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day  20. I witnessed booker come into the city and killed every guard in his way. The way he moves and wonder throughout the city really shook up a crowd. The whole city has eyes on him now... I just have to wait for the perfect timing to execute. I will get what's mine.

Day 24. Booker has killed a few of my brother's in the Fallen brotherhood. I have applied more pressure with upgraded security in the streets and officers searching home to home. He'll eventually make the wrong move but with the number of deaths he has caused. I cannot lie... apart of me is getting worried. But if I must execute this spineless piece of shit myself  I will not hesitate... Hell shall rise and the saints shall fall. -Diablo


Day 27... Booker has the strength of 4 men and the heart of a warrior. The city is in flames after his unexpected battle with Big bird after rescuing Elizabeth. My beautiful city is slowly becoming ashes .... I have to go now. He's advancing too quick and reaching towards my base. -Diablo 

day 28, 

He has reached Slate base and wiped out most of my men even my torrents. and my brother slate himself.. bold but foolish move Booker,  THIS IS NOT OVER.


Day 63, the days has jumped ahead significantly in a matter of seconds. That girl is dangerous she's opening tears that open up to a new world. The faith of Columbia has gone to shit! Now Booker is a revolutionist. the poor and the negros have gained access to the military weapon and influenced the minds of the young. Our Shepard has turned his back on all of Columbia instead of fighting he leaves the war between the people! and protects himself in that damn ship! God have mercy on us all -Diablo  


Day 86,

 I have to start taking more action. Booker and Elizabeth are breaking the rules of the universe. during my recent investigation on those two, someone destroyed most of the cameras throughout the city. In result, I switched to being on foot and ran into three others...Dr. Florence, Rosalind Lutece. and her twin brother Robert. Dr. Florence is a brain surgeon meanwhile Ms. Rosalind is a quantum physicist. I've Seen her worked with her twin all throughout this chaos. But it seemed like they were more of a help to the false Shepard. When I asked what was their intentions their response took me by surprise. "Intentions? or directions? maybe directions to all their answers? maybe directions to all of our answers? with so many doors to choose from. there are so many opportunities to choose from. even consequences... Life is a gamble. even the afterlife, even life without an afterlife." Fucked my head up but we realized this is not a one man's war. Rosalind and her brother's work has been essential to the city for many years. I've read about their work since I' was a teen. Dr. Florence is an icon. His work has been praised by top surgeons all over Columbia.. but I'm keeping my eye close on them all. everyone is not who they say they really are in this city anymore. Faith, morals and pride has gone out the window a long time ago. May god guide us all to the right directions we seek as this war may be the war to end them all. -Diablo

Day 144,

Rosalind has captured some images of Columbia since the war. Her work is amazing with these shots. I was stunned to find out she has very high interest in journalism. Dr. Florence has created some super soldiers in this robotic machine that is similar to the figure of a 16-foot gorilla. After grabbing a few random samples of men who choose to be "volunteers" of the experiment. The first one died in a major explosion with the first suit but the second experiment was a success. wow... this was some amazing stuff I-I can't believe it worked. This is the tool to end it all. Booker does not stand a chance. _Diablo

day 144,

Our first experiment went up in flames within seconds into battle.

Day 144, 

After careful investigating we went with a completely new model and body for experiment  number two. This was a greater success.


Day 168, 

The first battle between Booker and handyman was great gains but a major defeat. Booker and that girl managed to kill him even with the pressure of 30 armed men and torrents.I'm getting really frustrated so is the rest of us. Rosalind photography of the war is just a reminder of how we lost this beautiful city so quickly. -Diablo

Day 218, 

the twins and Dr. Florence has disappeared. My hair has grown grey, my patience has grown low and my anger has raised up. They opened another tear to this damn city. Leaders have died and people have disappeared. The revolution has proved to be a lost cause and my damn guards and officers are losing the battle heavy. Booker and the girl have advanced even further. I must not lose track of them... no matter what. -Diablo

Day 219, 

What the hell is going on here? how is the ghost of Lady Comstock alive? and why she stopped trying to kill them and switched to helping those two? this has to be the work of Comstock! -Diablo 

Day 219, 

Dr. Florence was working with Comstock all along... he has suffered a great death from the tornado Elizabeth brought into the world. May his soul rest in peace now that I know  It was true! it was the work of Comstock himself! and that son of a bitch Booker has killed our shepherd! I can't believe Elizabeth could just sit there and watch as that animal drown her father! I know where they are heading... I'll end this once and for all. -Diablo

Day 666,

The skies bleed with color and the ground bloom with flowers. The water rain in the fountain with great music and the flying birds join in sync to sing the tune of peace. It is not our typical day... It is judgment day. The same man I met in the church is now the same man with a better understanding of his debts and regrets. His sins shall now be punished in the mirror of his morals and decisions he has made during his journey. as his head lay in my hands he shall be punished in God's water. Will the circle be unbroken by and by, lord, by and by. There's a better home a-waiting in the sky lord, in the sky. -Elizabeth