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Digital Citizenship by Ripal and Andre

Phising is when you steal money by posing as an account holder. 
Podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet


A blog is a web page that is run by samll  group or one person. Which is written in informal or conversational style.

 Peer to peer is a networking or computing that distributed application architerture that partitions tasksor work load.

Flaming is when you post offensive messages.

Digital Citizenship 101






An Aggregator a website that collects related items like internet goods

When choosing a password online be sure to
1:make sure its something complicated to others but simple enough for your mind to remember
2 Never give your password out to any except those trusted with your sensetive information


 4:Respect peoples Privacy and also let people respect yours

1:Define the line between Decency and Being Offensive

3:Remember just as in real life respect is a 2 way street give and you shall recieve 

For proper netiquette online follow these tips.

2:Be aware of what you post and how it affects you and others around you



5:Don't Enter sites or talk to people you don't know the internet is vast and also very dangerous

Protect yourself online
1:You should keep all personal content to yourself
2:don't enter any sites asking for personal information
3:Avoid Online conflict 
4:If your Grandmother wouldnt approve of what your saying you shouldnt say it all 
5:Use ad blockers to keep virusis out of your PC

Digital Piracy
Is when you sell buy or trade any illegal info videos music movies software for half the price of what it was intended for a profit that doesnt legitimate producer charges


Social Media 
1:First ask your parents before joining social media
2:Choose a cool funky username that represents you
3:Have fun but remember the rules to staying safe online
4:Connect with your friends and other people who have similar interests as you
5:And alaways stay your self as media is an extension of you

Is bullying online with digital technology in which you may or may not know the person or may or may not be mass or interpersonal 

In the case you are cyber bullied remember that only you can judge yourself and no one else can take the word of anyone hating on you in stride and be yourself,If these things do get to you tell an Adult but remember to keep your own composure and to stay proper while dealing with these circumstances

The Best way to protect yourself from cyber bullies is really to stick to what you know and be very mindful of groups and people you interact with and who you have the potential to offend and also know that not everything is bullying as roasting can be friendly jousting where you can either return the joke or simply tell them to step in which they should