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December 2016 Issue

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Passion equals to
Chiong ba, Woman!
Is Hairstyle Important?
Chiong ba,
Nails Challenge!
Ezen Nail Express |
Glitters House
Chiong ba, Mummies
& babies!
Choosing the right cloth
for new baby |
Chiong ba, Knowledge!
Motivation to Adult
Chiong ba, Foods!
Jelly Or Cake? |
Ugly Yet Nutritious! |
Convenient Yet Tasty Food!
Chiong ba, Home!
Westwood Residences
Chiong ba, Car!
Car Lovers Favourite!
Chiong ba, Fashion!
Shoulder Baring!
Chiong ba, Celebrities!
Lee Min Ho! |
Jun Ji Hyun (Jeon Ji Hyeon)
Chiong ba, Story Writing!
Love make Impossible become
Chiong ba, Chinese!
Passion equals
I grew up in a heart-warming family where everyone is
always there for one another. Since I was little, my parents
instilled in me the belief that I should always do my best to
help others and contribute to the world when I grow up.
Their words and wisdom made me who I am today; someone
who is passionate about making the world a better place
through caring and sharing what I have with others. I believe
that whatever decisions I make, I will always endeavour to
make myself useful and contribute back to the society. Hence,
prior to joining the insurance industry, I signed on as an Air
Force Engineer in the RSAF to serve the nation.
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I have always liked helping people regardless of who they
are. Rendering help to people in need gives me the feeling of
empowerment and value to others. However, life has never
been plain sailing or kind to me; I encountered many people
who took advantage of my kind-heartedness during my
younger days. I was always bullied in school and even in the
army. Despite the constant bullying, I remained positive and
passionate about life. I strongly feel that it is only through
adversity and hardship where one will endeavour see things
differently and seek to change and improve. Therefore, I am
thankful that the nasty people I met in my life somehow
made me a tougher person today.
Chiong ba,
Real Life
Passion equals
It takes a lot of positivity and courage to be in a financial
consultant. I must go through countless hardships and tears
to succeed in this industry. Despite all these, I did not regret
my decision to join this career. It is a pretty common
misconception that all insurance agents only call to sell
insurance, earn their commissions and that’s about it. This is
not true at all. I can do much more for you than I would have
been given credit for; I sit down with you to listen and plan
your aspirations and dreams, educate and take care of your
finances, give you money when you are critically ill and
finally, I take care of your love ones pertaining to insurance
matters and emotional when you are gone.
I am delighted and proud to be given the opportunity to be
interviewed by Chiongster. Hence, I would like to thank
Chiongster for sharing my story in their magazine. Most
importantly, I want to give my heartfelt and sincere thanks to
my clients who wrote in to Chiongster to commend on my
services. Without all of you, I would not be where I am today
in this wonderful career. Let’s Chiong!
To find out more on what Dezer Tan can do for you, contact
him at 9181 5181 or add him at Facebook
Chiong ba,
Real Life
Chiong ba,
In this world, there are no ugly women but lazy women. Do you agree with this statement?
Most women think it in this way and this is one of the reasons why beauty takes place.
Beside facial features, hair grooming is another important aspect of personal presentation,
which conveyed a personality too.
In beauty, hair stand an important role to beautify a woman. Imagine yourself going to work
without tidying your hair, what will people see you as? But how do we find excuse for being
a lazy woman yet pretty? By having good hair days make one feel like pretty and confident
always, do you agree? This month on the beauty topic, we are touching on different ways to
make your hair stand out your beauty for you.
A good haircut that fit your face is so important, as it project your image. Hair is also
important to a woman as it present femininity, beauty and self-confidence. Finding a perfect
cut to enhance your facial features and complimenting your face shape is important, it is as
important as finding the “right partner hairstylist”. A wrongly hairstyle for a wrong shape
resulted a disaster.
Firstly, haircut per your face shape is very important. If the hairstylist fail to observe your hair
shape before performing the haircut, could create a disaster to your image as not many can
accept themselves to look plump or unpleasant. There are so many types of haircut from
symmetrical, pixie, bob to layer haircut. So, do make a comparison before getting the best
haircut to suit your face shape.
Secondly, colouring, rebonding and perming your hair are very common nowadays but
improper care towards your hair will cause dry and spilt end, frizzy and messy. If you are
already facing this issue, it can be tame by different type of treatments for difference texture
and condition by having spa treatment to hair scalp treatment. If you have not gone into bad
condition for your hair, it is better for you to start the care treatment before the condition turn
worst. Prevention is always better than cure.
Chiong ba,
Nails !
Ezen Nail Express
Positive beauty
“Having the quality of 7Ps, our company’s motto, are very
important in our everyday business”, said Tracy Phong, the person-
in-charge of Ezen Nail Express. 7Ps include positive mindset,
positive behaviour, positive attitude and positive energy create
positive environment and positive customer services to retain
positive customers; suppliers and attracts new customers. Tracy
shared these are she expect from every of her staffs to possess and
treat every customer.
She had also emphasized that standardization is very important
as Ezen Nail Express had many outlets. If there is no
standardization across the organization, there will be chances
whereby customers will feel insecure. So, every of the staffs will go
through new employee’s training before they can get to serve their
customers to ensure that they possess the 7Ps. She had also
shared that all their staffs will be given chances to attend courses
to allow self-improvement and make themselves useful to
company and the society.
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Chiong ba,
Nails !
As Shiny As Our Nail Art
Glitters House
Bringing beautiful nails into everyone’s life is what the
pair of sister, Fion Wong and Josephine Wong want their
customers to obtain. They believed that drawing on e very
finger is a piece of art done by themselves as well as
their manicurists. They are the founder for Glitter
House, just like their salon’s name, they hoped to bring
shiny substances to their customers to brighten up their
days and life. They aim to obtain every customer’s smile
when they walk out of their salon and it had turned into
their motivation to create enjoyment while working.
Chiong ba,
Nails !
As Shiny As Our Nail Art
Glitters House
This pair of sister emphasized very much on creative nail arts . They
feel that creativity light up their customers’ life and create fun in it.
Why do they feel it in this way? Almost every of their customers
enter their shop every month with exciting heart to receive surprise
nails art from them instead of usual normal design. Because of their
jovial character, customers had a lot of fun with them and that
includes their staffs. They had also gotten themselves a dedicated
team who is specialise in cartoons and Japanese comic characters.
Basically, if you want to hav e a feel on how they brighten, lighten and
shine your days, visit them at their outlet soonest!
Visit or Call them to find out more today.
Blk 106 Yishun Ring Road #01-151
Singapore 760106
Contact No : 6759 2293
Blk 712A Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #02-4058
Singapore 561712
Contact No : 9068 2864
Chiong ba,
Mummies &
Having one piece of cloth for babies, for example, wearing
rompers, make things easier for mummies. The advantages for having
rompers are mummies do not have many baby clothing to bring when they
bring their babies out and lesser clothing to wash. Many mummies simply
love their babies in rompers as they look cute in one piece design. Romper
assists baby in preventing colic as it covers their umbilical cord. However,
romper is not suitable for new born baby as it is being designed in a way
where the button is at bottom.
New born babies tend to poop more often and their poops are waterier. If
the pampers were not properly worn or overflow, when we were trying to
remove the romper from the baby. Their bodies and heads will have a great
chance to get in contact with their own poops. Therefore, two pieces
clothing is often recommended for easy managing. Top with string finishing
is recommended as button is harder comparing to string. For their bottom,
short or pants with loose elastic string is preferred as not to tighten their
Choosing the right
cloth for new born baby
Chiong ba,
Mummies &
Mummy Saviour
Have you neglected a “precious gem” which is commonly found at home and it is
ranked as one of the world’s healthiest food? Ginger can be taken in various forms
depending on individual cultures, it can be taken raw, dried, powdered, preserved
and crystallised form.
Ginger contains a lot of nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful
benefits for your body and brain, as it contains a substance with powerful medicinal
properties called Gingerol. It is used as an alternative medicine to help digestion,
reduce nausea and treat flu and common cold. The rich nutritional value in this
“gem” can also use to lower blood sugars, improve Heart Disease, lower cholesterol
levels, help to prevent cancer and boost immunity system.
Beside it is commonly used during confinement. Do you even know why Ginger is a
“Mummy Saviour” food? Ginger contains a medicinal property Gingerol. It can be
used to treat many forms of Nausea especially Morning Sickness, pain relief
including menstrual cramp and muscle pain after delivery; and to promote and
support a healthy supply of breast milk.
Research found that ginger has anti-vomiting action which is effective in reducing
the nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and it is safe for consumption, unlike
drug. Phenolic compounds found in ginger also to relieve gastric irritation and
suppress gastric contractions which helps to reduce the nausea and vomiting.
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Chiong ba,
Mummies &
Mummy Saviour
Ginger contains anti-inflammatory which help to reduce the pain symptoms,
which include menstrual cramp (dysmenorrhea) and muscle pain after delivery as our
body has been tested to the maximum during this process. Lactogenic foods can be
found in ginger which effectively increases production of breast milk. Consuming fresh
ginger during the breastfeeding phase, can effectively enhance your breast milk
production rate. Ginger is also one of the homemade remedies to stimulate and aid
healthy breast milk production.
Misconception Ginger vs Jaundice
Often we got the wrong perception that consuming ginger cannot breastfeed. Studies
found that Ginger does not cause jaundice. Jaundice is due to breakdown of red blood
cell and occurs in 80% of babies. Jaundice is sometime exacerbated by breastfeeding
itself and not what the mom eats.
Other than the vinegar pork knuckles, ginger red date drink, steamed fish and ginger
fried rice. Continue to embrace this “gem” even after your confinement.
Below is the recipe for the Ginger Tea:
15g ginger (add more if you
like stronger ginger taste)
300 400ml of water
*Note: You can add honey or
lemon slice or brown sugar
accordingly to your preference.
1. Cut ginger into thin slices and place them in a pot.
Add water. Bring to boil.
2. Consume while it’s still warm or you can pour it in a
thermal bottle
Prevent nausea, ingestion, relieve menstrual cramp and
Chiong ba,
Motivation is often the reason behind to accomplish an assigned task.
Wlodkowski (1999) classified the concept of motivation with 4 principles. They
are Inclusion, Attitude, Meaning and Competence and we can use one sentence
to memorise these 4 principles, “I AM Competent”. In the learning stage,
trainers often include mo tivation into their trainings to facilitate better learning
for the learners and to achieve quality results.
(Inclusion) Adult learners feel more motivated during trainings when they can
participate actively. (Atti tude) When they had made errors during the trainings,
instead of reprimanding them, encouraging them positively allow them to stay
positive and improvise learning process. (Meaning) This assist them in
identifying their learning outcomes and designing authentic learnin g that is
relevant to their works and experiences to make them feel they are competent
(Competence). These sentences defined how the 4 principles in motivation take
Motivation is further breakdown into 3 lev els, minimal, moderate and highest by
Wlodkowski (1999) . Minimal includes success and volition; moderate includes
success, volition and value whereas highest includes success, volition, value and
enjoyment. Usually good trainers will aim to create highest level to create their
own motivation. Therefore, they will allow a sense of success to take place
during the trainings. This give the learners another opportunity to increase
their motivation, making the learning relevant and meaningful for their personal
an d career de velopment and m aking learning enjoyable.
Motivation on
Adult Learning
Chiong ba,
Tired of having cake for event’s celebration? Wanted to get
something special and creativity for celebration? Tired of getting
commercialised food? Tired of having too many desserts in the
event celebration? Jeannie Jellycake can fulfil all your needs
towards celebration! Jeannie Jellycake is a homemade station
that provides you all the solutions! Jeannie Seow, the founder of
Jeannie Jellycake, had shared all her thoughts with Chiongster
on the preparation of her Jellycake.
“Customers satisfaction is my motivation”, said Jeannie. She had
mastered the skill of making her Jellycake with different type of
moulds to cater for their events and celebrations. She feels that
appearance is very important so she wanted her Jellycake to look
beautiful to the extend where her customers can’t bear to eat it
and get addicted to it after eating. She is proud to share that all
her customers simple loved her Jellycake and her business grow
through word of mouth. She had been improvising her skills to
allow herself to stay on trend as well as to cater for her
customers’ needs and requirements.
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Cake or Jelly?
Chiong ba,
She mentioned that she had her own expectation and one of it is
on the ingredients used. She makes sure that all the ingredients
used are fresh and of high qualities. To retain the Jellycakes’
freshness, she only accepts pre-order with at least 5 days in
advance and keep in fridge always for maximum period of 3
days. She cares for every of her customers’ health so she
assures that all the taste of the Jellycakes is just nice and not too
sweet to go into every of her customers’ mouth.
Some of the beautiful Jellycakes made by Jeannie are shown in
the magazine. Visit her at or add
her at Facebook to
see all the Jellycakes made by her and call her at 9234 7892 for
pre-order or other enquiries.
Cake or Jelly?
Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm is founded by Mr Lee and is the
only crocodile farm in Singapore since Year 1964 and managed
by Robin Lee who hold the same passion as Mr Lee. It is located
at 321 Neo Tiew Cres near Kranji Dam, north side of Singapore.
The farm has the size of 12 football fields and over 13,000
saltwater crocodiles. It has a fully integrated facility with its own
breeding pond, hatchery, pens, abattoir, tannery and Research &
Although crocodile had been classified as dangerous reptiles but
Long Kuan Hung Crocodile Farm had managed the farm safely for
their staffs and themselves. As a return to society, Robin, the
Managing Director allows farm visits (strictly by appointment) to
educate everyone on how crocodile is being breed and raise
before it is ready to be abattoir. To be more precise, he had shared
every stage on how the crocodiles grow and what is the use of
every part of the crocodile.
Here is the recap on the crocodiles’ nutrition and it can be easily
obtained in the supermarket like Sheng Siong and NTUC.
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ugly yet
Chiong ba,
Crocodile meat are chosen because of its medical and
health benefits. In this article, we will be sharing more
on its benefits to our body. The main benefit of crocodile
meats is to cure skin problems such as eczema, itch skin
and other skin disease and skin allergy. Due to its high
protein, people eat crocodile meat to build muscle.
The protein, amino acid and potassium from crocodile
meat can also prevent heart problem. It also protects
organ function such as pancreas that produce insulin.
Insulin acts as an important role in controlling blood
sugar level that can prevent diabetes. Crocodile meat can
also delay the onset of aging and prevent wrinkled skin
because of its protein content. The protein and amino
acid help in repairing the liver cell and increase the
speed of the healing process.
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ugly yet
Chiong ba,
Crocodile meat contain lower amount of cholesterol
comparing to beef and pork so it is a healthier choice of
meat for people who has high level of cholesterol
problem. Crocodile meat also contain lower saturate fat
compared to chicken. The iron found in crocodile meat
help to prevent anaemia and by keeping the red blood
cell formation and its function. Together with protein
and other nutrients like magnesium, help in maintaining
nerve function.
Research shared that the nutrients found in crocodile
meat act in keeping us away from respiratory problem as
it improves lung function in binding oxygen and other.
Asthma is an allergy that occur in respiratory tract .
Crocodile meat is added into the herbal medicine to cure
this allergy. Crocodile meat can give warm effect to our
body, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners
suggest patient to consume it to cure the cold and relieve
ugly yet
Chiong ba,
Chiong ba,
Westwood Residences is the 1st ever bike-themed development to
be built in Singapore situated near the energy of the Jurong Lake
District. It is also a rare Executive Condominium (“EC”) nestled
within the Westwood landed estate, not surrounded by HDB flats.
This contemporary development is inspired by the philosophy of
balanced healthy living for all 3 generations of grandparents,
parents and children, creating the perfect platform for the whole
family to bond with each other.
With an EC concept like never, Westwood Residences is constructing
the 1st ever Outdoor Mini Velodrome in Singapore within your
estate, something for residents to boast about. Having 3 different
categories of facilities, Westwood Residences covers a range of bike-
, water- and condominium-themed facilities to give you a wide
variety of activities to choose from.
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Chiong ba,
Westwood Residences design concept is inspired by movement
and dynamism incorporating a series of architectural elements.
The balconies feature interplay of walls at alternate floors both as
a façade treatment as well as control of privacy between units.
Balconies are provided at master bedrooms from 3 Bedroom
Premium onwards, an excellent addition for private outdoor living
space. Balconies slabs are detailed as sleek and thin slabs to
reduce the bulk of the building, adding a sense of lightness to the
façade. Over 90% of the tower blocks are designed with North-
South orientation, with 50% of the Westwood Residences units to
enjoy unblocked views.
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Chiong ba,
Complimented with full-height glass façade for natural lighting
with minimum heat, generous windows promoting good cross-
ventilation for every unit in the development promotes a
sustainable design practice. To show that we care, custom design
balcony screens are provided for units facing West, as well as the
provision of acoustic ceiling for units along the PIE.
Chiongster would like to take this opportunity to thanks Andy Ng
for the information. To find out more about this Executive
Condominium, call Andy Ng at 9815 0141 or visit his website at
Mo tec Ent erprise
Chiong ba,
Car is just like a “husband” or “wife” to many car owners. Basically, it
follows their owners wherever they go. So, Pierre Ng, founder of
Motec Enterprise, who is one of the car lovers understands very well
on the maintenance of the cars decided to collaborate with many
renowned car accessories brands such as J-tune, JDM Spec R, M-zero,
and Karbon Kraft to bring out the maximum strength of each
individual part of the cars.
Motec was started since Year 2005 and had grown and renamed from
Motec Enterprise to Motec Pte Ltd in Year 2008. The high demands
on the automotive accessories allowed Motec to expand their
business into local retail and workshop business in year 2009. The
retail car accessories include wipers, power enhancer, engine oil, oil
filter, air filter, Air-con filter, OEM replacement parts and carbon fiber
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Mo tec Ent erprise
Chiong ba,
As a car lover who loves speed, I must understand what to do and
how to upgrade a car performance”, said Pierre. His understanding
in car performance gain him a lot of supports from his friends and
ignite him to go into the services on providing performance
upgrading for cars and other servicing such as oil servicing. He felt
that the growth in his company comes by with the support of his
loyal customers and dealers.
“Without your support, Motec would not go these far!” emphasized
by Pierre. He believes that by continuing to provide excellent
customer services and high quality products will allows him to
thanks his supporters and gain new potential customers.
To find out more information on Motec, call Pierre Ng at 9274 4999
or find them via Facebook at
Chiong ba,
Shoulder Baring?
Shoulder-baring had always been in the trend regardless in
any era. Why? Shoulder is one of best assets of the body that
can turn a woman into the category of sexiness and allow us to
flaunt effortless, unlike for example abdominal and thigh. Shoulder
baring had also allowed women to present their figures and brings
out the feels where one wants to portrait such as classic, elegant or
The endlessly versatile design can be found from tops to dresses,
which make it easy to match all body build. It can be easily found in
the shop and even online and the prices vary depends on the
materials and designs. You can also present your creativity at no
cost by Do-It Yourself (DIY) your own off shoulder top or dresses
with your unused blouse or top.
So, go to your wardrobe to find “a match” for off shoulder top or
dress, i.e. denim short for a sunny beach out, flora dress for a movie
date, skinny jeans and a pair of high heels for a girl day out. Let’s
shine on those sexy clavicles and make a fashion statement with it.
Chiong ba,
Legend of the
Blue Sea
Storyline for Legend of the Blue Sea (2016).
Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea's first collection of
unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and releases
a mermaid, this drama tells the love story between the son of a Joseon
noble family named Dam-lim (Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid named Shim
Chung (Jun Ji-hyun).
Shim Chung finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught
by HeoJoon-jae, a charming but cold con artist who is the
doppelganger of Dam-lim. But in the present time, Joon-jae works with
Jo Nam-doo (Lee Hee-joon), a skilled conman who guides Joon-jae to
become a genius scammer. Co-incidentally, Joon-Jae’s junior, Cha Shi-
ah (Shin Hye-sun), who works as a researcher at KAIST, may be Shim
Chungs only hope for surviving in her strange new world.
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Lee Min Ho
Name: Lee Min-Ho
Hangul: 이민호
Birthdate: June 22, 1987
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 187 cm.
Weight: 71 kg.
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @actorleeminho
Facebook: OfficialLeeMinho
Drama Series
The Legend of the Blue Sea | (SBS / 2016) - HeoJoon-Jae / Dam Ryung
The Heirs | (SBS / 2013) - Kim Tan
Faith | (SBS / 2012) - General Choi Young
City Hunter | (SBS / 2011) - Lee Yun-Seong
Personal Taste | (MBC / 2010) - Jeon Jin-Ho
Boys Over Flowers (KBS2 / 2009) - Koo Jun-Pyo
But I Don't Know too (MBC / 2008) - Min WookGi
I am Sam | (KBS2 / 2007) - Heo Mo-Se
Mackerel Run | (SBS / 2007) - Cha Gong-Chan
Secret Campus | (EBS / 2006) - Park Doo Hyun
Recipe of Love (MBC / 2005)
Sharp 1 (KBS2 / 2003)
Romance | (MBC / 2002) - troubled student taught by Kim Chae-Won
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Chiong ba,
Lee Min Ho born on June 22, 1987 is a South Korean actor and
singer. He began acting in small roles in high school but gained widespread
fame in Korea and parts of Asia with his role as Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over
Flowers in 2009. This role won him a Best New Actor award at the
Baeksang Arts Awards. The breakthrough role led to other leading-man
roles in the popular dramas “Personal Taste” (2010), “City Hunter” (2011), “The
Great Doctor (aka Faith)” (2012), “Heirs” (2013) and “The Legend of the Blue
Sea” (2016-2017)
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Lee Min Ho
Chiong ba,
Chiong ba,
Lee Min Ho
As a child, Lee had hoped to become a professional football
player. He was selected for the youth football class of South
Korean manager and former professional player Cha Bum Kun but an
injury in the 5th grade of elementary school put an end to this
aspiration. In his second year of high school, Lee turned to acting. With
the change, he gained more than he ever knows he could achieve. The
success of Lee’s television dramas throughout Asia established him as a
top Hallyu star, it also helps to bring in more acting awards and
accolades. His popularity extends well beyond other countries
throughout the world and even has his own wax figure at Madame
Tussauds Beijing.
In addition to acting, Lee Min Ho also has released two music albums
and is a popular endorsement model. In 2014, a Chinese
entertainment magazine dubbed Lee Min Ho the winner of its Asian
Male God” poll. Before we get too excited, he does have his fair share
of flaws. He admits to grinding his teeth and talking gibberish in his
sleep, a habit that annoys his friends so much that they refuse to sleep
with him on vacations. But still, he has successfully developed a stable
career and continues to received loved calls from drama producers and
advertisers. So, all fans of Lee Min Ho will continue to see more of his
dramas, movies and advertisement.
Jun Ji Hyun
Chiong ba,
Jun Ji Hyun also known as Gianna Jun, born on October 30 1981 is a
South Korean model and actress. She is best known for her role as the
girl in the romantic comedy My Sassy Girl (2001),that won her the Best
Actress award at the Daejong Film Festival in 2002.One of the highest
grossing Korean comedies of all time, as well as the lead actress in
runaway drama hit My Love from Another Star (2013-2014). Her latest
drama series is The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) where she plays as a
Mermaid adjusting to life on land and starring with Korea’s favourite
leading man, Lee Min Ho.
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Jun Ji Hyun
Name: 전지현 / Jun Ji Hyun (Jeon Ji Hyeon)
Real name: 왕지현 / Wang Ji Hyun (Wang Ji Hyeon)
English name: Gianna Jun
Nickname: CF Queen Ji-hyun
Profession: Model and actress
Birthdate: 1981-Oct-30
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: B
Since young, her mother and friends all encouraged her to become a
model or actress due to her tall and slim body shape. Her childhood
dream was to become a flight attendant, but later gave up after a
plane flight experience. At the age of 16, her high school friend who
was a model discovered her and introduced her to a photographer.
Using the stage name Jun Ji Hyun, she began her career as a model for
Ecole Magazine in 1997. The following year, She made her first film
appearance in late 2000 with II Mare, a handsome shot melodrama
set on Ganghwa island which did well at the box office and solidified
her status as a star. She is also one of the highest paid actresses in
Korea which was reported her pay for per episode is about 100 million
In 2012, she married Choi Jun Hyuk, grandson of famed hanbok
designer Lee Young Hee, and the son of fashion designer Lee Jung
Woo. She give birth to her first child, a boy, on February 10, 2016.
Chiong ba,
Chiong ba,
I sat down there to watch him playing basketball with our kids.
I feel so blissful and happy with him. He makes my life so
complete. Thinking back about the past, I was a transferred
student from another school to his school. I was very naive,
clumsy and down to earth person who can’t accept too much of
excitement in life. Yet the first day to the transferred school
nearly made me breathless, totally different environment and
I was assigned to the class and majority is girl. I used to stay in
my classroom reading my story book during break in my
previous school. So, I thought of doing the same way in my new
school but I got myself a big shock. I was so engrossed with the
storyline in my story book and noticed something strange only
after my classmates closed the door. There are two groups of
them and they started off with quarrelling and involved with a
fight. I was so scare and wondering what would happened to
me. Moment later, he came in and shouted “stop the fight” and
suddenly fight stopped and silent came in for a while before he
approached one group and continued to say “let me settled it
with your master. Soon, everyone left the classroom and left
only him and me but we didn’t talk at all.
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Love make impossible
become possible! By Florence Lee
I feel safe with him..
Chiong ba,
5 minutes before the break ended, some girls from
another classroom came in and started chatting with him.
I went out of the room to get a deep breather. He walked very
quickly to me and asked if I am alright. Thinking of what he had
just manage to stop, I got a mixed feeling towards him. I was
scare of him and yet at the same time thankful to him. I replied
“yes, thank you” and I walked away.
I started mixing around with my female classmates and avoid
having the break in the classroom after that incident. I had since
then heard more things about him. Because of his cool
handsome looking face and build, he had attracted many girls in
the school. Although he was good looking but I wasn’t attracted
by him at all because he was a gangster. He had been always
surrounded by a group of gangster friends. He was very low
profile and it did help him by not causing any big problem to
Everything went smoothly towards the life in school except for
my clumsiness at times to injure myself during sports. I started
working as a secretary in a firm after my graduation with my
classmate’s recommendation. Everything was well before my
boss told me that he was retiring, his son would be taking over
his business and I would report under him. The day when I saw
his son, I got a shocked, it was him.
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Love make impossible
become possible! By Florence Lee
Chiong ba,
After the introduction to the company staffs, he got me
into his room. I was all round prepared to serve him and yet
he caught me in surprise. He asked me if I got any boyfriend
and when I replied “no”, he happily said “luckily I am in time”. I
was stunted and could not reacted. He continued to say that he
had been studying very hard, flew overseas just to finish his
management courses and cut all the contacts with his gangster
I was thinking you had to do it to take over your fathers firm and
role. When I was still thinking why do you have to share this to
me, he stood up and walked to me. He hugged me so tightly
until I wasn’t able to move and replied “don’t struggled, let me
finish what I had to say, I knew you never like gangster, I knew
you like smart guy, I knew if I was to approach you in school
and said I love you, you would have rejected me straightaway. I
got help from our classmate to bring you into my fathers firm to
allow me to take care of you and I would be able to know your
well-being. After hearing all these, I was so touched and just
couldn’t believe it.
He told me to give him a chance since he worked so hard to get
close into my heart. He made me realized that love can change
a person’s life and make the impossible become possible.
Love make impossible
become possible! By Florence Lee
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