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Considerations for digitally transforming your meeting rooms.

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Consideraons for
transforming your
meeng rooms.
A meeng room is not just a
room with a few tables and
chairs. The meeng room has
evolved. Some may say into a
complex world of technology,
others a producve me
saving environment.
The Reality
So where
does the
truth lie?
No simple answer.
The modern meeng
room though, must
meet modern
In the digital age,
here are a few
possibilies for
Gaining access
face to face discussion
A meeng with a laptop or two
A whiteboard meeng where notes are captured
A meeng where notes are captured with external
A meeng with an external colleague to talk through
a project
A meeng where only video conferencing is required
A meeng where whiteboarding and video
conferencing is required
A development meeng – scky note heaven
A markeng feedback meeng polling
Gaining access
What about the rst
issue of geng a
meeng room?
Producvity of oce
oor space is crucial.
With no formal booking
procedure meengs
overrun, me is wasted
looking for a free room. Or
fricon builds between
colleagues baling for
When considering a digital
transformaon, we would
strongly recommend a
digital room booking
system, linking colleagues
Meeng clearly dened by
coloured panel
Meeng length clearly displayed
Book meeng directly on the
Book meengs via Outlook
Search for free rooms
Report technical issues
View meeng room equipment
Face to Face Meeng
Time for a lile honesty!
If colleagues are planning
face to face meengs
without requiring
technology, then a digitally
transformed meeng room
is not the best venue.
Why not? Well, not
maximising the
rooms potenal
hits return on
Meengs can take
place in small pod type
rooms. These do not
have to be open, as
some issues need to be
discussed privately.
Many pods can be in a small area
Pods become quickly available
Provide a relaxed atmosphere
Laptop Meeng
Meengs where
content from a laptop
is presented on a large
format panel at the
front of the room.
What could go wrong?
A few things. Do you use a
VGA or HDMI cable? If a
VGA cable, are the pins
bent? Or is there even a
cable le in the room? What
if two or more colleagues
want to share content?
What if the
colleagues wish to
share is on a
mobile device?
An eecve soluon is
the use of Barco
ClickShare. A simple
press of a buon
displays content from
mulple devices,
including mobile.
USB Connecvity
Mulscreen presenng
Mobile applicaon
No wires soluon
Whiteboard Meeng
Many meeng rooms
are sll dominated by a
whiteboard or paper
ipchart. Hired meeng
rooms and hotel venues
are two prime
Quick note taking
No camera snapshots
Producvity saving on
note distribuon
Meaningful implicaon
of notes
There is sll place for a simple
whiteboard meeng. Consider
though the camera images taken,
and notes typed up aerwards.
Typing notes for distribuon can
have the potenal of losing some
meaning and intensity. Whereas
the original sll carries the same
force and implicaon.
The introducon of a
simple digital
whiteboard allows notes
to be captured and
distributed quickly,
increasing producvity.
External Collaboraon Meeng
Meeng rooms not only
require a certain
amount of exibility for
those within the
meeng room itself, but
increasingly colleagues
are joining from afar.
These do not have to be
audio or video driven
meengs. Quesons could be
asked for example feeding
back on an issue. Another
oce could collaboravely be
feeding back by wring on
their system.
interacve touch screens,
oer a soluon using
Microso OneNote.
Alternavely SMARTKapp
iQ uses a custom built
board and mobile
applicaon soluon.
Meeng room is more expansive
Colleagues in a remote oce
Travel reduced
Meeng notes distributed
Audio Collaboraon Meeng
Audio conferences are an
important element in the digital
transformaon of a meeng
room. Having taken part in
conference calls where one
party is in a room sharing a
laptop microphone with
colleagues. The sound quality
oered is a poor soluon.
Dedicated desktop
soluons exist providing
a higher quality audio
soluon. Polycom and
Cisco oer dedicated
A laptop soluon sll
exists without the
requirement of high
expenditure. For example
when using GoToMeeng
or Skype for Business.
Invesng in a quality
Bluetooth microphone
and speaker oers an
aordable soluon to
audio conferences. Evoko
Minto is one such
Simple soluons available
Audio capture superior compared
to a standard laptop
Portability of Evoko soluon—wire
Video Conference Meeng
A clear disncon needs
to be made between a
video call, and what is a
video conference.
Grouping colleagues
around a laptop camera is
not a conference.
If you are looking for a meeng
room where video
conferencing and audio
conferencing is a key element,
several companies have
dedicated soluons. CISCO,
Polycom and Starleaf are all
suppliers of integrated
A video call does not
necessarily require the same
cost as a fully-edged
conference. A laptop to laptop
video call using Skype for
Business is not going to oer
the same quality as a dedicated
conference soluon.
High denion Camera soluons
Quality oce to oce audio
Ease of accessing contacts
Face and audio tracking of cameras
Instant start systems
Whiteboarding and Conference Meeng
A dual screen
soluon allows video
on one screen with
whiteboard content
on a second.
For a fully edged digital
transformaon of a
meeng room, then
video conferencing and
funconality should go
hand in hand.
The Microso
Surface Hub oers a
single screen
soluon, with the
benet of integrated
oce suite.
HD camera specicaon
Reduces travel for meengs
Meeng contained in one place
Screen sharing for clarity
Massive producvity potenal
A single screen
soluon allows
video and
oer both single
and dual screen
Scky Note Meeng
A soluon is
available in
this digital
For project teams or
training teams, the scky
note can be a vital part of
their meeng. Issue is they
tend to stay in situ for a
few weeks, whilst notes
are moved or added to.
Meeng rooms have
restricted access whilst
scky notes are
displayed. Resulng in
reduced producvity for
the digital transformed
meeng room.
Access to meengs rooms are not
Meengs held anyme and
Maintains condenality
Nureva oers a mul
-screen soluon,
which allows notes
to be moved around,
edited and
importantly saved.
Opinion Meeng
polling gains a
level of truth
which is lost in
open discussion.
If the digital transformaon
is going to involve training
teams or focus groups as
part of a project, then give
consideraon to the
inclusion of a polling
Deploying a dedicated
soluon such as Ombea,
allows producvity to be
increased. Rapid results
analysis make meeng
progression and
understanding an absolute
Polling soluons are
available through
dedicated handsets
or mobile soware,
allowing upscaling for
Quality analysis
Immediate results
Anonymous polling maintains
Integraon into PowerPoint and
other presentaon media
Ease for conference upscaling
Online soluons are
available such as
Google forms. These
though can be limited
when integraon and
analysis is required.
Addional consideraons
transforming your
meeng room, is
not straight
So many opons
are available, so
departments, so
many employees.
How is the new
digitally transformed
meeng room going
to be integrated?
ISD Training helps to
guide their clients
through the
integraon and
adopon process.
Who, how and why is the
meeng room in use?
Keeping a measure will
allow understanding of
the true impact of the
digitally transformed
Technology adopon
needs to be a tailored
programme. A mixture
of short focused
sessions and mentoring
is just one soluon.
Ian Callow—Technology Adopon Consultant
Ian draws on 15 years of experience in the eld of
technology training and adopon.
Idenfying that simply training on soware was not
sucient to embed the technology within an organisaon.
The technology needed to be adopted by the end users.
Experience of technology adopon has allowed Ian to design
and deliver comprehensive end-user adopon training
across a broad range of technologies. These include SMART
screens, video conferencing systems, Skype, room booking
systems and video walls.
Ian is independent but also works with AV resellers, change
management consultants and AV installers. Companies have
included Steljes, SMART Technologies, Rapid Technologies,
Saville Audio Visual, and Instrui Training.
The depth of product knowledge and quality of service
oered by Ian, has allowed business contacts to be
maintained for 15 years.
Ian believes the integraon of new technology does not
have to be a painful process.
Change can be forthcoming, with the right technology
adopon consultant in posion.