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All about lebron james

Lebron had a rough childhood. Lebron Raymond James was born in Akron Ohio. His mom was only 16 years old when she had him. His childhood was tough though he moved 12 times when he was 5 to 8 years old. When Lebron James was 5 years old he had a life changing christmas and I will tell you why. When he was opening his presents he got a basketball set with a basketball and was so happy but his mom’s boyfriend thought that he was going to be terrible, but when Lebron James shot and dunked the basketball hoop he was shocked because he was doing so good and when he saw it he thought that he could make it to the NBA.

When lebron james was getting in middle school and high school he was beginning to be a basketball star but he also played another  sport and that was football but his mom gloria didn’t like him playing football so he told him that he couldn’t play football because it was so dangerous and you could get badly hurt. For high school basketball he decided to play for a catholic school names st vincent st mary and he did really good on that team.He got recruited by them in 1999.He was doing great and in his rookie year he got to the state championship and won and for the next two years he would win them again.

Lebron James Chidhood.

Hey everybody my name is darius and I am going to teach to you about lebron james if you look to your right you will see a picture of lebron james now this whole museum is about lebron james and l will teach you about king james.

A Rising Star

In 2004 Lebron James was rookie of the year in his first year with the cleveland cavaliers shocking right but what if LeBron James did not play basketball  shape his career .Did you know that Lebron James has been in a all star games since 2005. s 2003 and he was entering the nba draft and was the number one pick in the NBA class and went to the clevland cavolers.

Fron today to back then Lebron James has been one of the best basketball players in the nba. Back then Lebron James was very poor that is why lebron james had to work  for it and now he is one of the best basketball players today and that is why he is  that good.

Then And now 

All Star

Lebron james is a realy good basketball player from when he was born and now he is one of the greatest basketball players  ever in the [Nba] now that you know about lebron james and his strggles Now you would know what it would fell like if you were lebron james.