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Diego the Dilophosaurous Teaches us About 


Hi! I'm Diego! Diego the DILOPHOSAUROUS! I'm here to teach you about this cool thing called evolution. Evolution happends when an animal needs to change in order to survive!

Dilophosaurous have BIG, SHARP teeth that can bite through a lot of things! But what if there prey over time started getting thicker skin making it hard to bite through? Then the dilophosaurous would have to EVOLVE

 See our big teeth? Imagine if

I evolved to have bigger teeth!

It would look something like...








See? Now me and my dino 


Friends can chow down!

Now that I have a good meal, I can look for a mate! Like her!

Now that Cindy and I have gotten to know eachother better, We decided to have a nest!

Cindy and a REALLY want to know if our children will have my big teeth. To figure that out we can make a punnett square. A punnett square takes one parents Alleles and puts them together with the other parents alleles. 

There are two types of alleles. Dominant, which is shown as an uppercase letter, and recessive, which is shown by a lowercase letter. Cindy doesn't have big teeth so she has to have both recessive alleles which would look like tt. I have big teeth so I have dominant alleles which would look like TT.








    t              t

All of our children will have Tt. Which means they will all have big teeth! Because the dominant alleles overpower the recessive alleles.  

Thank for your help! Now we know our kids will have big teeth! See you next time!