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Deaf Awareness Week
September 21-30, 2017
§132. Deaf Culture Week
The Governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting aside the last full week in
September as Deaf Culture Week. The proclamation must invite and urge the people of the
State to observe the week in schools and other suitable places with appropriate ceremony
and study. The Department of Education shall make appropriate information available to
the people and the schools within its budget. [1991, c. 279, §1 (NEW).]
It’s not that we cannot hear, it’s that we just don’t. There is so much more that we do our
way. Come and walk with us for a day. Maybe you will stay. -Anonymous
Sept 21
-9-1p MECDHH Tour Augusta
-2-4p Deaf Tea Awards Ceremony, Capitol Building, Augusta, Me
-5-8p Deaf Rights Group Session, Dept. of Labor Bldg., Augusta, Me
Sept 22
6-8p Guest Presenter: Ryan Commerson on “Deconstructing the Disability Framework”, The Talbot Auditorium @
University Southern Maine, Portland ($5)
830-11p Pro-Tactile Deaf Night Out, Location TBA, Portland, Me
Sept 23
10a-5p ASL Apple Picking Day @ Gathering Wind’s Farm & Orchard, Poland, Me ($)
530-8p Trash to Fashion Show, aka TRASHION SHOW, GBSD Gym, Falmouth, Me ($5/$10)
Sept 24
Sunday 8a-4p ASL Disc Golf Day @ Quarry Run, Augusta, Me ($)
Sept. 25th
3-7p Coffee/Tea Open House at the ~new~ USM ASL Lab, and meet its new ASL Program
Coordinator, Sandra Wood! #410 Science Building, Portland, Me
Sept 26
10-4p Honoring Deaf Senior Citizens Social, GBSD Gym
2-4 Training on the Education rights of D/HH students, GBSD MPR room
4-7 PSG Art Gallery Show at the GBSD Museum.
Sept 27
Wednesday 4-7p Tea with the Directors in the Mansion, Mackworth Island, Falmouth, Me
Sept. 28
4-5p Elementary Kids ASL Karate @ CenterPoint Martial Arts, Falmouth Me
530-630 ASL Teen Self-Defense @ CenterPoint Martial Arts, Falmouth, Me
Sept 29
8-4p Maine Hands & Voices 3
Annual Conference, Civic Center, Augusta, Me
5-7 ASL Fitness Kickboxing @ CenterPoint Martial Arts, Falmouth, Me
730-10 ASL Night Out, Portland, Maine @ 33 Elmwood, Prides Corner, Westbrook, Me
Sept 30
Saturday Deaf Culture Festival Day!
-10-4p Deaf Culture Festival, GBSD Gym
-7p-9p 3
Annual ASL Live! featuring David Rivera @ House of Bacon/Lava Lounge, Lewiston, Me ($10)
**Stay after 9 to enjoy karaoke and music! **
For the first time ever we are spotlighting K/Codas. They are an important cultural artifact of our Deaf
Community. They are our children, neighbors, interpreters, who grew up with deaf parents. We want to invite
K/Codas to all our events to show our appreciation of your presence in our community. For the first time ever
we will have patches available for K/Codas to pick up from the event lead to put on so that we other K/Codas
can find you.
The program book was created to ensure that everyone is kept abreast of Deaf Awareness Week e(DAW)
events and this would not be made possible without the generosity of the community member’s time and
contribution, organizations such as MEAD, MBH, DRM, MERID, founders of ASL Live!, and so on! You know
who you are, Thank you!
September 21, 2017
Hall of Flags, Capitol Building, Augusta, Me
List of Annual Awards
Promoting of American Sign Language, Deaf Culture and Deaf People Award
This award is given to a person who worked to improve Maine’s Deaf community through leadership by
promoting American Sign Language, Deaf Culture or Deaf People.
Outstanding Citizenship Award
This award is given to a person who is a leader in the Deaf community.
Youth Citizenship Award
This award is given to a student who is a leader in school and the Deaf community.
Ginny Hewes Advocate for the Needs of the Deaf Community Award
This award is given to a person or organization that advocates for the needs of the Deaf, hard-of-hearing and
late-deafened individuals in Maine.
Special Commendation Award
This award is given to an individual, agency or business whose activities in and with the Deaf community
deserves recognition.
Clifton F. Rodgers Award
This award is given in recognition to an individual for their outstanding service in a professional or voluntary
capacity to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened individuals in the State of Maine and is especially
presented to an individual who has worked in or with Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened individuals for
many years. It is like a "life time achievement award".
If you feel someone should be recognized, contact the following for a nomination form: or at the Division for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing
& Late Deafened, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, Department of Labor150 State House Station, Augusta,
ME 04333
Deaf Rights Group will meet afterwards at the Department of Labor in Augusta from 5-8pm. (Please show up
by 5 to get in as the doors will be locked.)
September 22, 2017
Talbot Auditorium, Luther Bonney Building @ University of Southern Maine,
Portland, Me
Deconstructing the Disability Framework
An interactive presentation by Ryan Commerson
Deaf people have been around since the beginning of humanity; however, the formal history of Deaf
people in USA began in 1817 with the founding of the first Deaf school, American School for the Deaf.
For the past 200 years, what have been our milestones? Fast forward to 2017: the illiteracy rate
among Deaf learners remains very high, as well as the unemployment rate, also exorbitantly high. We
also have zero political representation.
While the Deaf have made strides, Deaf people in USA are still grossly underrepresented and
marginalized. Question is: why? Further examination into the Disability Framework that began over
2,000 years ago uncovers the possible solutions that may be efficient and constructive.
There will be a 30-minute disability diversity panel as well.
PINRA are offered for a $5 fee to MeRID members and $10 to non-MeRID members.
ASL to English Interpretation is provided, any other accommodations needed, please contact This event is made possible by the following event sponsors, MJG
Interpreting, DRM Deaf Advocacy Services, and Maine RID Chapter. THANK YOU!!!
Protactile Happy Hour will follow this event from 830-11pm, location TBA, Portland, Me
September 23, 2017
Gathering Winds Farm & Orchard, Poland, Me
Owned by our well-known community interpreter, Stacy Bsullak, and her family.
Come into the store and pre-order some farm meat, buy apples and cider, or
venture out into the orchard and pick your own! See next page for more
information on a special event.
A backstory: The farm and orchard is always looking
for volunteers to help clean up and harvest apples.
Please contact Stacy to set up a time to come in!
Image on the right: Regan and Darleen, among others
came in weeks before to help paint the shop inside of
the barn and harvested apples. The smiles on our face
clearly tells you how much fun it is. Don’t wait!
7-8pm Show after an optional crock-pot dinner, 530-630p
GBSD Gym, Mackworth Island, Falmouth, Me
Take your trash and turn it into a fashion to wear down the runaway! This is the 2
Biannual Show put on by
DRM Deaf Advocacy Services. Adults and children are welcomed to compete. See next page for more
The competition will be for two separate groups,
children and adults. There will be prizes for the
The photo on the left is from the Children’s
competition and the photo above features the
Adult contestants during Trashion 2015.
September 24, 2017
Quarry Run Disc Golf, Augusta, Me
September 25, 2017
Science Building #410, University of Southern Maine, Portland, Me
ASL Lab Open House
The USM ASL Lab invites you to their open house to see its newest location on campus and to meet the new ASL Program
Coordinator, Sandra Wood! The future of Sign Language Laboratory is imminent. Learn what the Lab can do for you and what you
can offer as a member of the Deaf Community. The Lab wants you to know you are always welcome this Deaf Space. Coffee, Tea,
and light snacks will be available.
Josh Seal and Clayton Marr III Invites you to join them for an
ASL Disc Golf Day. This is for anyone who wants to play for fun.
You can pay in the store. If you want to register to compete,
please find Josh and Clayton at 8-830am to sign-up and then pay
in the store. Kick-off for the competing players will be at 9am.
If your partner or friend doesn’t sign but wants to try to gesture
and play without using spoken English, they are welcomed to
A backstory: Our own, Fred McKinnely, helped design this disc
golf when it first was being built!
September 26, 2017
~Honoring Deaf Senior Citizens Day~
GBSD Gym, Mackworth Island, Falmouth Me
Twice a month a wonderful group of Deaf/HH Seniors get together to share baked goodies, play games, and
socialize. This is a day where we all come to visit to celebrate their stories and wisdom. But once a year during
Deaf Awareness Week we honor their legacy as a valuable part of our existence. Bring a favorite game or a
treat to share! Be sure to bring a few dollars to join in on Bingo if you dare!
September 27, 2017
The Mansion, Mackworth Island, Falmouth, Me
Annual Tea with the A-team
Meet the newest Executive Director of MECDHH, Dr. Owen Logue, and Program Coordinators, Angie Bruno
and Karen Hopkins in the exquisite historic Mansion. Tea and light snacks will be provided.
September 28, 2017
September 29, 2017
September 29, 2017
3rd Annual Maine Hands & Voices Conference
76 Community Dr., Augusta, ME 04330
Breakfast and Lunch, Workshops, Plenary Sessions, Break-outs, Panels, on
the following topics: Brain and Emotional Health, Accessibility, Literacy,
Family Connections, Deaf Culture, Cochlear Implantation, Deafness, and
Supported by federal grant funds from the U. S. Department of Health and
Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maine
Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Grant
For more information and to register please go to:
Mackworth Island, Falmouth, me
Deaf Culture Festival
Come celebrate Deaf People, Culture, and Community! There are vendors
selling crafts, assistive devices, and others who are sharing information and
resources available for education, deafblind services, new and coming
technology, and so on. Your children will have fun getting their face painted
and making crafts with volunteers. Food will be available for purchase. Entry
to the festival is free.
10-3p: Festivities in the GBSD Gym
230-4p: Games and Announcements on the Stage
3-4p: Vendors shut down their tables
See Flyer next page!
House of Bacon/Lava Lounge, Auburn, Me
Annual ASL Live!
This year’s guest is the very well-known Classifier Guru, David Rivera!
Tickets are $10. You can buy them at the DCF from Darleen or Regan or at
the Door. Come at 6pm to eat fondue and lava grilled meats! Support our ASL
Live sponsors Marcus and Joe (formerly known as Studio 55. They moved
from Studio 55 and built new business venues in Auburn!) This event is 21+.
After 9pm: Karaoke and dancing, please stay and enjoy yourselves!
See Flyer next page!