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Digital English Courses :

Now students, parents, English learners, and teachers can choose

1. When they learn or teach English 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

2. Where they study/teach from anywhere in the world using their PCs, tablets, laptops, or smartphones etc.

3. How they will learn using interactive videos, interactive games, interactive flashcards, audio, and live video classes with our fully trained and qualified teacher or tutor using Zoom.

Ajarn Donald's English Language Services

Digital Interactive English Lessons


Donald Patnaude who is originally from Chicago, USA. but now is living and working in Bangkok, Thailand since 2001. He has 16-years experience in the English teaching field. He is responsible for marketing, training, recruiting, and creating our digital courses.

Supawan Inbunna born and raised in Thailand. She is responsible for translations English - Thai/Thai - English,  finances, and all the legal issues.

Meet Our Founders

No matter how hard you try you just can not complete the course because you must work overtime, huge traffic jams, flooding, you are just sick and tired. Forget about all that money and time you spent. Just quit! Does this sound familiar? We have the best solutions for all your family's English learning needs.

You paid lots of money to enroll into an English class at a center near your home or office. You want to improve your English skills because you want better employment opportunities, travel the world, your children need to improve their skills for school, or your employer has promised you a promotion and increase your salary too. Great!

How much 💶 and ⏰ have you wasted by starting an English course but not completing it?

What Problems?

Choose how to learn English. Do you need a live tutor? Do you prefer a self-study course? Is this course for your children?

When would you like to study? What days and times are convenient for you? 

How many people in your family need to learn English?

Can't find the right lesson? We can create special English lessons for your specific educational needs.

Did you know: we have special pricing for families with 2 or more learners? We have special discounts for corporate accounts and groups small & large. All our courses are designed for PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Our courses are digital and interactive. Our courses are flexible and if a learner can not complete the course, then the remaining lessons can be transferred to anyone. 

Advantages Using Digital English Lessons

We first determine if these are Live - Tutor lessons, self-study lessons, homeschooling, corporate or group lessons. Then we will have the learner take a placement test. Immediately after we have the results (few minutes), then we show the course options which are just right for them. We will help the learner select a live tutor if appropriate.

Self - Study

Digital Interactive English Lessons Solutions

Live - Tutor

We believe by creating digital interactive English lessons with interactive videos and games, will encourage learners to spend more time learning because there simply isn't any time for boredom. 

Our lessons start with digital interactive flashcards followed by the actual course text, audio, pictures, and exercises. Then there is an interactive video and game to finish the lesson. 

The flashcard activities help the learners with memorizing new vocabulary, help with pronunciation and spelling the new words.

Digital Interactive English Lessons are created right here using this Simplebooklet platform.

May 2008 - Date teaches in Ajarn Donald's English Language Services (Our small private center).

May 2016 We started creating Ajarn Donald's Digital Interactive English Lessons. We now have 23 private students from China and 17 from Thailand studying online with Donald as the Live - Tutor. We use ZOOM Video conferencing software for all our live tutor sessions.

Founded December 5th, 2001 in Bangkok, Thailand by Donald Patnaude and Supawan Inbunna.

December 2001 - April 2008 Donald has taught more than 6,700 people ages 4-60 years old in 3 Thai government schools and 4 private language centers.

Brief History Behind Ajarn Donald's

This would include Thailand, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Anyone who chooses to learn English with our Digital Interactive English lessons can do so from anywhere in the world.

For the purpose of marketing, we are focused on Asia.

1.5 Billion English Learners Worldwide

Topica Asia is one of our biggest competitors in the Asia region. Our service will be much better than theirs and our fees will be lower than theirs. We will offer a much fairer pay scale to our tutors plus bonuses. Our tutors will play an important role in building a world-class Digital Interactive English services company.

Our competitors will hate us and our learners will love us.

Our offerings for Digital Interactive English lessons are Live - Tutor, self-study, homeschooling, corporate or group sessions. We are aiming our services to individuals, groups, and the corporate sector. We will also establish a unique partnership with primary and secondary schools. This will be a First of its kind.

Our Business Model

We are seeking to raise $80,000.00 USD. The 2 Founders have each invested $2,500.00 for a total investment of $5,000.00 They need to raise an additional $75,000.00 USD. 

The funds will be used for a marketing campaign aimed at Thailand and China. We will be registering our business as a new business and expanding our highly successful small private English center (brick and mortar) business in Bangkok.

We are able to consider any investor roles. We will gladly accept any investments of $2,500.00 USD Minimum. Please get in touch with us.

Funding Round

Ajarn Donald's English Language Services

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Phasi Charoen, Thailand 10160

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Our Contact Information

All my courses have digital interactive flashcards, videos, audio, pictures, games, and exercises. These courses are designed to be used by learners who want to improve their English skills through a self-study course, parents who want to teach their kids, and anyone who wishes to be taught through a live online tutor.  We have courses for kids ages 3-12 years old, teenagers, and adults. We have all levels from beginner to advance Intermediate.

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Digital Interactive English Lessons