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Raven's Pass.It lies along a highway,It's in the middle of the forest and in the middle of the desert.It's on the shore of a lake and near a raging river.Sorrounded by mountains and on the edge of a deadly cliff. If you're looking for it you'll never find it, but if you're lost the little town will apear on your path.




Raven's Pass




Collin's been to seven school's but none of them like Raven's Pass.Collin takes a seat at the back of the classroom. "psst" Collin lifts his head and says to the boy next to him "did you want me"?"You should have stayed at River City" he said."Is Raven's Pass that bad" Collin replied "I assumed you haven't heard yet"VAMPIRE ATTACKS"Im Simon by the way.





"Do you find it cold in here Collin"No it's quite warm in here,I know but why are there kids wearing scarves.Your right but where do Vampires bite?The boy asked.There's no such thing as Vampires. RING!! "that's the bell we will go and see the first victim" simon said. Simon took Collin to the end off the hallway to the chess club."Sammy"Simon whispred into the quiet classroom.Sammy came over to them and asked what do you want.

"This is Collin show him your neck"Simon says.Fine here look "That's bad" Collin says.Thanks Sammy you can go back now.Collin didn't you notice how hot it was in there and they were all wearing sweater's.VAMPIRES I told you."Let's head off now" Collin says I have to get home for dinner.

Quick just come see my great-grandpa.Ding Dong "who is it" says an elderly person it's simon.Come on in little one.He grandpa we came to ask if you can tell my friend Collin the Monster's you've seen,Here's the list WOW that's massive.

This list is massive I gotta go now see you guys tommorrow.Knock knock knock o hey Simon let's go and investagate.Look tooth picks,that could have been the marks on there necks.Simon smiled.Your teeth are massive and sharp Collin said.You are the victim Simon you liar.Collin runs down the main street Mum meet me at the drugstore on main street now. Collin's Mum was waiting out the front of the drugstore and Collin jumps in the car and said "Mum we need to leave there's already a Vampire family hear.