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Louth Local Community Development Committee is responsible for delivering the Rural Development Programme LEADER 2014 – 2020 with Louth Leader Partnership as lead implementing partner and Louth County Council as financial partner. We are required to collect information on individuals and community groups who we assist.


As soon as you contact Louth Local Community Development Committee and its partners a record is created in your name for the information you provide. The information will be stored by Louth Local Community Development Committee and its implementing partners where relevant in paper/electronic form. Information that we then collect including information that you give us is added to the record.


You have the right, given by the Data Protection Act of 1988 and 2003 to a copy of your information at any time. We charge a fee of €6.35 for each request.


You should address your request to:
Louth Leader Partnership
Bridge Street


Co. Louth

A92 X750


The information we record is used only for the following purposes:


• Processing of applications
• Auditing of applications (Article 48 check)
• Compiling statistical information to help us plan and improve our services
• Analysing information about applicants for other bodies such as various Government Departments
• Producing our own statistics for publication
• Publication of promoter and project details (including photography) for publicity and promotional purposes.


Personal information about you will be disclosed only in accordance with LAG registration under the Data Protection Act. The purpose for which we hold information and the people to whom we may disclose it are listed in the Register of Data Controllers. 

Data Protection Act Consent Form

This is a public register kept by the Office of the Data Commissioner at the Irish Life Building, Talbot Street, Dublin 1. (Phone 01- 874 8544), and you may inspect it free of charge.


To give you an example of disclosure: Louth Local Community Development Committee is required to give promoters names and certain other personal data to Rural Development Division in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The Department in turn observes strict rules of disclosure that are registered with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.


Other information supplied and collected may also be disclosed to people and bodies from time to time. On request you can receive a list of disclosures.




I have read and understand the above statement and give consent to Louth Local Community Development Committee for the use and disclosure of data and information as outlined above.


Name: _________________________________________________


Date: ___________________________________________________


Witnessed by: ____________________________________________