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I'm Trying to Love Sharks

Ah!!! Those are some big teeth!


        Loads of spectacular shark facts 


     By Cooper Dickerson

I'm Trying to Love Sharks 

I'm trying to like sharks but they are the scariest things in my opinion. Sharks have many rows of teeth and can regrow teeth. Sharks can also be over 40 feet long. Sharks also have a really good sense for blood,they can sense it from miles away. I would not want to be bleeding in the ocean because then the sharks will come.


 There are many different types of sharks. I just wish that there weren't so many. There are big scary great white sharks and bull sharks. Those are the ones the have been recorded for the most attacks on people. And I would not want to be one of those people. There are also Hammerheads, Lemon, Mako and Reef Sharks.

Anyway there are many different types of sharks. When you think about sharks and see them in aquariums they are cool but they still creep me out. Some of these different types of sharks have sharp teeth but they do not go for humans. Now this shark is really big and it is called a whale shark and they are big lets just be happy they don't eat humans.


       So as we know sharks are the kings of the seas and eat everything that comes in there way. But that is only for the great white shark and the bull shark. But a lot of the other sharks only eat fish and seals. The one that really surprises me and makes me happy is that the Whale shark doesn't eat people it just skims the water for plankton.

         The more fierce sharks eat fish and seals but that does not go for the great white and the bull shark. Sharks also can go without food for 1 whole month I mean to think about it is stunning. You would think that they need to eat all the time because they are huge creatures but that does not matter.


       Now here comes the bad part. Some of the sharks have been recorded for many shark attacks. If you have ever seen a shark you would know that they have razor sharp teeth. There skin is filled of scales and they are like razor sharp wire. Now this did not make people like them at all. In 1916 there was a huge shark attack and i mean huge. 2 people died of the shore and 2 people died in the water. It was a very tragic day.  


Sharks have been living for a long time and some people just wish that they got wiped out just like the dinosaurs did. But people know that they are a big population of the sea right now. Sharks have also been recorded for attacking boats. Only some of the boats have been destroyed and the people got killed and many people have been frightened to go on a boat and travel across the sea.


Now the reason they are favorable is because the keep the food chain in place but these still don't make them that favorable in my opinion. Some other reasons some people think that they are favorable is because they are fun to catch and study. People also like to tag them to see what they do down by the ocean floor and also what they eat. Some people also like to have shark fin soup. But that involves killing the sharks which some people don't mind. People also love to study the history of the killing beasts.

Great even more sharks. There are over 600 different types of sharks. Some stingrays are also related to sharks. Some of the different types of shark do not go for people and just eat fish and plankton. Did you guys know that there is a shark called the Whale shark and all they eat is plankton. Those types of sharks are just big skimmer’s of the ocean. Great White sharks also like to eat the dead fish they fisherman use.


 Ok here we go. Sharks as you know have been around for forever and some of the biggests sharks lived back when there were dinosaurs. Any way this shark was the size of about 2 to 3 school busses long. They are known as the megalodon. This beast is to believe that it is still alive today.

      There are many different types of myths like the turtle shark it supposedly lived back when the dinosaurs lived. Many people have had videos of seeing big sharks but is really just a basking sharks the second largest shark right now. Even though those videos have been proven fake people still think that they are living today.


  Sharks are really cool animals but that is not what a lot of people think. Most people think that they are just big human eaters and are afraid to go into the ocean and swim around but not me. I would still swim, I would just be very cautious. There are some people that like to swim with them and love to do research like seeing what they eat every day. So what I'm trying to say is that some people like them but most people don't.


Sharks have a lot of unique things about them. One unique trait is there body is covered in razor sharp scales. If you were to stop a shark from moving it would drown and die and this one is just one way you could get away from a shark and it is to punch them in the gills. They also have the ability to regrow teeth if one falls out which to me that is a superpower. Some sharks can't turn around as quick as other sharks because of their size and their weight. Some of these sharks can jump as high as 20 feet in the air. Sharks can also smell one small drop of blood from about 1 or 2 miles away.


Sharks have been living for many years.  Sharks are related to many different types of Stingrays. They also are related to the biggest shark in the world the Megalodon. This shark is over 60 feet long. Sharks have been living for over 42 million years. There were all kinds of different sharks back then and some of them just went away but new ones came. Sharks are the bigger population right now with over 600 hundred different species. Today sharks are starting to disappear because of the fishermen that have been catching and killing them.


This is where most of the sharks habitats are wich are the blue dots and the red dots are were some shark attacks happend  

Where some shark attacks have happend.

The Basking Shark 


  a basking shark ways over 4,900 pounds and is 33 feet long 

The Great White Shark    

  they are over 15 feet long and they way 20,000 pounds 

The Whale Shark


  is over 40 feet long and ways over 41,000 pounds

                      Biggest Sharks 

 A Jelly Fish, I hate Jelly Fish