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If You Give a Teenager a Cup of Coffee...

If you give a teenager a cup of coffee, they will become hyper

If the teenager becomes hyper, they will want to go on a run

If they go on a run, they will become tired

If the teenager is tired, they will want to go to bed early 

If the teenager goes to bed early, they will miss their friend's phone call

If the teenager misses their friend's phone call, they will not be able to hang out with their friend the next day

If the teenager misses out with their friends, they will be sad

If the teenager becomes sad, they will want to only watch Netflix

If the teenager watches Netflix, their mother will yell at them for being lazy

If their mother yells at them, they will report to their room

If the teenager reports to their room, they will have nothing to do 


If the teenager has nothing to do, they will choose to do their homework

If the teenager does  their homework, they will get frustrated

If the teenager is frustrated, they will lose energy

If the teenager loses energy, they will need a boost

And if the teenager needs a boost, they will then want a cup of coffee