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UNICEF is an organization who's main


attention and focus is on the less fortunate


children around the world who struggle


daily to survive. 



How it all began


  • Established after World War II by the UN in December 1946.
  • Distributed and donated suplies such as: health care, clothing, and food to European children who were very sick and on the verge of starving to death. 
  • In 1959, UNICEF adopts The Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Which states/ declares children's rights to have Protection, Shelter and Nutition, Education, and Health Care. 
  • In 1965 UNICEF was given the Nobel Peace Prize, because they promoted "Brotherhood Among Nations".


  •  To work with others to overcome the obsticles that poverty, violence, disease, and discrimination place in a child's path.


UNICEF is very passionate about doing everything


in its power to obtain the sustainable


development goals in partnership with governments,


civil society, business, academia, and the United


Nations family and most definitely children and young people.


Mission Statement


Global Goals 

In September of 1990, the UN general


assembly adopted the Convention on the 


Rights of the Child. It is the most widely-


and rapidly-accepted human rights treaty in history. 

I believe UNICEF is a very great organization.

  • Their focus is on the less fortunate and most importantly, its on the children around the world who basically have nothing.
  • They're also trying to not only unite the people, but also bring together different countries around the world.
  • This is where our attention should be, because in today's world our focus is mainly on ourselves and our problems. We should stop to think how good we have it and that there are people and children around the world who have nothing.
  • Most of us never have to worry about when our next meal will be, or what are we going to do for shelter.
  • I believe every American should support UNICEF.