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It's a book about the Dilophosaurus

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Dilly The Dilophosaurus

Written By: Alex Burrus 

Dilly The Dilophosaurus

Dilly is a dinosaur called a Dilophosaurus. Dilophosauruses aren't how they were portrayed in the movie Jurassic Park, they weren't small, they didn't spit poison, and they also didn't have a neck frill.

Dilophosauruses were carnivores, meaning that they only ate meat, although they had a very small mouth so they had to eat very small creatures such as fish. But that's where Dilly differed from the other Dilophosauruses.

Dilly was born with a mutation in his jaw, the middle of his lower jaw is connected with an elastic ligament so that each side can move independently, and his quadrate bone isn't rigidly attached and pivots allow horizontal and verticle rotation of his jaw. With more movement of his jaw he can eat more and defend himself better. 

Dilly will be more likely to find a mate because of something called "sexual selection". Sexual selection is a mode of natural selection where one biological sex chooses mates of the opposite sex to mate with and compete with the same sex as themselves to gain access to mate with the opposite sex to reproduce and pass on their genes. Since Dilly can defend himself better he will be able to show that he is strong and impress his mate. 

Natural selection is the process of organisms that are better adapted to their environment lives longer and reproduces more, natural selection also brings about evolution. Without natural selection, Dilly wouldn't be a good hunter and he wouldn't get the food that he needs. 

Whenever Dilly finds a mate and proves himself to be a good mate he will be able to reproduce. The genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism and with the reaction of the genotype and the environment comes the phenotype which is all of the physical traits of an organism. Dilly will need to pass on the genotype to his offspring for them to have the phenotype which is the mutation in the jaw. 



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One day, a volcano erupted and wiped out the forest and a lot of Dilly's prey that he needed to survive, so a lot of the Dilophosauruses left the area to go to a more liveable area, some Dilophosauruses stayed though, like Dilly's daughter, Sasha. This made the original gene pool split and become much smaller. 

Sasha had the mutation in her jaw as well and passed it on to her children, and her children did the same to their children, and so on. Eventually, after many years, there was a whole new subspecies of Dilophosauruses with the mutation in their jaw.