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 James Dean Dent

  One Name One Legend



Party: Optimist  


              Early Life


         James Dent was born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 4, 1978. His family did not have much money so he needed to get a job at a very young age at a U.S. bank.


He got a scholarship to Ohio State and he got his Masters Degree in mathematics and ecology. He was good with economic, too, and every time he was in a group for a project he would lead them to success .


Current family

He has a wife named Nicole Dent. They have a daughter named Caroline and her new baby boy named Justin. They live in Cleveland, Ohio and it is one big happy family.    


He didn’t know what he wanted to do for a career, but he knew he wanted to be a leader, so he decided he wanted to run for president. Currently he is a U.S candidate for president and he found a running partner whose name was  Jane Hemisphere.


Snapshot Bio  


Platform Issues


Gun Control

Dent thinks that this country needs less strict gun laws so people can protect themselves from those who want to harm others but people should still be careful.


Fossil Fuels

Dent thinks we should move away from fossil fuels and look for a better source of power so we can keep our earth clean, healthy, and strong.



                   Dent believes we should give money to other countries and  our military. So, in crisis, the United States won’t be alone and we will have other countries  standing by our side in battle.



Dent thinks tax money should go to improve the local public school districts for children that go to their neighborhood schools. Everyone is included and the poor kids can learn and grow with all the other kids.




  • Loves eating ribs

  • Loves his family

  • Goes bowling Saturday

  • Goes hiking Sunday

  • Before skiing  goes to church

  • Cookouts every Wednesday

  • Monday donates to charities

  • Has a son and daughter

  • Loves music  

  • Loves the carnival