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Digilo Digital Flyer

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What are iBeacons Digilo GmbH is part of the E Dentic group iBeacons are Bluetooth Low Energy devices that constantly send an identi cation signal We use them like Digital Barcodes to identify a location in your warehouse e g iBeacons at each picking location or at the loading gates 30 employees 9M revenues in 2021 Mainly active in France DACH and Benelux Access this yer digitally Implementing these devices in your warehouse is very easy No cabling is necessary since our iBeacons work with AA batteries 5 year autonomy Plugins for your WMS TMS The Digilo iBeacon solutions are compatible with all WMS TMS and work with Android mobile computers from all major brands Zebra Honeywell Datalogic Unitech etc Power your warehouse with iBeacons Video Tracking Already implemented at Digilo GmbH Munich Germany 2022 Digilo GmbH www digilo net www digilo net

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Our Real Time Loading module Our module for ef cient Picking Our simple Tracking module The only solution to guarantee 100 correct truck loading The best solution for Picking hands free Get the photo evidence that your warehousing tasks were done properly With Digiload loading mistakes are a problem from the past With Digipick picking becomes a child s play and your productivity gets a boost Compatible with Digiload Digipick and conform with data privacy laws Advantages Advantages Advantages Human mistakes no longer possible Guarantee that trucks are always 100 properly loaded Easy to implement no extra tag necessary on the pallets All for a couple of euros only per gate and per day Picking is more natural and therefore more productive Very ergonomic pickers always work with their 2 hands free Easy trained in 15 minutes only More comfortable and cheaper than Pick by Voice Automatic documentation from the processes with HD Pictures Find evidence in the blink of an eye Major quality improvements Customer feedback 80 less claims from end clients

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