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Data Protection

Nowadays, more and more of the information is stored in digital form on computer media. This circumstance is not easy, and complicates the problem of information security. And this problem is taking so global, that are accepted by the state special data protection laws, new services are created that did not exist before.

Protected information - this is information that is the subject of property and to be protected in accordance with the requirements of legal instruments or the requirements established by the owner of the information.

Any information is someone's property as tangible property. Therefore, data protection laws of the state is considered as property protection. The owner of the information can be an individual, group of individuals, a legal entity that is officially registered organization. There is public ownership of certain information.

  • Digital information - that is, information storage, transmission and processing which are carried out by means of ICT. Digital information is stored and transmitted in digital form.
  • Information security - a state of security of the information environment.
  • Data protection - activities to prevent information leakage, unauthorized and unintended effects on the information.