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TCD Data-Driven Change Management Course

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9 tools, guides and templates4 change survey samples with questionsLive Session workshops offered bi-monthlyA private learning platform to access the toolset andconnect with othersDESCRIPTIONSelf-paced video lessons walk you through the entireprocess of measuring change: Selecting the data, collectingdata, analyzing data and presenting the data. Live Sessionsare held bi-monthly to give you the experience of applyingthe material in a business case simulation. In combination,the course gives you everything you need to become anexpert at measuring change.Data-Driven Change ManagementLearn how to measure progress, apply analyticstechniques and engage your leadership team to makesmart decisions for your change initiative.1Module 1: Jumpstart Your AnalysisCalculate the ROI of Change Management and engageleaders in measurement.2Module 2: Choose the DataIdentify the metrics that mater most to leaders and areworth the effort to measure.3Module 3: Collect the DataSelect the best data collection methods and design thecollection and reporting tools.4Module 4: Analyze the DataInterpret the data using analytics techniques, Exceltools and social network theory.5Module 5: Present the DataUse data visualization techniques to report meaningfuland actionable information.thechangedecision.comFIVE MODULES + CHANGE MEASUREMENT PLAN BONUS+Build a Change Measurement PlanCreate a plan that's scaled at the right level.

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QUESTIONSDo I need to be great at math or an Excel expert to take this class?No! Every lesson and analytic technique is described carefully so can easily follow along.Can I attend a Live Session workshop more than once?Yes! As long as there's space available, you can attend Live Session workshops as often as you like.Each workshop is a little different depending on what's most valuable to the students. Although you'llalways have access to the course, once you complete the lessons and attend one Live Sessionworkshop, you'll receive a Certificate of Achievement and badge for sharing on social profiles.I hadn't thought aboutmeasurement like this before,especially how to talk to leadersabout it. I really appreciate theguidance on how to do that well.- John, Director of Learning andCommunication, investmentbanking firmExcellent content. Great insights,connecting the dots. Thank you!- Jeroen, Change Lead, Fortune200 pharmaceutical companyThorough material andexplanations. This is now my go-totoolbox for illustrating ChangeManagement value and itscontribution to a project'ssuccess.- John, Change ManagementLead, government agencythechangedecision.comEd Cook is an experienced leader ofteams and large organizations. Heteaches graduate and undergraduateData Analytics at the Robins Schoolof Business at the University ofRichmond. He has a PhD in SystemsModeling and Analysis.Roxanne Brown is a well-knownChange expert. She spent five yearsdoing Change work for a Fortune200 company's Data Center ofExcellence. She led the change fortheir data quality policy reinvention,led the Data Quality Community ofPractice and was taught data qualityfoundations by TIQM guru, LarryEnglish.+1804-506-0403joy@thechangedecision.com313 East Broad St, Suite 203Richmond, VA 23219SWaM Certified Woman-OwnedYour Instructors