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02 CONT 04 05 06 Impressum Editor s Letter Museums in Frankfurt 10 12 14 The Impact of Pop Art Abdulla Lutfi Rista White 18 20 24 Representation in Awards Mariachi Arcoiris The Paul Belmondo Museum

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THE CONTRIBUTORS 04 Executive Director Isabell Sliwinski Editor in Chief Aparna Prabhakar Art Director Alison Chen Design Syed Bukhari Javier Souza Marta Pakiet Jounalists Juan Romero Mateusz Pospiech Sreya Srikanth Featured Abdulla Lufti Mariachi Arcoiris Rista White Sabina Puppo And All featured artists and writers from the Culturally community

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MODERN R AISSANCE A NOTE FROM CREATE AL THE EDITORS AND APAR 05 Culturally Arts Collec is a community for arts advocacy we aim to increase accessibility and inclusivity in the art world As two young artists we are excited to be a part of Culturally s monthly art magazine Modern Renaissance In this publication we feature creatives from all ages and nationalities exploring aspects of writing design and visual art It s crazy to us that this is our seventh issue Since June our team has explored so many different aspects of the art world From learning about the technical aspects of design journalism and publishing to gaining new perspectives about how art affects the world we ve been able to grow so much over the past seven months We ve had the opportunity to meet and feature artists and galleries from across the globe In publishing this magazine each month we hear diverse opinions and points of view Each artist has a unique story they began making art for a specific reason and are driven by certain motivations or inspirations Though the individuals and their experiences are different they have one thing in common they turned to art to express themselves In this month s issue we hear the stories of more incredible artists from around the world We hope you enjoy this issue of Modern Renaissance Alison Chen Art Director Aparna Prabhakar Editor in Chief

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06 FRA N KFU RT Germany has a long history of being known as the Land of Poets and Thinkers However most people will often attribute Germany as the place of sausages beer and Oktoberfest without really giving much thought to just how much culture and history lies within this great country In reality Germany is such an interesting place where the worlds of business and art collide Juan Romero

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08 Frankfurt might be best known as the business and finance capital of Germany but it has also been deemed as one of the most sought after cities to not only visit but perhaps make into a permanent home too Frankfurt can be seen as the unexpected weekend trip because one would not have imagined just how fun this city could be By having a rich collection of historic buildings and museums as well as a vivacious art and culture scene Frankfurt should be considered a no brainer when being added onto your bucket list In fact Frankfurt has been dubbed as the home to some of the largest museums in Europe not to mention also having the country s first UNESCO World Heritage Site there is an abundance of sight seeing locations that must not be missed First on our list is the Stadel Museum In 1815 banker and businessman Johann Friedrich St delas created what is now known as Germany s oldest museum foundation This museum houses a collection of seven hundred years of European art evolving from the early 14 th century to today It carries an emphasis on the Renaissance early Modern art the Baroque and many others Altogether the museum holds an impressive 660 sculptures 3 100 paintings more than 5 000 photographs and more than 100 000 prints as well as drawings Additionally some of the world s most notable artists such as Sandro Botticelli Rembrandt van Rijn Claude Monet Pablo Picasso and Lotte Laserstein have their works showcased throughout the museum Second on our list is the Museumsufer In 1978 Hilmar Hoffmann and then mayor Walter Wallmann created the concept of what would soon be known as the cultural ensemble in the center of Frankfurt Culture for All should be created on both sides of the Main as Hoffmann exclaimed in his book TOP 3 MUSUEMS TO VISIT IN FRANKFURT Otherwise known as the Mainhattan because of its location along the Maine River and its multitude of skyscrapers Frankfurt is the fifth largest city of Germany published in 1979 which served as his inspiration for the museum Overall an attempt was made in order to create a museum park filled with Wilhelminian style villas on the Schaumainkai with large gardens as proposed by the Frankfurt office Albert Speer and Partner Now the term Museumsufer describes the museums located on both sides of the Main as well as in the nearby urban area behind it creating an overarching umbrella Thus including several other museums along the way such as the Senckenberg Nature Museum the Money Museum and even smaller venues like the Struwwelpeter Last but certainly not least we have the German Film Museum Otherwise known as the Deutsches Filminstitut Filmmuseum DFF is a leading and progressive international film heritage organization The organization s mission statement is being a pioneer in not only the preservation but also the distribution of film culture worldwide by combining museum cinema collections and archives digital platforms multiple educational programs festivals and so much more The purpose of the DFF is to develop an intercultural understanding that will emphasize stronger connections between institutions and initiatives in the film arts and sciences around the globe Thus forming a bond between history materiality and understanding of film into the digital era of today s society Aside from playing some of the most iconic films in cinema history at their venue such as La Strada and La Dolce Vita the DFF also has an online version of their museum where you can visit online exhibitions indulge in their video library and have an exhibition curator give you a walkthrough And there you have it folks Frankfurt has a plethora of cultural experiences to enjoy aside from having a pint of Pils to go down that Bratwurst This city has so many hidden gems simply waiting to be discovered As if the architecture wasn t dazzling enough there are endless ways of completely submerging yourself into German culture All in all Frankfurt is a must have on the list of places to visit on your next European trip

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09 As if the architecture isn t dazzling enough there are endless ways of completely submerging yourself into German culture

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10 THE IMPACT Pop art is a descendant of the Dada art form of the Roaring Twenties The time of nihilism following the devastation of World War I led to an art form that shared its same lack of conviction World War II also played a role as the rise of comic books came into prominence as easy to read tales serving as escapisms from the outside world The new format of art and literature combined with the carefree attitude of the Dada movement would lead to the rise of Pop Art During the economic boom of the fifties commercialization became the central theme of pop culture citizens of the time found themselves desperate to recover from the horrors of the Second World War and the sprightliness of pop art plays a role in the fifties association with colourful Pontiacs This influence became so popular and associative with the time it touched every corner of the globe including the United Kingdom Artists such as Eduard Piazolli and Richard Hamilton used multiple allusions to American marketing and kick started this new movement in Britain Pop art is making another cultural impact and this time on a much more important scale politics In a world so much more diverse and interconnected it is hard to ignore the rise of color to change politics However what makes pop art so much more different from any other genre is the appeal it is able to generate it is clear that the trend of the twenty first century is vibrance and modernity and the acceptance of various opinions allows for freer expression of opinions especially in the form of satire Pop art Renowned Pop artist Andy Warhol s Campbell s Soup Cans 1962 a selection of five on display in the Museumsquartier Vienna Its contrast from the likes of Monet and Da Vinci have allowed for those of today s age to revamp the footprint that they leave behind when changing history THAT is what the fluorescent colours have been able to achieve has been used to comment on various aspects of politics from inherent sexism to governmental decision making Artists like Maria Qamar hatecopy and comedian Jim Carrey himself have all turned to the vibrancy and humor of pop art to reach their wider audience and have been extremely successful in spreading their message In conclusion the world is no stranger to introducing new forms of art However it is safe to say that pop art has been successful in reaching wider audiences and diversifying its ideas Its contrast from the likes of Monet and Da Vinci has allowed for those of today s age to revamp the footprint that they leave behind when changing history THAT is what the fluorescent colors have been able to achieve

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pop 11 Tadanori Yokoo s Kiss Kiss Kiss 1964 an artwork in the exhibition International Pop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Sreya Srikanth art Scrolling through Instagram leads to some extremely creative pieces of work collages pieces of mixed media and so on One format of these form arts that pops up with increasing frequency is what is termed as comic book inspired Pop Art While many view pop art as a surface level art form if they peel back the layers they would quickly realize that the fluorescent colours hide a world of history that directly impacts our society

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12 IST ABD ULLA LUTFI Abdulla Lufti Interview It was 10 45 AM when the call officially started and I was formally introduced to Gulshan Kavarana Abdulla Lutfi s art mentor We went on to talk about Mr Lutfi s art as well as his autism Do you know what autism is Sreya Gulshan asked The question threw me off guard I had never thought to actually consider what autism actually meant I was panicking frantic over what to say without conveying offence the first phrase that came to me was impairment It was at that moment that Mr Lutfi had joined the call Gulshan had said Abdulla Sreya thinks that autism is an impairment Is that correct Well no Autism just means that people are born different Sreya Srikanth

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A 13 In 2022 Abdulla will be traveling to Canada Invited by the National Access Arts Center in Calgary Abdulla will also be visiting Alberta and Vancouver There are so many more opportunities for him coming down the line so let Abdulla s work be a constant reminder of how good art is at spreading the gift of happiness After an important moral lesson on the classification of unique traits versus diseases the ball was rolling and it was time to learn more about one of the most celebrated artists in the UAE Abdulla Lutfi was born and raised here in the city of Dubai However as a child he did not talk much and was often quiet but that led to his realization for his talent He was able to draw before he was able to speak as Gulshan puts it He was able to draw before he was able to speak After facing tremendous bullying though his childhood Lutfi eventually graduated and entered Mawaheb for Beautiful People a studio for artists of determination It was there where Lutfi managed to cultivate his signature style of black and white art inspired by Japanese manga and anime It was through this style that he would become one of the most successful artists in the UAE His first solo exhibit held at the DIFC Cuadro Art Gallery was an instant success gaining purchases for artwork and lots of attention From Tokyo to London his work has been featured in galleries around the world while receiving partnerships from brands ranging from Sephora to Barakat Juices here in the UAE He has also gone on to open his own studio alongside cousin Asma Baker called the NEXTChapter delegates from around the country including Noura bint Mohammed Al Khaabi Minister of Arts and Culture and L Youth had attended the opening He and his work were even featured in the official Expo 2020 theme song one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the decade His art is well known for creating a lasting impression on everyone around him During his visit to King s School in Dubai when he entered the building drawings from multiple children inspired by his style had been put on display It is also in his workshops with other people where he is able to break down the process of drawing to others that they soon believe that they can also draw and express themselves the same way he does When Abdulla breaks it down step by step people believe and start considering themselves as artists That is one of the biggest reasons why Abdulla has loved his job When you do what you love it makes others happy For him there is no other career that he could picture himself in apart from art The talent that he possessed at a young age manifested itself into the artists that we know today His art is both inspiring and fun and it gives him the recognition he clearly deserves

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Don t listen to your teacher To most this statement defies everything that they have been taught since they were a child However Rista White stands by this as the one piece of advice she would give to aspiring artists If someone is telling you to do something that you don t want to represent don t do it It s your art Aparna Prabhakar R w RISTA WHITE

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16 de Painting definitely has my heart especially watercolor and oil painting b In 2020 the world experienced what was one of the most tumultuous and trying times in recent history racial tensions boiling over the presidential elections and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression among a plethora of others It makes sense for people to be curious this year andIn 2020 the world experienced what was one of the most tumultuous and trying times in recent histd However In 2020 the world experienced what was one featured some stunning outfits HLast year s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Ales HLast year s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Alexandria OcasioCortez wore a white skin tight with the slogan plastered in bold red However year s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wore a white skin tight wiyear s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wore a white skin tight wiyear s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wore a white skin tight wi s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Alexandri s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Alexandri s event that was cancich to trend online was Congresswoman Alexandri sadasddsadfsadajjjjjjjjjjj n lklkl Throughout her life White s teachers have had an incredible impact on her life From introducing her to the art world to continuing to encourage and motivate her her teachers inspired her love for her art Like many artists White s introduction into the art world came in the form of elementary school art classes and crafting When people began to take notice of her art she started to develop her abilities As she says I think I started keeping a traditional style sketchbook maybe in about fourth grade I started taking art classes about a year later That s when I really started to learn techniques and think about it a bit more seriously Since elementary school White has expanded her artistic horizons and ventured into various other styles of art and mediums Painting definitely has my heart especially watercolor and oil painting I think animation is super cool but I m not one for staring at screens for too long So yeah more traditional watercolor and oil As White has gotten older her relationship with art has evolved She notes When I was little it was for that

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p h e t validation and just the fun of it As I ve gotten older it s become a form of introspection As her art has evolved her viewers perception has also changed Moving into the professional art sphere has forced White to think about her audience She acknowledges that the shift was definitely an adjustment saying When I m having my art judged a bit more or doing AP Art in school I m painting for other people White s way of staying grounded is reminding herself to stay rooted in the childhood artist s intent to paint for fun White s biggest influence is the art of James Jean a surrealist illustrator She also finds inspiration in music and books 17 One of her favorite books A Little Life has greatly influenced her work along with a quote that she lives by and applies to her art Writing is not the meaning of life but it s a way to return to it White also turns to social media for inspiration and motivation As she says I know some people think that Instagram is the demise of fine art I think that s really helped me be exposed to a lot more artists And I really think that there s so many amazing artists to see and be inspired by White also loves the art of Nepalese artists who do calligraphy and ornate typography This past year White hosted her very first art show It helped her grow as an I think that Instagram really helped me be exposed to a lot more artists artist because it forced her to commit to furthering her work She elaborates I m very much the type of person that will start something and abandon it And that really forced me to create eleven paintings and stay focused on that same concept and explore that in depth That was definitely my favorite experience White s art combines colorful pigments to create emotional pieces This was a cause for surprise for her until recently she thought her art was a lot more subtle However as she began to create a portfolio she stepped back to realize that she had included a lot of bright reds pinks and blues in her pieces Her art also includes certain symbolism She incorporates Buddhist stylized eyes on more traditional portraits to symbolize enlightenment and a sense of homecoming

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The world watches with bated breath Cards are revealed with a flourish of a wrist And the Oscar goes to ART AWARDS Though the four awards ceremonies that make up the EGOT seem to present a normal competitive awards environment the glitter and elegance mask a sinister discriminatory nature and history Recently the institutions have come under fire for their racism sexism ableism and overall exclusion of diverse identities REPR SENTA TION IN ART AWARDS Aparna Prabhakar Over the past century arts awards shows have come into the spotlight Celebrities from around the world flock to the venues each year The stakes are high they might receive the chance to be recognized as the best in their fields and add their names to a growing legacy A select group of artists will receive what might be considered the ultimate honor achieving an EGOT If an artist wins an Emmy a Grammy an Oscar and a Tony they will join a list of creators who have gone down in history as legends Racism is deeply rooted in the histories of these elitist shows One prime example is the Grammy Awards which celebrate achievements and artists in the music industry The award show began in 1957 In the 64 years since then only ten black artists have won the award for album of the year The Oscars have been around even longer than the Grammys they began in 1924 Since then 3 140 Oscars have been given out a meager 9 of which were given to people of color The first person of color to win an Oscar was Hattie McDaniel for her role in Gone With The Wind in 1939 During the event she was forced to sit at a segregated table and afterwards she was refused entry to the after party

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19 Sexism is also rampant in the production and execution of these shows The Tony Awards have consistently drawn critics who have noted the misogyny and sexism that goes into the presentation of the awardsspecifically those for direction Though the theater industry s most acclaimed writers are predominantly women men are much more likely to be nominated for and win awards for direction of both plays and musicals Even during the 2021 Tony Awards both directing awards Best Direction of a Musical and Best Direction of a Play went to men Alex Timbers for Moulin Rouge and Stephen Daldry for The Inheritance respectively There were no female nominees for Best Direction of a Play One of the major takeaways from the 2021 Emmys was the ableist nature of its set up and the damage control and lies that came after the event Filmmaker director and disability activist James LeBrecht posted a furious tweet disclosing that though the institution and its lawyers had promised a ramp that was built into the stage and visible to the live audience and cameras they did not follow through The Emmys told LeBrecht that anyone who could not climb stairs would be able to access the stage from backstage This essentially separated everyone present into people with disabilities and people without and real inclusivity and diversity will never be possible unless separation and segregation end LeBrecht was the director of Oscarnominated film Crip Camp a film about people with lived disabled experiences who join the disability rights movement to create awareness and make groundbreaking changes to ableist legislation At prominent awards shows such as the Emmy Awards a major part of the show is watching the winners climb up the stairs to the stage to receive their award and make their speech However when people with disabilities are unable to do that it forces them to be spectators instead of participants While discrimination is still present and pervasive at awards shows such as the four that make up the EGOT quartet the times are definitely changing With the help of activists such as James LeBrecht these shows are beginning to include diversity in the nominations and the awards themselves For example the 2022 Grammy Awards have pledged to include an inclusion rider for the event The rider states that the producers of the Grammy must interview and audition people from historically silenced marginalized and underrepresented populations for both on and offscreen roles The Oscars have also announced new rules to ensure representation By 2024 films must This past summer the Emmy Awards announced that nominees and winners can request the term performer instead of actor or actress The times are definitely changing The question is are they changing fast enough We ll have to wait and watch the 2022 awards season Image Credit https tt wp insider imgix net 2019 06 Insider Email HeaderEmmy etc ver 2 png auto compress 2Cformat fit scale h 551 ixlib php1 1 0 w 1024 wpsize large s 0016136e3294238673177fa42cb24392 meet two out of the four criteria included in the rules to qualify to be nominated for the coveted Best Picture award These criteria necessitate the inclusion of diverse identities on screen in production in marketing and in internships If the films do not meet at least two of these criteria they will not be eligible for nomination at all Though the Tony Awards and the Emmy Awards have not announced regulations like these they have made more minor changes to their vernacular in order to be more gender inclusive This past summer the Emmy Awards announced that nominees and winners can request the term performer instead of actor or actress The times are definitely changing The question is are they changing fast enough We ll have to wait and watch the 2022 awards season

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Juan Romero Years later I m performing professionally with several mariachis in Southern California and in New York INTERVIEW WITH WITH MARIACHI ARCOIRIS M My name is Carlos Samaniego I am the founder and director of Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles which is the first and only LGBTQ mariachi in the world Q How did it get started A Well the mariachi has two inception dates The first time that I started this group was in the year 2000 Back then I was a college student and it was a spontaneous decision to create this group I was a part of the planning committee on the campus of Cal State LA University for the pride events on campus and one of these events was going to be a mock same sex wedding that meant that we were going to have volunteers pretend to get married to each other because back then same sex weddings or marriages were illegal in the United States and this was a form of protest Also because Cal State LA is a very Latino campus and they had a budget because it was a legitimate organization on the campus they decided that they wanted to have a mariachi because for every wedding we should have a mariachi right And they knew that I performed mariachi professionally and so they said Hey why don t you know bring your musician friends and will pay you to perform and I thought wouldn t it be great if it was an all gay mariachi So that gave birth to Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles I looked for people who I knew were out and then I really didn t know that many people back then I was only 19 or 20 years old I was already playing professionally but I didn t know that many people who were out Then I asked my friends to help me find more people and I had a lot of people come in from out of town just to perform for that one time event because they really liked the idea of the fact that this is going to be in an all gay mariachi and basically the manager of this

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21 one gay Latino cowboy nightclub in Hollywood caught wind of this event attended and then hired us on the spot to perform at the nightclub on a regular basis So we started to perform there and we started to get the ball rolling but in reality it only lasted only a few months In the mariachi I was really inexperienced as a A Generally speaking the reception has been good and as the group has grown over the last seven and a half years it s gotten better So along with the rest of society where things are more accepting people have been more accepting of us as well At the beginning it was challenging to be respected you know as a legitimate mariachi but also I THOUGHT TO MYSELF I CAN T BE THE ONLY ONE GOING THROUGH THIS THERE MUST BE OTHER PEOPLE director I didn t know very much and so it just kind of fizzled out But that planted the seed of Mariachi Arcoiris Years later I m performing professionally with several mariachis in Southern California and in New York and I encountered a lot of discrimination a lot of bullying because I m out For them at the time especially they didn t know what to do with me frankly they didn t know how to place me They had never worked with somebody who said that they were out and so in a very machista culture it s no no right It s just not okay At times I was mistreated and I always thought whenever I would go through these experiences that perhaps one day I ll recreate Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles and finally at the end of 2015 it was I don t honestly I don t remember what it was or what happened but it was some incident maybe some snide remark some comment or whatever but it was the straw that broke the camel s back and I decided at that moment that I would create Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles again But this time for LGBTQ musicians so that we can have a safe space because I thought to myself I can t be the only one going through this There have to be other people like me around that need this same space that I do so I created the mariachi for very personal reasons and really for a kind of necessity The result has been that yes I have met my goal and so much more Q What has the reception been since you initiated this mariachi Because like you said it is very machista nowadays whenever an article is written about us perhaps that s being distributed in the Latino or the Hispanic market that s where I can see all of the comments that people make both good and bad I still see a lot of negative comments Fortunately for every negative comment that s written there s people coming to our defense I never say anything I just sit back and watch but there are negative comments about you know people saying in Spanish que asco That s disgusting or What a disgrace or What a disrespect to the charro suit or to the music Honestly people wouldn t even know what that means because they don t know what charro suits are what Charrer a is and how that s not mariachi anyway So there s all of these things that people talk out of ignorance For all of those people that still have these negative things to say is still more of a reason why this group needs to exist because there are people who bring other people down and we need to help bring those people up The people who are brought down for example there are people that have written to us and to our social media or messages that say Hey I m a mariachi musician in this small town in Mexico Thanks to you all I found the courage to come out to my family and I play mariachi music and I wish you all were here I also remember this young teenage trans girl from Texas who wrote to us and said that she s trans and she plays in the mariachi program at her high school in Texas and how she sees Natalia who in our group is the first transgender twoman in the history of mariachi how she sees her as a role model and she sees me as her violin hero And it s really sweet It turns out that we are role models for these people and for these younger generations And we also get written to by the parents lots of times of these young queer individuals who want to introduce Mariachi Arcoiris to their children because they feel that we are a positive influence so that s kind of how we re able to really push to continue spreading our message across Q Have you encountered any negative performances or any dangerous performances at all A Not really I mean there have been like you know when we get hired lots of times we get hired by straight people meaning that there are young like Gen Z or millennials that get WE RE NOT TRYING TO HIDE married and are fans of Mariachi Arcoiris and they re a straight couple and they ll hire us but you know at their wedding it s all of their family from Mexico so they don t know what to expect or what s going to happen Not that anything s going to happen having Mariachi Arcoiris there but we re not going to hide who we are is what I m saying We re not trying to hide what it is that we represent or who we are authentically and so when I sing a song for example whether it d be a song of love or hatred or betrayal I m going to sing it to a guy and for the most part I d say like 99 of the time it s entertaining for them They love it and they re eating it all up and in fact even the guy who I m singing to for the most part is going to be a straight guy but there s that 1 right There s been maybe less than I can count on one hand the times where the person who was being sung to really didn t appreciate it and were really feeling uncomfortable with the situation so we have to know how to deal with that type of situation But honestly I think that for the most part we ve been treated with respect and if there are people who think ill of us while we re performing I haven t been told to my face that they don t enjoy our performance Q Yeah I was only asking because you know I m Mexican as well so I know exactly what you re talking about and how slowly our community is making progress but thanks to

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22 people like you we re getting there hopefully quicker than we have been Now do you have a favorite performance A There have been a lot of wonderful performances this year alone We ve had amazing performances I think because now things have been getting better with the pandemic and there are less restrictions people are hungry for live performances and things like that We ve been having some wonderful amazing performances But actually the one that comes to mind is one during our first year of existence back when I recreated the Mariachi Arcoiris because that one performance was for December 12th which is a very important religious holiday El D a de La Virgen de Guadalupe in Mexico and Latin America For mariachi it is a very important money making day Mariachis might actually work all day and night for that special holiday And so when I recreated Mariachi Arcoiris I was expecting to have a lot of work that day and it was we really didn t have much work There was this one Catholic Church that was going to hire us but then they decided not to because of what we represented but then this other church this kind of Christian non denominational very liberal church in east Hollywood CA they ended up hiring us and so we prepared the music for that day They were a very openly gay church and even some of the pastors were gay and they have female pastors and it s great So when it came time for the pastor to say his sermon he paused and said I d like to introduce to you Carlos Samaniego he s the director of Mariachi Arcoiris and they are the first LGBTQ mariachi all of this was in Spanish and they started applauding at the congregation and they even gave us a standing ovation that went for about 10 minutes It literally brought me to tears It moved me so much because I felt that they really knew or they understood what we were doing and they appreciated what we were representing so that moment will always stay with me even though it wasn t a crowd of thousands or even hundreds Still that energy and that moment was something I ll never forget Q Where do you see your mariachi in the next 5 years or what are you hoping to see A My mariachi has already for the most part I think surpassed all over the goals that I had for it I wanted to travel the world and we have We ve been to Spain Mexico City we have even traveled all over the United States I want to continue traveling of course We ve also recorded our first album I d like to keep recording more albums and I d like to win a Grammy maybe But honestly I think that with the work we are doing we ve managed to meet all of the goals that I set for this group So I feel that we will just continue doing what it is that we do and we get to represent Mexican culture and Mexican music to a broader audience because these functions these LGBTQ functions like a pride event or the grand opening of a new pride center or an AIDS organization event they would have never hired a mariachi before What the hell for But now that Mariachi Arcoiris exists they want to hire us and that s great because now we get to show them what beautiful mariachi music sounds like Because you know these are not necessarily Mexicans so they maybe have a stereotypical idea of what mariachi sounds like I mean it s not like La Cucaracha or The Mexican Hat Dance or whatever it is that they think it is Now we get to show them that and they get really excited and really are in awe Also we do invest a lot of time and rehearsing and I invest a lot of money in these beautiful arrangements that we have so we have to show them off and we get to do that On the flip side like I said in a previous question that you asked we get to represent the queer community to the straight people It s like they don t know what IT MOVED ME SO MUCH BECAUSE I FELT THAT THEY REALLY KNEW OR THEY UNDERSTOOD

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23 they re going to get when they hire Mariachi Arcoiris but all of the sudden this band of queer individuals can play the heck out of mariachi music We can play anything they want us to play and play it well so that s how we get to show them that this little band of whatever they want to call us jotitos or maricones or whatever can play mariachi music y bien So that s kind of what we get to because if we wanted to do reggaet n then show this dual representation all the time Q Do you or have you ever considered possibly venturing off into some of these like reggaet n baladas pop or anything like Or is it strictly mariachi A We do venture off to other genres not too much You know this is mariachi music we would be doing it but we do venture out a little bit into other things making sure that we re still giving it the mariachi flavor I mean we re not doing anything that hasn t been one before they have been doing this for decades for example Mariachi Vargas the oldest standing mariachi in Mexico they ve been around for over 100 years They have several generations already of it that do it Like they ll interpret music of Alejandro Sanz and just a whole bunch of different pop artists And so everybody does it So yeah we ll venture off and in fact earlier this spring Disney the streaming network hired us to do a live virtual event for their High School Musical The Musical Series and we had to learn a song from that series it s called We re All In This Together We had to learn it and adapt it for mariachi I m open to doing certain things I don t want to go too far out or something that s going to be in bad taste and for sure it s still going to sound like mariachi just giving it that flavor that it deserves in the style as well Q What are you hoping to achieve with the work that you re doing What is the takeaway message that you want to give to the audience A The message that we want to give across is basically that we want people to find the courage and the power within themselves to do what it is that they love regardless of what others are going to say or what the society says or what people in their field of work is going to say So for us being in mariachi and this very machista environment you know for like me being openly gay or Natalia being transgender we didn t have those role models necessarily for us to be able to look up to and say Hey they did it I can also do it like them And so we get to do that now for the next generation We want to be able to tell them you know love yourself accept yourself and you can do whatever it is that you want It doesn t even matter what you want to be right A construction worker truck driver an architect a doctor and you re trans a mariachi musician or whatever You should be able to do what it is that you love and still do that authentically being yourself DO WHAT YOU LOVE

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24 PAUL Belmondo MUS EUM Mateusz Pospiech The Paul Belmondo Museum is dedicated to the sculptor Paul Belmondo and is located in Boulogne Billancourt just outside Paris France It s one of the places designed by architects Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson In March 2007 Paul Belmondo s children donated all of their father s work to the city of Boulogne Billancourt The donation consisted of 259 sculptures 444 medals and almost 900 drawings including sketchbooks

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25 The visitors can touch the sculptures and experience the work All of the amazing art pieces can be seen in an architectural masterpiece that Ch teau Buchillot built in the 18th century Prior to the donation the space was just an empty building The museum presents different designs to the audience by framing the in windows placed within the walls niches and soaring ceilings This also allows the viewers to see it from different angles The space is predominantly composed of stark A SCULPTOR Paul Belmondo was a French sculptor and medalist born in French Algeria He died in the early 80s in Ivry sur Seine His journey with sculptures began in 1911 and he went on to study architecture at the School of Fine Arts His studies were interrupted by the First World War but he continued them later at cole des Beaux Arts in Paris learning from Jean Boucher The works of MEDALIST white black and timber materials each section evokes a different sense of ambiance Moving alongside the rooms and levels the viewers can feel as if inside a workshop of an artist The audience is taken through personal stories of Belmondo by viewing the sculptures and works with raised floors and frames under both artificial and natural light Paul Belmondo who was one of the last artists to use neoclassical and academic techniques is represented by the movement of modern figurative sculpture with the use of simple lines and rather smooth shapes One of his known works La Danse was copied in 1963 by JeanBaptiste Carpeaux and located on the right side of the fa ade of the Opera Garnier On the other hand he also produced medals and illustrations for art books Two of the bronze medals Jeannette and Apollon are located in Tuileries Garden kindly donated by the Belmondo family Visiting the Paul Belmondo Museum in the city of Boulogne Billancourt is an enlightening way to spend a sunny day in order to experience the artist s works through different lightings and truly feel like a sculptor is showing his work himself

Page 26

26 Se vres S EV R Manufacture et Muse e Nationaux E S Mateusz Pospiech

Page 27

Image Property of Se vres Manufacture et Muse e Nationaux

Page 28

Image Property of Se vres Manufacture et Muse e Nationaux 28 One of the must see exhibitions while in the area of Paris is located in the National Ceramic Museum which is comprised of nearly 50 000 works covering all eras and locations around the world as well as the contemporary works produced within the Manufacture de S vres The main mission of the museum is to present a range of ceramic creations through ages and locations to inspire craftsmen and artists as well as to satisfy manufacturers and scientists The museum was first opened in 1824 by scientist and mineralogist Alexandre Brongniart who managed to bring variety of collections to the museum the Greek vases of Vivant Denon a set of paintings by Alexandre Fran ois Desportes and Jean Baptiste Oudry and animal painters of the kings Louis XIV and XV Between 1872 and 1889 the museum set new historical and aesthetic criteria dictated by a new scientific discipline ceramology The first collection was mostly built by private donations International recognition of the place began in 1876 when the museum was placed in a building close to the Seine river bank Today both the factory and the museum are still located there just beside Saint Cloud Park The building is reserved for the museum a few workshops and a shop Currently the museum offers several expositions including ancient worlds eastern worlds European renaissance earthenware and fantasy European porcelains birth of S vres sculpture in the S vres in the 18th century royal and imperial collections eclectic ceramics in the 19th century art nouveau art deco and creation in the 20th century to S vres today In order to promote and further develop the museum a non profit association Friends of the S vres Museum Society was founded and state approved on November 20 1967 Working closely with the museum the FMS provides financial aid for acquiring the collections to enrich expositions in the domain of ceramics and glass Apart from permanent exhibitions the museum offers temporary exhibitions to the public and offers manufactory s workshops Until 2009 the manufacturer connected to the museum was a service within the competence of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication Since then it has merged into a public establishment with the Adrien Dubouch National Museum attached to it it is now called Cit de la C ramique S vres et Limoges

Page 29

29 Since then it has merged into a public establishment with the Adrien Dubouch National Museum attached to it It is now called Cit de la C ramique S vres et Limoges Image Property of Se vres Manufacture et Muse e Nationaux

Page 30

30 COMMUNITY FEATURES We feature a variety of artists in Modern Renaissance and we are always looking for more community features If you are interested in being featured in our next issue head to Culturally s website or Instagram where you will find the online submission form If you are unable to find your submission keep an eye out for the next issue All works are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by the artists and writers

Page 31

31 Sabina Puppo December Modern Renaissance Cover Sabina Puppo grew up amongst artists and is herself the 7th generation of Italian artists in her family Her art education started at an early age under the tutelage of her grandparents and her father Sabina was an active collaborator in her dad s art studio where as a child she helped him prime canvases mix pigments and draw and paint in his projects Her work stands out for its simplicity The sgraffiato of the oil rolling hills splashed with vineyards and olive groves seas with playful waves majestic trees with expansive roots and an exquisite combination of colors that transport the viewer to idyllic settings Her art celebrates life in rural and coastal Uruguay as well as in New England the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Virginian Piedmont Her work has been exhibited in the United States and in Uruguay and her paintings are in private collections in every continent I am submitting original oil paintings painted in my studio in Pueblo Ed n in rural Uruguay as well as in Leesburg Virginia where the proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains casts a strong influence in my choice of colors Column top to bottom 1 Mama Bear 2 Autumn Hues 3 We Are Almost There Center left to right 4 Gentle Hill and Winding Road 5 Before the Breath of Storm

Page 32

32 HOPE EZCURRA Long Beach Instagram hopelessarts Facebook https www facebook com hopelessart Hope Ezcurra is a museum registrar self taught artist and freelance curator She studied Art History and International Business at Cal State Dominguez Hills California Her curatorial focus and research concern decay diversity and environmental issues As an artist Ezcurra focuses on the terminal elegance of life and the fragility of nature Her curatorial projects and artwork are a love letter to the rust and stardust in all of us Ezcurra s current body of work is assemblage collage pieces that utilize vintage textbook covers and images under pressed flowers shrouded in black paint The works reference not only the fragility of nature but the ephemeral quality of memories and dreams

Page 33

33 Everything Nothing Annapurna Atoms and Stars ice and storm and abyss

Page 34

34 MAKSIM SHISHOV Saint Petersburg Instagram hatelovemaximshishov I am an artist of Happenstance art gallery https ru happenstance io and Artflood Gallery https www artflood gallery shishov as well as a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia My artwork AGREEMENT ARE IMPORTANT BUT AGREEMENT ARE NOT IMPORTANT will be exhibited in the Gallery for Sustainable Art in Berlin Germany in mid January 2021 https gg3 eu en 1 5 degrees My artwork GIRLS POWER got to a final stage of The Antwerp University Panathlon Drawing Contest 2021 Antwerp Belgium https pcucommittee com contest toggle id 4 Two of my artworks BLM and SAY NO TO CAPITALISTIC OIL got to a final stage of Walter Koschatzky Art Award 2021 Austria Vienna https www koschatzky award art katalog p 172 For me art is fashion and I do my best to show it in my work By education I am a Psychologist and Pedagog of deviant behavior so I try to reveal the sacred themes of humanity through minimalist paintings and art objects Apart from that I try to use unnecessary materials I pursue ideas of social aesthetic through my artworks which are predominantly created from reused and recycled materials

Page 35

35 BIRD BOX GALLERY 2021 31 x 31 x 35 cm mixed media Instrumentarium Tools Sacral

Page 36

36 SAMANTHA SHORT Acrylic painting of a tablecloth with a vase of vibrant roses

Page 37

37 The gift of roses

Page 38

38 MELANIE FENNEL Greenville Instagram melaniefennellstudio I am an artist based out of South Carolina I make paintings and collages of immersive worlds that combine abstraction and realism I use vivid colors and large brush strokes to create abstracted portraits of the people in my life The people in my paintings serve as the protagonists for the story being told through symbolic objects and images The abstraction of the subject s body and environment represents a parallel to my mind that is fragmented by mental illness but can also be viewed as the fragmentation of reality by emotion for anyone This is my perception of the world as I try to step away from the darkness into color

Page 39

39 Left Column 1 Full Moon 2 Friendsgiving Right Column 3 Nick 4 Chloe 5 Taylor

Page 40

40 OONAGH CARROLLWARHOLA New York Instagram minty_ozone Oonagh lives and works in New York Graduated from the Cooper Union The magic hours of 3 am to 4 am The sublime taste of cantaloupe A bodacious swim in a lagoon Juniper branches hitting your face as you go towards the center of the forest Borsht staining your peach colored knickers A walk through the mall

Page 41

41 Night Melon Market Hells Bells Hallway Night Pavlova Sky Cats

Page 42

42 CLAUDIA PRECHEDES Buenos Aires Instagram afrotografa Born in S o Paulo she graduated from the Escola Panamericana de Arte SP with a degree in graphic design After 15 years through research and concern she participated in courses and training She later moved to photography where she has been working for 9 years She studied art history and photography at MIS SP She participated in courses training workshops with prominent Latin American artists such as Fl via Bertinato Nelson Garridos Ana Harff Clara Araujo among others Currently she has perfected her creative process in Sub Photography Ar Claudia presents her work at the Latin American level in Brazil and Argentina She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires Looking back I feel like photography came into my life because it was my destiny In childhood my contact with the camera was of an economic nature and the captures were only a way of documenting family episodes Today I feel a tremendous need to shape my privacy and memory giving new meaning to my life experiences and my way of seeing the world In the course of my process I work with video art archival photography visual arts digital and analog photographs in some I used a mixture of digital interference all as a way to show the cultural changes that I experienced subjects from the female perspective generating space to expand and document the struggle of black women Living in Buenos Aires connected me totally with feminism and clearly see my intention to express my complaint and generate a discussion and social awareness Silenced thoughts and metaphors are incorporated into themes and photographs

Page 43

Pixiam 43

Page 44

44 JOSEPHINE FLORENS Odessa Instagram Facebook and Linkedin josephineflorens Website www josephineflorens com Josephine Florens was born in Odessa on September 22 1988 Josephine graduated from Odessa National Academy of Law and received a Master s degree in Civil Law She later graduated from Odessa International Humanitarian University and received a Master s degree in International Law She started painting in 2017 She studied individually at the Art Ra school of painting with the Odessa artist painter Sergei Simora The main direction of her studies was the South Russian school of painting Josephine Florens is a member of the National Association of Artists and Sculptors of Ukraine and a member of the Odessa Marine Union Ukraine She is also a member of the section Environmental Protection and Monitoring of the Black Sea and is the founder of the Obriy Nadii charitable foundation https obriys com en She creates oil paintings in various genres such as portrait landscape still life genre painting animal painting marina She works with oil paints The painting styles used in the work are realism impressionism mixed styles Fravashi

Page 45

45 The Last Piece of Bread Happy Elf Road to Mom King of the Heart

Page 46

46 SAINT VALENTINO DI AUGUSTO Nigeria Instagram agbakaoryiman I m a 23 year old self taught contemporary visual artist born and raised in Nigeria My works revolve around the impulses that I receive from my environment and are influenced by my experiences and those around me I m traditionally a ballpoint pen artist who is exploring realism impressionism and surrealism In the beginning was the world The art overview established the concept of love and consciously tried to create a balance thereafter

Page 47

Angels and Demons Lamb of God Victims of Society 47

Page 48

48 MANTINA VOSSOU Athens Instagram matinavossou Matina Vossou is a self taught artist living in Athens Greece She uses acrylics and a toothpick a technique which she learned from her father who was a na ve painter Her most recent participations were in Onboards Biennale in Antwerp Belgium and in Emerging Scene in Dubai UAE She is also included in the 2021 publication yearbook of the Gran Anuario Internacional de arte contempor neo edici n Madrid She has exhibited her artworks in MADS Gallery in Milan She has been featured in various art magazines Other than painting she also loves writing her play The nothing of People a dystopian comedy was published in Greek in 2018 You can see more of her artwork at www instagram com matinavossou https www saatchiart com account artworks 1398719 Every face is a journey Looking at faces is going to be our longest trip Every color is an emotion What we feel is the only present we know and by this we define our lives Every one of us is a perfectly unfinished mosaic of emotions and ideas Everything is connected

Page 49

49 PATRIARCHY S TARIFF 2020 acrylic on canvas board 30cm X 40cm TO TAME A SILENT DRUM 2021 acrylic on canvas 40cm X 40cm LEDA PHEON THE DIVINE PREDATOR 2021 acrylic on canvas 30cm X 40cm HOBO DON QUIXOTE AND SANCHO PANZA 2021 acrylic on canvas 45cm X 35cm JUDITH THE EQUATION OF TIME 2021 acrylic on canvas board 30 cm X 40 cm

Page 50

50 CHRISTIAN MORANT New York Instagram and Facebook curlyheadedninny Born Christian Morant the original Curlyheaded Ninnymuggins is the physical embodiment of an enigmatic wordsmith with uncanny curls While most known for his enthralling level of poetry he also writes for and is inspired by rock hiphop funk and whatever else fuels the creative vibe Originally engulfed by the tech world and always striving to please everyone else Christian battled with anxiety and depression trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life As his thoughts began to consume him he took to the pen and pad and started crafting his outward view of the world into written passages spoken word pieces and the intricate verses you hear today She Keeps Me Company and PINK revolve around my time with a woman who embraced me upon my immersion into the city and its creative community Hospice was written at the hospital where my grandma and I spent our final moments with my grandfather a renowned international jazz musician

Page 51

51 Hospice PINK My granddad s in a prison Otherwise known as the system Or what y all call a hospital But only two of us can visit Which is kinda odd if you think about it Cuz I would wanna be surrounded By all those who love me And want nothing more than to hug me As they show affection and be the reflection That he was for those I can t mention And everybody else around the world Where he built a genuine connection By embracing the gift he was given An entertainer with a wealth of wisdom Sharing everything he learned about life To anyone willing to listen To the message between the melodies To the rhythm between every beat To that feeling that you get in your soul When your favorite song comes on the radio Cuz that s what it s all about Music that brings the best out In all of us So no matter what you re going through Don t forget There s always time to crank up And just like that I was swept away Not by her use of prose or fancy vernacular Although quite exceptional Rather by the grace in which she holds me By the time in which we cherish By the simple fact that her lips alone allow me to know What the color of her favorite frosting tastes like the tunes PINK To which of course only a perfectly procured painting could depict Such a visually prodigious and profoundly passionate evening However it is not the canvas that captures my gaze Although quite irresistible It is the breath in her silence The texture in her touch The words in which we do not use That unequivocally quenches my quest for an inexplicable connection Thus I can t help but whisk her off her feet and into another unexpected frenzy Where we waltz about an empty ballroom built for basketball games and barking brutes Because that s what she does to me What she must do to all the boys With her flutters of falling Flickers of freedom And the phenomenal sensations of sensuality that seeps out of every orifice in our bodies My god How I ve gone mad over such titillations to which my tongue twists these terms In a taxing attempt to articulate the fantasy that is our Ferry tale She Keeps Me Company In a world fairly foreign to me But familiar to so many of its local inhabitants She keeps me company In a world which desires to easily discard me Like one of its furry little four legged subway ferrets She keeps me company In a world where we are both striving to be the best versions of ourselves Despite all the trauma we have managed to endure over our individual lifetimes She keeps me company Even in a world where the men before me possess many of the same characteristics of my former selves She still keeps me company So it is without a doubt that she chooses to spare here time share her space and befriend a stranger Just so I no longer feel insignificant in this world Thus one can t help but ponder What more do I do with such kindness Do I proceed to embrace it And embark on establishing an electrifying connection Do I lean into the foundations of procreation And pursue her as passionately as I do my own poetry Or do I merely keep my distance and admire her from afar In a futile attempt to protect our hearts from the soul wrenching agony of shattering once again To which my conscious simply replies all I do not know However what I do know is this I am thankful I am thankful for her light her love And the illustrious energy she emits anytime she enters the room I am thankful for her compassion her candor And the quality of life she is so carefully crafting for herself at this very moment I am thankful for the peace she brings me the pride she possesses And the presence in which we find ourselves just moments prior to parting ways But with all these over elaborate adjectives and conditional statements aside Let me remind you that I am just thankful So as the rest of these words on this page near their end much like the few nights we ve shared together It is with a gentle caress of her hand across my beard that she keeps my cheek warm That is to say She keeps me company

Page 52

52 JOONYOUNG LEE Pyeongtaek si Instagram illusion_night_joon Artist Talk Magazine Issue 17 October 2021 IYN Gallery s Realization of Words exhibition Japan Lodger Gallery s The Breeze at Dawn exhibition Kansas City U S I expressed the form that I felt while looking at countless emotions My name is Lee Joon young and I am a digital artist from South Korea Through my abstract digital paintings I aim to depict the spectrum of emotions felt in everyday life

Page 53

Whispering of emotions 53

Page 54

54 SALOME KOBULASHVILI Tbilisi Instagram salome kobulashvili Facebook SalomeKobulashvili Website https www salomekobulashvili com Salome Kobulashvili is a sculptor and jeweler from Georgia It happened to be that Salome is a granddaughter of King Erekle and the last residential house of her ancestors was transferred to the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts Her works are created by mixed media using mineral stones collected from different parts of Georgia keeping their authentical shape and texture also using different materials such as smalt clay bronze and silver Her background in stomatology gave her the ability to see the little details differently and play with them in a creative way She has been working in this field since 2016 and is actively working on both sculptures and jewelry Salome s works are kept in private collections around the world I am a sculptor and jeweller based in Tbilisi Georgia I am captivated by the form that a gesture can speak to us While my sculpted figures convey authentic emotions and relationships they serve as archetypes that transcend the context of their story Besides my background in stomatology gave me the ability to think and create in a different and creative way Stones collected from the different parts of the world and keeping their authentic shape and structure made a big role in my artworks creating sculptures or jewellery For creating except mineral stones I use bronze silver and clay

Page 55

55 Relief Chimera Direction Perseus Roman Vesta

Page 56

56 COSMIC SKETCH Maldives Instagram cosmicsketch r Facebook cosmicsketch Twitter cosmicsketchr Linkedin Aminath Rooba Ali I come from a small country in South Asia called the Maldives Although it is mostly known as a paradise to outsiders for artists it has its challenges due to the country s developing limitations Despite such obstacles I worked my way to thriving by exploring who I am as a person and as an artist I go against my social norms to intrigue and challenge the audience with my creations From dark erotic and fantasy themes to abstract and portraits I am constantly looking for a way to evolve my art by practicing one style to another and mixing and matching Learning and finding inspiration from other artists and making my own style merged together I am discovering am I am growing I started drawing as a child starting with pencil and paper In high school I got more influenced by Japanese comics Drawing people has always been my favorite thing to do and when I started acrylic painting I started implementing other themes together with it such as abstract surrealistic dark art or fantasy I like to mix and match styles together changing one variable each time to see how the style changes Similarly I find inspiration from other artists and try to make art that seems merged together with my art I found that online courses or books have helped me learn and evolve my art style as well

Page 57

57 Reborn Growing Transformation Blinding Sadness Day and Night Piercing Stare

Page 58

58 APARNA PRABHAKAR California Instagram aparna prabhakar_ I wrote this poem after the first time I experienced blatant racism I am lucky to have been raised and to live in a place where I am surrounded by people I can identify with However as a result I was trained to ignore the microaggressions and implicit biases sown into the world they were so normalized that I did not recognize them After the first time I saw racism for what it was I began to notice instances throughout my childhood This poem expresses what I wish I could have told myself as I grew up

Page 59

i will not be ignored 59 dear three year old me you are lucky little girl you will grow up surrounded by people who look like you you live in a bubble so as the world changes you won t have a clue dear six year old me you are beautiful little girl and when you draw yourself all dolled up in a princess dress there s so much that the blond hair and blue eyes express dear nine year old me you are talented little girl but when you wait for your name to be called there s nothing but disappointment in your eyes and years later you ll realize why dear twelve year old me you are strange new girl your classmates don t look like you anymore and you re caught behind many a slamming door dear sixteen year old me you are you so when they tell you your identity is bad when they ruin every good thought you ve ever had when they rob you of your beloved culture to which generations past have added you have every right to be mad dear eighteen year old me i will be you i will be you soon soon soon and i know that we ll continue to be repugned and though we ll also continue to bloom i know we ll never truly be immune dear me i am lucky i am lucky to live in a place where i am surrounded by people who look like me i am caught i am caught in a world where a six year old grows up longing to look like anyone else i am ignored i am ignored by the people who write me off as a stereotype i am shocked i am shocked by the blatancy of the racism i will not be ignored

Page 60

60 WIBAA Rome Instagram willibeanartist or wibaa it Wibaa started his artistic journey after he asked himself if he can do something creative Will I be an artist Although it seems to be a simple question it is not because every question has different answers that affect each person differently One may paint for a more extended period just to realize how little they know about it He approaches the canvas without prejudices and with an open mind The goal is not to create pictures and images as it is to resolve crystallize form color and mark into a cohesive totality of a rich experience He is often befuddled throughout the painting process trying to find his way out and feeling very much like a novice until that moment of clarity arrives For a long time his work has been resolved via the creation of a blighted landscape Beneath tectonic plates of hue and shape spaces of color and light resembling the mountains and oceans of his journeys open Sometimes of his soul Painting has served as a bridge between his drawing which is based on natural shapes and his paintings layered with color and light As is customary in his painting technique these pictures are painted in various colors their orientation often reversed and combined with supplementary or repeated color images to create depth and form interactions Painting has introduced him to a new world painting helps him to see himself inside to express emotions to relax to find a moment to get away from reality His creative process comes from an idea from an emotion and is reflected on his canvas He is self taught Wibaa approached painting by attending a course at MoMA in New York In the Studio Postwar Abstract Painting He could learn about the materials techniques and approaches of seven New York School artists who made abstract paintings The New York School including Willem de Kooning Yayoi Kusama Agnes Martin Barnett Newman Jackson Pollock Ad Reinhardt and Mark Rothko Wibaa began to understand what a studio means and how ideas develop by looking closely at the paintings For me Painting is commitment Painting is the search for solutions It is transforming an idea into something real Paint is finding solutions to one s stimuli Paint is studying Medium acrylic enamel chalk on canvas Kronos relentless passing of time represented by a straight line that intersects with Kairos represented by circular soft figures indicative of one s life experiences the right moment From this intersection emerges Aion the time of Being manifest in a bright green color a symbol of life in the deepest and most significant sense Kronos Kairos and Aion the three times that in this canvas find their mutual interaction in a harmony of colors and geometries thus symbolizing that existential journey that is proper to the Human Being

Page 61

61 Fire Sunrise in the Desert Sea Sun KRONOS KAIROS AION

Page 62

62 CTRL_V San Jos Instagram ctrl_v art I m a New Media artist from Costa Rica My work has been always developed due to my interest in bringing the digital into the physical world so it s been characterized by the use of non traditional media such as vjing digital compositions projection mapping and more recently augmented and virtual reality Although the techniques and the processes to achieve this have had a predominant role in the result the final artworks are not limited to the form but rather adapted to the content and its inner meaning This work is a composition of three printed and framed digital paintings Each piece has an embedded QR code that allows viewing interactive content in 3D through a mobile device Augmented Reality without the need of downloading a specialized app for it I used emerging technology resources for representing a new reality moment materializing the feeling of a new cycle A Renaissance awakened due to the world pandemic situation of 2020 The combination of techniques and the result allows using the painting as a window between the real plane and the virtual plane

Page 63

63 Gene sys

Page 64

64 EUGENIA GRAMMENOU Greece Instagram eugenia_grammenou Facebook eugenia grammenou Website https eugeniagrammenou com Eugenia Grammenou is an interdisciplinary artist from Greece working on various media ranging from drawing installation video art performance and writing She received a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts AUTh in Thessaloniki 2003 She completed the Master s Degree Course at the Cultural Organizations Management MSc specializing in the social role of the museum 2017 She is a Ph D candidate at The School of Drama Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 2019 Her work has been presented in solo and many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad Issues such as human nature and inner contradictions depictions of the human condition identity time personal and collective memory concern her and she explores them through drawing video installations performance and writing Eugenia Grammenou s video performance entitled Inner Topography is based on the idea of internal and external inclusions and how they write in memory as wounds like ruins of a past or a scary now These marks the hidden spots return and are inscribed on the body of the artist with phrases words abstract gestures Suffering body stigmatized body body as a field of memory Fragments of memories fragments of pain in any form The performer uses her body as a narrative field with body notes being recorded in unexpected places Memory is fragmentary in nature imprinted with words fragments of words and finally abstract color gestures on the paper body How all these will be in 30 years What word or vowel will remain The performance was created and evolved in the middle of the quarantine with actions and shots taken in various parts of Athens marking a map of injuries in a ghost town A pain mapping but mainly the body as a pain map Memories as words as indelible traces are recorded on the skin Every event writes on us writes inside us In the inner homeland Inner topography The exploration of an internal topography with gestures writings signs Especially in the era of covid 19 which as a historical point functions as a collective trauma with the possibility of becoming in the future as a collective traumatic memory The narrative poem implicitly implies a relationship of domination and enforcement Violence is implicitly present and authoritarian inclusion is explicitly stated a fresh wound flowing The audio work behind the narration was created with the vowels from Sylvia Plath s poem Mrs Lazaros translated by Katerina and EleniIliopoulou published by Melani LinkVideo https www youtube com watch v gqvFqr0NsSE ab_channel EugeniaGrammenou Inner Topography Eugenia Grammenou 2020 Video performance 4 29

Page 65

65 Inner Topography Art Director Aris Rupinas Camera Despina Chrisidou Eno Athanasiadou Dimitris Panagou Eugenia Grammenou Translation Elsa Latrou Editing translation Efi Antoni u Poem narration Eugenia Grammenou Vocals Eno Athanasiadou Vocals based on the vowels of poem Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath Special thanks to Lia Yoka Gianni Didaskalou Katerina Iliopoulou Eleni Iliopoulou Melani Publications

Page 66

66 SOURAJATA KUMAR SAHA India Twitter SOURAJATA SOURAJATA PARI has graduated in Fine Art Painting from Govt College of Art and Craft Kolkata under the University of Calcutta WB India His expounding artistic strength and exuberance were witnessed from the very beginning of his artistic career through several multiple leading shows with the ace painters he has participated and left a very significant mark there He has exhibited his works in Italy Singapore Australia China Malaysia and many more countries as well as the metro cities of India There are a number of obscure personalities art galleries museums and top corporates around the country to admire and collect his works His works were reviewed in several print and electronic media Despite his mastery over painting Sourajata is very passionate about creating sculpture fashion garments watercolor paintings and ceramic potteries He believes in the totality of art My works are theatrical and fathomless presentations of dynamism The colors in my work are very vibrant and the form I select is very masculine which is the positive energy source for the manifestation The subject I take has mystical and classical memories and stature Consciously I have never painted sorrows as I do believe it dividends nothing in return except a heavy mind In my very recent works the mysticism and wholesomeness have come both consciously and unconsciously In many of my works a theatrical spotlight has been used on multiple objects from multiple sources of light for creating a mesmerizing visual scenic beauty In some of my works anti perspective presentation is used with bold black and grey lines 3D painting is my invention I have developed this medium since 2012 I use paper pulp and waste papers for making models and I paint on them This is very eco friendly and less costly All kinds of preservation and restoration are possible in this medium I am able to create the curvature illusion here in this medium and in this style by using concave and convex surfaces

Page 67

67 Succeeded A Sun Rise Cityscape Corona 2021 Dining at Westin

Page 68

68 JENNIFER LANGE L beck Instagram ranarh draws Jennifer S Lange is a self taught artist working mostly in the games industry with a spoonful of book covers and prefers the fantasy sci fi genres because we know what the so called real world is like already so why not expand Besides painting she loves creating worlds by writing tiny snippets of stories for her personal works Love of learning is her strongest drive in life and in her personal work she experiments with new ways of creating art changing mediums subjects and goals frequently Jennifer lives in northern Germany with her partner and three cats of which only one isn t black As my skill set has expanded I have also begun exploring ways of putting my thoughts about the world onto the canvas with more political and philosophical subjects

Page 69

The Sound of Silence 493 0f 7h3 933k Age of the Geek Cat Mouse Taiji 69 Break the Circle Digitization

Page 70

70 KAT TREVINO San Bernardino Instagram kattrevino1258 I have been an artist ever since I first held a pen I won my first art award at 9 years of age from R I F the Nation s leading literacy program Reading is Fundamental entitled Find your Fantasy I have tried to stay with that theme creating fantasy worlds in my art capturing imagery that otherwise could only be pictured in your dreams The channel LOUPE ART has added me to their Artist s Collection I am now on TV and streaming my new line 24 7 internationally I just closed a show in London at Boomer Gallery on the London Bridge Tower and a solo exhibition at Laguna Gallery I just won second place for my digital art from LightSpaceTime out of over 1 432 entries from 31 different countries I have been commissioned by the cities of Palm Springs Cathedral City L A and Sherman Oaks Public Art to design street art for their Art District I participated as a muralist with my piece Butterfly Skies in Los Angeles s Mural Row on the 101 Hollywood freeway that adorned the city and was seen by millions This July I was the cover artist and a featured artist in MVIBE magazine The Sun Newspaper dedicated their entire Living Section front page to me highlighting my work and featuring my mural work I was also named Artist of the Year by Inland Empire Magazine in which four full pages focused on my own art Kattmopsheres In March of 2020 my art made the cover of Arts of Poetry Magazine along with several of my art pieces I was awarded The Latino Art Museum in Pomona s Artist Colony by the city of Pomona for my artistic contribution last year For the last five years I have been teaching art and guiding the hands of creation I teach methods various mediums and art history opening up the full scope of the art world to my students focusing on their personal strengths During this pandemic I have been creating even more frequently as art heals and has been considered therapy Visual art is vital for each of us as a community and as individuals to help express ourselves and connect It has been a privilege to be part of the arts where everyone can come together as one I find I create art about people that are tied to a struggle that binds them from freedom flight Even on the edge of the sea where the winds carry my worries away the tides bring them back in So close to paradise yet so far during this pandemic I have been creating even more frequently as art heals and has been considered therapy Visual art is vital for each of us as a community and as individuals to help express ourselves and connect It has been a privilege to be part of the arts where everyone can come together as one I create art that moves people that changes people and that gives expression to share with the world I want to be a part of this change and give people hope through art My greatest creation is my son Drake my true masterpiece He is my true muse and I look forward to creating new works through his eyes and inspiration

Page 71

71 Head in the Clouds May the Moon Ribbon Grass The Timekeeper

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72 SOLVEIG EVA MAGNUSDOTTIR Reykjav k Instagram solaevadraws and solaeva I m an Icelandic storyteller living in New York From my studios in Reykjav k and New York I write graphic novels devise theatre performances with my award winning company Spindrift perform characters on TV and stage pose for photographs direct theatre and short films write short stories mural animate and illustrate things I find beautiful or interesting As an illustrator I focus on nature portraiture femininity and female identifying experiences such as those of bodily autonomy pleasure resiliency and healing I also love exploring relationships parenthood and the multiplicity of identity and belonging In addition to numerous independent gallery exhibitions fringe festivals and contracted murals I have created artwork for Starbucks UK The National Museum of Iceland and Proctor Gamble I began my training at Reykjav k School of Arts before earning my BA in European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College in London I studied screenwriting at UCLA and creative writing at Stanford University with further training in visual arts printmaking and design from SVA in New York and animation training from RISD A self portrait series exploring the body and inner world of the artist Drawing it as means of reclaiming it Reintroducing myself to it beyond the social context on my terms This ongoing series explores the push and pull of belonging to this body Between bliss and confinement Pains and pleasures The control placed upon it and the freedom of belonging to it I couldn t put a lot of these feelings into words Conflicting feelings of objectification control traumas pleasures dismissal ecstasy intimacy power self love selfcriticism being treated as a function or fulfillment service rather than a whole human being how I felt my femininity and fertility swallow up my other identities the daily security measures you engage in as a woman and still get groped catcalled stalked used attacked But still I love my female body and wanted to reclaim it In so much of my private life as a young woman I ve had numerous people attempt to possess control or overpower my body My body is repeatedly sexualized regardless of what activity I m engaged in flattening my existence to one dimension Poppies feature heavily They remind me of home My grandmother ancestors Their resiliency inspires me as I remember finding them growing through cracks in concrete Flowers may remind of fertility femininity But certain poppies are also harvested for opium ecstasy loss of control and harm

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73 Consumption and Healing

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74 HUMBERTO GUANITA Linden Website guanipafineart com Humberto Guanipa was born in Venezuela in 1954 He enrolled in the Air Forces which coincidentally lead him to study mechanical technical and architectural drawing He then continued his studies at two different visual art schools My work stems from early memories and first impressions relating to the physical evidence and emotional baggage we all carry The work arises from my subconscious the process in which I create is both intuitive and spontaneous There are no preconceived notions Everything is symbolic the past the present and the future Freedom belongs to everyone to the ones on top those at the bottom and those that we dispose of There will always be a division between those who fear reality and those who construct it and I construct it I am ultimately a visual poet who transcends the picture and orchestrates a complete performance a symphony of color and shape that allows the viewer to participate in bringing their experiences into their Homeric Spaces

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75 Karoalah All Espceted Hard Hogia Lands Ptolemies Chora Yun

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76 MONICA ANDRES ALVAREZ Madrid Instagram moana_art_gallery Website monicaandresalvarez com Conceptual narrative artist who explores the object She gives the first place to the canvas her art always has a narrative or description that her imagination and personal experience recreate Monica s art has the influence of conceptual art her knowledge of publicity fashion architecture and graphic design are the main inspirations of her art

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77 Wild Down Blooming in a Shelter Moonlight Bambu Recuerdos

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78 OPEN EDUCATION AND APPLY All internship positions are unpaid but students ca professionals and anyone with a passion People Questions Contact us at culturallyoffice gm https www culturally K 12 Education International Education Coordinator Manager Task examples Scholastic partnerships educational resource development by arts teachers virtual field trips with professionals from our network and schools classes initiatives for low socioeconomic areas Evening for Educators course partnerships with schools and more Task examples Small group mentorship programs sending educational resources under collaborations with communities courses for schools and more For instance Ballet Beyond Boundaries is our program for virtual Saturday ballet classes for an underserved neighborhood in Colombia taught by a professional dancer

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79 D OUTREACH POSITIONS Y NOW n get service hours All positions open to students e from around the world are encouraged to apply mail com or DM us on Instagram culturallyarts yarts com get involved Education Education Expansion and Associate Recruitment Manager Work with education operations with any sub department You ll be assigned or you can pick projects in K 12 education international education professional development or expansion and recruitment Recruit educators course creators virtual class instructors resource developers conduct print and video interviews host live Art Talks increase partnerships with galleries institutions etc and more APPLY AT THE LINK ABOVE

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CULTURALLY 80 Our mission is for individuals to embrace their creativity and ignite their passion shaping a global platform working on tangible reform for accessibility and representation in the arts Our purpose is to advocate that art is for everyone and by everyone We work to utilize the arts for social justice efforts for students to use their passions for global change Our biggest advocacy effort is toward representation in the arts we have members branches and communities in 60 countries on 6 continents Culturally advocates for the inclusion of people from every background and corner of the world regardless of level of practice or socioeconomic means We aim to provide a platform for artists of all ages from emerging students to established artists to develop their craft through education We strive to provide the utmost professional development through opportunities with an international impact Our work is to eliminate and abolish the deeply ingrained elitist and exclusive stigmas around the arts so we offer an artist directory social media network interviews and more to increase opportunities for aspiring artists

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