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conditional statement project for Geometry 2 with Mr. Healy

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If you teach Lionel Soccer...



If you teach lionel soccer,









then he will want a ball

If you give him a ball,









then he will want cleats. 

Me gusta estos:)

If you give him cleats,









then he will want a uniform to go with it

Quero juegar para Barcelona...

If you give him a uniform,









then he will want to play for a team

 If he joins a team,









 then he will show his potential  in game

Buen trabajo Leo!

Gracias Neymar!

If he shows his potential in game,









then he will gain fame

If he gains fame,









then companies will want to sponser him

If companies sponser him,









then Adidas will make him his own cleats series

If he gets his own cleats series from adidas,









then he will make money

If he makes money,










then he can make his own house

If he makes his own house,










then he can have a family

If he can have a family,









then he can bring them to his games

If he brings them to his games,








then they can see him get injured

If they see him get injured,









then he will need to rest and forget about soccer...for a while

If he forgets how to play,









then you need to reteach lionel how to play soccer

If you reteach Lionel how to play soccer,









then he will want a ball.