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Created by:  Victora Lewis

Digital Citizenship

Blog-A Regularly updated website or web pags, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in informal or conversational style.


P2P-Abbreviation or slang explain where it is given.

Phishing-Defrauding accounts  or information

Podcast-A computer sysytem theat install alot of digital things

Aggergator-A website that rograms displays




Digital life 101

1.By having a strong password.

2.Make sure its secured






1.Remember the humans.


2.Share Expert knowlege.


3.Help keep the flame wars under control.


4.Recpect other people time and bandwitch


5.Recpect other people privacy




 Protect Yourself Online

1.If you prey to scram repoert it.

2.Pretect Your Personal Information,

3. Stay up to date.


-Unauthorized distribution such as software and microsoftware


Digital Piracy

1.Social Media Risk

2.Social media and internet policy


Social Media


-Bullying someone and constanly sending threates

To stop from getting bully sometimes you gonna have to stand up for yourself if no ones is doing nothing caue bullying can cause alot of things like death, and going crazy, ore siking out