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Digital Citizenship






Blog-A topic or collection of ideas one or a small group share among others reagularly.


Podcast-A recorded series that can be downloaded to a media device or computer

Phishing-a skill uses by thevies in order to hyjack others personal information

 Aggregator-A web site that aggregate specific information from many online sources

Flaming-Harsh or uncalled for conflict between one or multiple internet users

P2P-is peer to peer ,peers have equal right and privlages on the internet which must be divided among peers

Digital Life




Password sare very important these things are what help us login to certain things and thats why you have to protect your password and heres how you do it First you think on what you want you password to be but make sure its 8-30 characters and must contain numbers and or symbols and always make sure to not give away you password to anyone this is how some people lose there identity 

Five rules you need to know about netiquette 

1. Don't post rude or negative pictures/videos

2. Be respectful

3.Be careful on what you say to people 

4.Always be positive

5.Have fun!!


Netiquette is the way you interact onlinne or social media which also means the messages you send or reply back to people and before you do just think is it nice is it helpful is it ture these question need to be askbefore you send or reply to a text message


Create smart and strong passwords. Make it difficult for hackers to crack your password. You can create a smart password by incorporating capital letters, numbers, and special characters, and using more than six characters. 

First thing you can do is

Protect Yourself Online

Digital Piracy

 Digital Piracy occurs when someone other than the copyright holder copies the product and resells it for a fraction of the cost that the legitimate producer charges.

Social Media 

websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.


the used of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.


Cyberbullying occur online or social medi this means that theres a vircum and a suspect bullies are generally from school or from place you have been you can deal with cyberbullying by telling an adult about ir