicken Coronation 5 Warm Bacon Eggs 6 1 2 Pork Pickle 5 PAN FRIED VEAL SIRLION 18 Pan fried veal sirloin served with a white wine and wild mushroom sauce SLOW COOKED PORK BELLY 16 Pork Belly slow roasted with cider and herbs and finished with a cider black pepper and sage sauce topped with crispy sage PAN ROASTED MONKFISH 18 Served on a red pesto sundried tomato cream sauce served with vegetables and your choice of new potatoes or chips COD LOIN PRAWNS 18 Cod loin King prawns pan fried and served on a garlic hollandaise served with vegetables and your choice of new potatoes or chips PAN FRIED DUCK BREAST 17 Served on a cherries orange and peppercorn sauce served with seasonal vegetables chips or new pots WHOLE RACK CHICKEN COMBO 15 Full rack of pork BBQ ribs served with southern fried chicken salad and chips PHEASANT AND PIGEON 16 1 2 Pan fried pheasant breast and pigeon breast cooked medium served with chestnut and red wine sauce SLOW COOKED LAMB SHANK 16 Slow cooked with rosemary and red currant

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VEGGIE VEGAN CAULIFLOWER ASPARGUS RISSOTTO VE Cooked in Coconut Milk 13 ROASTED NUT ROAST Served on stir fried vegetables with veggie gravy 11 LENTIL RISSOTTO Truffle and mushroom infused lentils cooked in almond cream topped with points of asparagus 12 SWEET POTATO CASHEW APRICOT CHUTNEY TART 11 WITH SEASONAL VEG AND YOUR CHOICE OF NEW POTATOES OR CHIPS LOADED FRIES NAKED CHIPS 3 CHEESE ONION 4 CHEESE BACON 5 BBQ PULLED PORK CHEESE 7 HASH BROWNS WITH CHEESE AND BACON TOPPED WITH FRIED EGG 7 SIDES BAKEDBEANS 2 CURRY SAUCE 2 ONION RINGS 4 GHERKIN 1 MUSHY PEAS 2 GARDEN PEAS 2 BREAD AND BUTTER 1 H M PICKLED ONION 1 BURGER SERVED IN A SOFT BRIOCHE ROLL WITH ONION RINGS CHIPS SALAD THE DUKE BURGER 6oz Beef Burger with cheese and bacon 12 THE 119 BURGER 13 Grilled Chicken Breast topped with Cheese sliced tomato fried Onions THE BIG DUKE 17 2 x 6oz beef burgers layered with melted cheese bacon smoked BBQ pulled pork and extra BBQ sauce BRUNCH BURGER 13 3 chargrilled sausage Pattie layered with fried onions and cheddar cheese sweet chilli sauce topped with a 2 fried egg OLD PORT BURGER 15 BBQ Pulled pork 3 sausage Pattie topped with bacon onions served in a brioche bun THE DUKES PLANT BASED BURGER 12 Fried onions mushrooms and sliced tomatoes sweet chilli sauce DUKES DELUX PLANT BASED BURER 15 6ozs meatless burger topped with fried onions roasted peppers vegan cheese battered spears of asparagus and sweet chilli sauce

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FISH WITH CHIPS FISH Beer Battered Cod Fillet HOMEMADE PIE Large Small 13 9 Beer Battered Salmon Fillet 16 Beef and Ale 10 Beer battered Monkfish Chunks 17 Chicken and Wild Mushroom 10 Breaded Whole Tail Scampi 10 10 OUR BATTERED FISH IS SERVED WITH GOURMET CHIPS LEMON AND TARTAR SAUCE Giant Steak and Kidney Pudding 11 POACHED SALMON 17 Poached in white wine with asparagus served with a hollandaise sauce PIES ARE SERVED WITH CHIPS AND GRAVY TUNA STEAK 16 Tuna supreme pan fried with capers white anchovies served on a tomato basil sauce SIMPLY PRAWNS 14 10 Giant prawns pan fried with garlic herbs and butter served with roasted lemon salad TO SHARE SEAFOOD PLATTER 20 WHITEBAIT SCAMPI COD BITES FILO PRAWNS SALT AND PEPPER SQUID Served with brown bread and butter tartar sauce salad and a bowl of gourmet chips MOULES 17 Native Mussels cooked with white wine garlic a hint of chilli parsley reduced with cream Served with bread salad and a bowl of gourmet chips Kids Meals 6 INCLUDING A SOFT DRINK SAUSAGE CHIPS BEANS OR PEAS COD GOUJONS CHIPS BEANS OR PEAS CHICKEN NUGGETS CHIPS BEANS OR PEAS CHEESEBURGER CHIPS WITH BEANS OR PEAS

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Opening Hours JUNE JULY Tuesday to Thursday midday 10pm ish Friday Saturday 11am 10 30pm Sunday 11am 5pm Food Served Tuesday to Thursday midday 8pm Friday Saturday 12pm 8 30pm Sunday 12pm 3pm All prices are inclusive of VAT all weights are advertised at raw weight if you have any special dietary requirements or allergen to speak with one of the service staff 02392294491 www dukeofbuckinghampub co uk TheDukeBuckingham TheDukeBuckinghamPub SHCatering0