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the purpose of the national labor relation board was to govern relations between labor unions and employers whose operations involve interstate commerce 

national labor relation board 


nlrb~national labor relation board 

July 5, 1935 

dasha traylolr 


the national labor relations board was found in 1935. the NLRB safeguards employees right to organize and decide whether to have unions serve as their bargaining representative .the NLRB protects and defends the rights of the employees in a fair way 

FDR facts 

  • born on January 30, 1882 
  • in 1886 he attended Gorton school for boys 
  • entered Harvard determined to make something out of himself 
  • married Eleanor Roosevelt on march 17, 1905 
  • ran for u.s senate seat for new york in 1914
  • he was diagnosed with polio 
  • took office in march 1933
  • called for a new deal for Americans
  • during world war 2 he was a commander in chief who worked with his military advisers 
  • died on April 12, 1945 

unemployment rate- down 


government spending -up  


gdp- up 


confidence building- up 


role of government- up