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If You Give a Toddler a Popsicle

By Sophie Piron



If a child has a cherry popsicle then she


will let it drip on her hand.


If it drips on her hand then you


will take the popsicle away.



If you take the popsicle away then


the toddler will throw a tantrum.


If she throws her tantrum then you will probably  

 give her the popsicle back.


If you give her the popsicle back



it will already have melted




If this popsicle has basically melted,


then the toddler will eat it as fast as she can


If the toddler eats the popsicle as fast as she


can then she will get a sugar rush.




If she gets a sugar rush


then she will want to play.


If she plays then she will want


to play tag on the swing set.


If the toddler is playing tag on the swingset


then the toddler might scrape her knee.


If she scrapes her knee


 then the girl will begin to cry.


If the toddler begins to cry 


then you will run inside to get band-aids.


If the band-aids are applied


then the toddler will begin to calm down.


If the toddler begins to calm down


 then she will take a nap.


If the girl takes a nap


 then she will wake up and hungry.


If she wakes up hungry


 then she will ask for a cherry popsicle.