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Defenders of Sleepytown


Matt Arriaga


Published on October 30th Mesa, Arizona.



   I mostly dedicate this book to my Girlfriend Carrie, from whom I got the inspiration for this book. I also dedicate this book to my teddy bear I had when I was little. This is also dedicated to my peer editor Brooks. Lastly this book is dedicated to all of the Men, Women, and Children who still need to find something to forget about the Bad Ones.




 About the Author

     Matthew was born and raised in Tucson Arizona. He has lived in Arizona most of his life, but has also lived in places such as Minnesota and California. He enjoys playing video games, fishing, frisbee and relaxing and hanging with his friends. Matthew also writes short stories and enjoys writing creatively in his spare time. Matthew is a current Student in the Technological and Entrepreneurship and Management Major at Arizona State University on the Polytechnic campus in Mesa, Arizona where he currently lives. He hopes to eventually start up his own business and be his own boss and live somewhere with cooler temperatures.


Well written and great for kids. The story is simple enough for children to read and understand without being too simple. The plot was good and easy to follow. - Carrie Newcomb


This is a great read for children. While reading, I felt like I was taken back 10 years ago, reading something that I would have read before going to bed. The story has a great plot, that is both easy for kids to understand and yet has some complex thoughts, that parents will see. - Brooks Broussely



His name was Alfred. Alfred the Bear. By appearance alone, Alfred looked like a normal Teddy Bear. However he was a defender of Sleepytown. Alfred was born and raised in Sleepytown and knew nothing of the outside world. All he knew was that it was his duty to protect the Child. Alfred was the strongest bear in the Defenders, although, he also was the only defender of Sleepytown. So he was the only Bear in the town that protected the people and the town itself from attacks. Alfred was the lone defender of this great city, and he was okay with that. There had been other Defenders but they were in other villages or towns in the past. There was a picture of the first defender over the training grounds. He was all the town needed now, it seemed. The main tools of a Defender varied, but for Alfred, he carried a sword and a flashlight. He knew the town like the back of his paw. From the Closet Cliffs where the Bad Ones came from, to the Cozy Valley where the Child dreams, Alfred loved Sleepytown.


Alfred for the most part was nocturnal. He would either sleep during the day or play with the Child. At night, Alfred felt alive. He found a new energy, a second wind! He had the courage of a Lion! The strength of a gorilla! He was at his peak performance to take on the Bad Ones. When the Child would fall asleep on the Cozy Valley, it was time for Alfred to stand guard at the edge of the Valley, sword in hand. Alfred stood guard every night, all night and watched for movement around the Closet Cliffs. Some days the Bad Ones would come out and he would put a stop to their mischief and other nights nothing would happen. Alfred stayed on duty whether things happened or not. Occasionally he would patrol around the town and look for other suspicious activity, but would always come back to the edge of the valley to check on the Child and to have his view over the town below to the Closet Cliffs. The edge of the Valley had the best viewpoint.


Alfred usually started his watch at the edge of the Cozy Valley. He then would climb down to the main part of town and stop in at The Cupboard. The Cupboard was the local snack bar. It was decorated with Lilies all around the shop and smelled of Caramel inside. Carrie, the owner of the Cupboard always made the best pizza and served the best butter pecan ice cream. Alfred always stopped by and got a fresh slice of pizza at both the beginning and end of his watch. Pizza was Alfred’s favorite food and it also fueled his monster fighting abilities. He would wash down the pizza with a soda. Pizza and Soda were Alfred’s two other favorite things besides beating up the Bad Ones. After visiting The Cupboard he would then walk around and check out the other local shops and buildings along with the surrounding areas.


One night, Alfred heard a noise while on guard. He jumped down off of the Valley and slammed down onto the ground below, one foot on the ground and the other knee on the ground. Standing up quickly to listen for the sound again, he heard it nearby. Alfred ran off in the distance, keenly listening for footsteps. He could hear them along with voices just around the bend up ahead. There in the distance huddled into a corner, there were three Bad Ones whispering and scheming, most likely about bad things for sure. The Bad Ones were all different and no one looked exactly like another. The base look of them was an extreme dark silhouette and usually claw like feet and hands, but not always. These ones in particular all had claws and did not seem to pose a threat to Alfred, as Alfred was quite a bit taller than the Bad Ones ahead of him. Alfred snuck up behind one and grabbed him pulling him in front of his body and saying, “You shouldn’t be here. I’m here and that means you really should not have come here. Leave now and never come back or stay and watch me take care of you and your friends here for good.” Terrified the Bad One left screaming and sprinting off into the night towards the Closet Cliffs from where he came.


The other Bad Ones weren’t as easily persuaded to abandon their territory. One of them came charging at Alfred, claws at the ready. Alfred whipped out his flashlight and shined it into the dark creature. Burning and yelling in terror and pain, he too ran back to the Closet Cliffs. The last one, the leader of this band of Bad Ones, came walking up to Alfred, sword in hand, and taunted Alfred with a yell and pounded his chest. A sword fight then happened and Alfred being the strongest bear there ever was, defeated him easily.


The rest of the night was quiet after that. Alfred then got back to making his rounds around the town and surrounding areas, but it was all clear. He strode back up to the valley and climbed its walls. Once at the top and the edge of the valley he pulled himself up just as the sun was coming up and he heaved a sigh of relief for another safe night.

He made his way over the hills and terrain of Cozy Valley to check on the Child. Alfred put away his trusty tools and curled up next to the Child. His head nodding and eyes heavy with sleepiness, he fell asleep.




Sometime later Alfred awoke to a strange sound. He hopped up and dashed for his sword when he realized that it wasn’t anything dangerous at all. In fact he was alone in Sleepytown. The Child was gone and there was a lot of noise going on beyond the town. The Child walked back into Sleepytown and placed a bundle next to him and then left again. The bundle moved. Alfred clutched his sword, ready to strike in a moment’s notice. “RAWR!” Alfred leapt back and tumbled over almost falling off of Cozy Valley. Out popped a figure from the bundle. “Stay back!” yelled Alfred. Laughing, the figure walked up to Alfred and outstretched a hand to help him up. “You’re a bear…” muttered Alfred. “My name is Helga” said the figure. The sunlight hit Helga and she was the prettiest bear he had ever seen. Helga was about the same height as Alfred, maybe a little shorter than him. She had a ribbon in her fur on her head. Her fur was curly where the ribbon was. As Helga was new to Sleepytown, Alfred gave her the tour around.


He first brought her to the Defender training grounds where Alfred practiced and trained to stay in condition to fight off the Bad Ones. He was showing her his fighting moves and his training when she jumped in and started showing off her fighting skills. Alfred was amazed that she not only knew how to fight, but that she was actually pretty good at it too. She was fast and surprisingly strong. Alfred and Helga got along perfectly. Alfred now had someone to play around with and was far happier and care free.


Helga asked Alfred about what he did and why there was even this big training area anyway. Alfred then told her all about the town of Sleepytown and its history. He told her of the Defenders of Sleepytown and their duty to protect the town and the Child. He then brought her over to the tool rack, where the defenders kept their most prized tools. He showed her the different tools of the trade such as his sword and his flashlight. Helga was very interested in the history of the Defenders and thought it was very honorable and brave for Alfred to do this job, and by himself too! Helga offered to join the Defenders and to help Alfred in his quest to rid the town and the Child of the Bad Ones forever. Helga had proven herself worthy of this honor. She really was a great fighter and had the skills and smarts to handle this position. And so, Helga joined the defenders alongside Alfred.

That night he brought her out on duty with him after he showed her the ropes of the job. They stood watch for a while on the edge of Cozy Valley and then made their way to The Cupboard. They had some pizza and soda and laughed. Alfred thought it was nice to have a partner for this job. It was nice to have the company. They made their way scouting out the rest of the town and then they heard it, the Bad Ones. A group of maybe 6 of them were  charging at them.  Alfred split from Helga, and used his flashlight to take one of them on. One down, five to go. Helga jumped over one and brought her sword down on it taking out the second one. Alfred, too busy watching Helga, got pinned down by one of the creatures, but Helga used her Flashlight on the beast and took him out as well. Alfred took the last three of them out with 2 quick flurries of his sword. Panting he asked if she was okay and she replied that she was.

“You were great out there” Alfred said to Helga. Helga just blushed.



The following weeks were filled with several fights between the Bad Ones and The Defenders. Alfred and Helga made a great pair and  scared off even more of the Bad Ones than ever before. Soon enough, they took different paths and scouted along different routes and used walkie talkies to communicate. Every now and then they would cross paths and meet up at the Cupboard for pizza to refuel themselves. During their days they would relax or watch movies and run around playing in the fields of Sleepytown. Both of them were as happy as could be.


The Child had been sleeping better than ever before and was also happier than ever before. He would occasionally bring another child over and they would play. The years went by and Alfred and Helga would continue to protect the town and the Child. The Bad Ones ones were attacking Sleepytown less and less, as their numbers continuously started to dwindle.  The Child was also getting much bigger now.

Alfred and Helga had decided to make an attack on Closet Cliffs. Since the Bad Ones were so weak now, they should go on the offensive and bring the fight to them where they come from, Closet Cliffs. It was a long trip but they made it. Approaching the Closet Cliffs, Alfred got goose bumps. He had never been so close to them before. “It’s okay Alfred, you have me here now” Helga said to Alfred, smiling. They were at the edge of the cliffs now. They made the climb and eventually into the depths of the caves of the cliffs. They scouted everywhere they could find. They had to make sure the cliffs were free of any Bad Ones. After tireless hours of searching, they didn’t find anything. It was empty. Not a single Bad One was left in the Cliffs.

“This is amazing, we finally did it!” Alfred cried out.



“You know this isn’t that bad of a location. What if we made another town?” Helga asked Alfred.


“Yeah, we can do that; that would be nice. I would like that.” Alfred replied.



And so they built another town in the Closet Cliffs. It took them a long time to get everything up and running, but they did it. They had their own town from scratch. They hardly ever saw the Child anymore. The Child was safe and happy. Alfred and Helga set up their home in their new town of Closet Cottage. They opened up a new branch to the Defenders in the town. They made their home at the tallest point of the Closet Cliffs so they can still keep watch over Sleepytown as well as Closet Cottage. They built their house out of logs because they both loved log cabins. Up on the peaks of Closet Cliffs they had the best view of the kingdom. They adopted a new puppy into the house by the name of Goober. They were happy, and they were safe. Everything was perfect for the bears, and The Child.


The End

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