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DeClouet Hall How To

where students can earn their Bachelor of General Studies
by designing their degree in a way that suits their unique needs and interests.
Check out hp:// for more informaon.
 is considered a --for academic
and other help for students who qualify. The goal of SSS is to increase students
academic standing, college retenon, and graduaon rates. SSS helps students
make the transion from high school to college and beyond. SSS programs are
federally funded TRIO programs within the Department of Special Services. Find
more informaon about SSS at hps://
- Free opportunies for academic development
- Tutoring (no appointment necessary!)
- Academic, nancial and career counseling
- Movaon toward successful degree compleon
- Test Prep Materials (GRE, GMAT, etc.) and other
helpful academic resources
They must meet of the requirements listed below:
- Have nancial need
- First-Generaon College Student
Five SSS programs have experts who oer specialized assistance. These programs are:
- SSS for all majors
- SSS  for STEM for cience, echnology, ngineering, and ath majors
- SSS  for Educaon majors
- SSS  for U.S. Veterans
- SSS  for students with a documented disability
Other TRIO programs in DeClouet Hall help students who are at the - (Upward Bound, Upward
Bound Math/Science and Educaonal Talent Search),  who want to enroll in college (Veterans Upward
Bound and Educaonal Opportunies Center), and college students who aspire to aend  (LS-
LAMP and McNair).
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Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
University College
DeClouet Hall, 1st Floor, Rm 104
110 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
Department of Special Services (SSS)
DeClouet Hall, 1st Floor, Rm 106L
110 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
- Student with a disability
- U.S. Military Veteran
- Financial Aid help, like
- FAFSA applicaon quesons and problem-solving
- Grant aid (if eligible)
- Computer Lab Usage (NEW iMACs and Dell PCs)