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Feb 2021 Newsletter Season of L

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A NOTE FROM KELLY: WILL YOU BE OUR VALENTINE?5 Things I love About Owning my Business.....Page 2FREEBIE: MAKE YOUR HOMEPAGE DYNAMIC5 Things That Must Be on Your Website Homepage.....Page 3STORYTELLING PT 2: YOUR STORYBOOK ENDINGWhy You Should Use Storytelling on Your Website.....Page 4BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: A RELIABLE LOCKSMITHThe Importance of a Website Refresh.....Page 5-7FEBRUARY GIVEAWAY!!!Enter to Win a Free Branding Package.....Page 2

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The month of February is all about love! Giving to those you love and showing your appreciation and joyat having them in your life. February is also about loving andtreating yourself. Self-care is important, no matter the month. In February you should give love to your business. I personallylove my business so much; It has given me more then I can askfor and has allowed me to make amazing friends andconnections! These amazing people inspire and teach me tolook at the world in a different way! That is one of the things Ilove most about owning my own business! A WORD FROM KELLYI also love that I get to use my God given talents every day to help achieve not only mygoals, but the goals of others! I love that I have the privilege of bringing my ideas to life! Owning my own business allows me to think outside the box and create all sorts ofthings from my own imagination. I love giving back to others! “You always gain by givinglove.” This was said by Reese Witherspoon, and it’s a quote I find that stands true! In mybusiness I get to give back to others and help make a difference. Speaking of giving back this month, I'm going to show some love by giving away a freeBranding Package ($125 value)! To enter just go to complete the form to be entered in the drawing. Anyone may enter, and a randomwinner will be drawn on March 1 on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us tofind out who wins!!B R A N D I N GB R A N D I N GB R A N D I N GD E S I G N E D B Y K E L L Y ' SP A C K A G ELogo DesignFavicon DesignEmail SignatureBusiness CardFacebook Cover PageYouTube Channel Art (Banner)Twitter and LinkedIn BannerSet of 5 Instagram Highlight CoversBRANDING PACKAGE INCLUDES A COMPLIMENTARY ZOOM CONSULTATION, A BRAND BOARD AND UP TO FIVE OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DESIGNS OF YOUR CHOICE:DESIGNEDBYKELLY.ORG PAGE 2

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This month's freebie is a downloadableroad map to, "The Top 5 ImportantPieces of Information that should be onyour Website Homepage." Thisdownloadable resource is a fantasticstart to formatting and improving yourwebsite to be both more efficient as wellas eye catching to potential customers. Your websites homepage is the firstcontact you make with your customers,so it must be eye catching andmemorable. I like to think of itthis way, “Relevance, engagement andtrust can be built by dynamic websitepersonalization.” (ultimez.over-blog) Awebsite should both function and tell astory, a story of both you and yourcompany. At Designed by Kelly we are openand welcoming, telling our story fromstart to finish. If you need some helptelling your story through yourwebpage, we are great at getting yourwebsite the refresh it needs to flourish.Your logo should always be featured on the top of your website. Users spend about 6.48 seconds focused on the logo area of a webpage before moving on. After your logo the menu get's the second most amount of attention, about 6.44 seconds. Keep it simple and clean, with a maximum or seven items. After this use sub-navigation. Adding a search bar puts the power in your users hands and they like that!It is the third thing users use for 6 seconds on average.The first video/image is your first impression. Be authentic and be you. Ask yourself whatcan I put here that will encourage people to keep scrolling. Be inspiring.Users read headlines 5x more than the read paragraph content. Write a headline that tellspeople not who you are but what you can do for them and how. Write this using SearchEngine Optimization keywords and phrases that people will use to search for yourbusiness. You have .05 seconds for a visitor to form on opinion of your website use thattime wisely.This is the button that goes under your headline and tells the user what you want them todo. This is where you feature your top purpose like shop now, visit us, contact us etc.Use this section to answer you users needs. It could be a list of services, links to freeresources or items you sell. This section varies by your type of business. Whatever itemsyou place here make sure they are all clickable and go to another page with moreinformation. Do the work for your users if they have to search and work hard they willleave.Other items you can include on this page are testimonials, about you and sign up forms foremail newsletters.52.64% of all traffic is mobile. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. If your user isfrustrated they will leave. Make it easy for your user.DESIGNEDBYKELLY.ORG PAGE 3 Put your contact info in the footer. Repeat your business name and logo along withaddress, phone number and email. By putting this information in the footer it will be thelast thing a user sees on every page they visit.Users spend 5.95 seconds focusing on your social links. Just make sure any social mediaplatform you link here is used and updated often.DOWNLOAD THIS PDF HERE

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It’s a topic we began last month, and are continuing this month, storytelling. Let's talk about how it's useful in webdesign. There are so many pros to storytelling, and so much detail and emotion it adds to your website. Storytelling gives yourwebsite life and character, making it more personal to both you your customers. Storytelling within your brand gives itheart and soul, making it more than just a webpage or service; Giving your business a story makes it something notable,and something to remember. “Most importantly, people will remember your story, and with that, they’ll remember themessage of your post or even your brand.” ( Telling your story through your website helps you to stand out from the crowd! We help small business and non-profitstell their individual stories. Not only do we do this, we also bring in the right kind of traffic by building up a strong brandthat your customers will grow to know and trust, coming back again and again!Why you should use storytelling on your website.DESIGNEDBYKELLY.ORG PAGE 4

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This month we are featuring one of our newest clients, A Reliable Locksmith Co. They are afamily owned and run business that has been securing it's customers since 1998. They arelicensed as a security contractor in alarm systems, electronic access control and all otheraspects of locksmithing. They offer two locations- Houston, TX and Kissimmee, FL. We did a complete refurbishing of their company's website, upping their game. We tookthem from their older classic design to a new more modern look, with fantasticaccessibility! Below are some before and after images to show off just how nice theredesign of their website was! Be sure to check out their new website and follow them onFacebook and Instagram.DESIGNEDBYKELLY.ORG PAGE 5

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I'm a mom of four amazing kids, a webdesigner, business owner, and am passionateabout helping small business owners buildtheir brand and tell their story.At Designed by Kelly our goal is to create animpactful story through web design and socialmedia that will build a strong foundation foryour business and help you grow. We bringyour vision to life with a customized designwhile providing expert guidance from ouryears of experience. Best of all we areaffordable with several payment options tomeet everyone's budget!But I couldn't do this alone. I am joined by myoldest daughter, Cara Jones, our Social MediaManager, my father, Joel Fischer, our localPhotographer, my brother-in-law, JoeBachert, my Website Design Assistant, andour newest addition and family friend, SarahOuellette, our Copywriter. Contact us todayfor a free consultation. Newest Launched Sites:CRU AffiliatesStandard UniformsA Reliable LocksmithWebsites Coming Soon:The Rock NinjaGEO TruckersTruevine Missionary Baptist Church Stonewall Baptist ChurchBusiness SpotlightDESIGNEDBYKELLY.ORG PAGE 8 Ready to grow your brand? We can help you stand out with our custom logo designs andbranding packages. We also offer custom graphics designed in any size.Affordable small business web design built to help grow your business. We offer severalpackages to meet your needs as well as maintenance plans.We can help you build your presence on social media with professionally designed socialmedia graphics as well as full social media management..We offer local photography services for churches, businesses and realtors.