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"We lost our daughter to a drug overdose, then faced finacial we're thriving and counseling others in need."

                                                                           -Mark & Suzanne

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"Drowning in debt, we watched everything we owned go up

in flames ina devistating fire, with no insurance to cover our weive regained it all and so much more."

                                                                             -Tim & Jennifer

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"With nearly fifty percent of her brain gone (most of the left

hemisphere) after a massive stroke, the doctors gave my wife

only two hours to she defies medical science and

inspires with her life testimony."

                                                                            -Henry & Jackie

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 "Our troubled lives had been held captive by traumatic child-

hoods, and a marriage in turmoil...we found restoration and

have become marriage counselors."

                                                                                 -Jeff & Kelly

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"A lost, suicidal, self-destructive, alcoholic punk rocker, I met

the girl of my dreams, butshe got diagnosed with cancer...

today, we're both alive and well, bringing hope to those in


                                                                              -Bryan & Mary

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Mark & Suzanne



“Please God, can I pray for death?” Sitting in the bathtub, Suzanne prayed those very words. The pain in her heart was so overwhelming, she felt she could no longer go on. With all the exhausting, debilitating pain, she needed relief. Though she believed it wrong to take her own life, she desperately wanted to be released from the torment that life had become.

How had it gotten to this point, when life had been going so well?

Before giving their lives to Jesus, she and her husband Mark had a successful business, and were enjoying life. Almost everything had been good.

But not everything.

Since their daughter was eleven years old there had been trouble. By the time she went to high school, she’d become rebellious, gotten into drugs, violence, and eventually had a couple of stints in juvenile hall.

And now, after a series of bad choices, she had died from a drug overdose.

When Mark had gotten the news, he and Suzanne could not believe it. After all, they loved the Lord. They were serving Him. How could such a thing happen?

There were so many unanswered questions, not the least of which, did their daughter who had actually received Jesus as her savior, go to heaven, even though she’d died in the way she did?

At the funeral, Mark gave a eulogy and felt the need to share their faith with those attending. As a result, thirty-one young people made decisions to follow Christ that very day.

But that didn’t remove the pain he and Suzanne felt on a daily basis. And to make matters worse, the IRS had started proceedings to audit them and their business. This was all happening around the 2008 economic crash, and their business was suffering greatly. There didn’t seem any way they could get

Mark & Suzanne



through this, as well as deal with the constant pain Suzanne suffered from the loss of her daughter.

On that day, when Suzanne had asked God if she could just pray for death, through her tears, the clutching ache that threatened to implode within, she clearly heard His reply, gentle, yet firm.

“You must choose life.”

“Well, if you want me to choose life, you will have to take this pain away,” she said. It was literally a physical pain in her heart from grief.

In that instant, the pain left her.

What seemed like an interminable affliction immediately vanished with His words. She had known that God was real, that had never been the issue. But now she had experienced His presence and power.

The pain was gone.

In the months to follow, Mark and Suzanne never let go of the hope they had in Jesus. They continued to pray, and believe for God’s provision and favor with the financial issues and with the complete recovery from the loss. Eventually, through many miraculous events to follow, the financial situation turned around, and Suzanne found the peace that passes all understanding.

Today, Mark and Suzanne bring the same hope they found in Jesus to countless others. They are thriving and encouraging people who have faced loss, as well as training people in outreach and service.

Tim & Jennifer



What do you do when things go from bad to worse, and eventually, you lose everything short of your very life? Tim and Jennifer have been there, they can tell you.


Having always worked as an employee, Tim had always had his taxes taken out of his paycheck, so when he went into business for himself as a contractor, he wasn’t familiar with the procedures of income tax collection for self-employed individuals. This went on for several years, until he found out that he had outstanding debt to the US government.


The contracting business was seasonal, so the income was not steady—sometimes feast or famine—so it required diligent budgeting. This led to growing credit card debt as well. And unfortunately, with all the years of not knowing how to report income, and therefore not paying taxes, he was also in trouble with the IRS—though he didn’t know to what extent.


He intended to pay his debts, but because of procrastination and challenges, they continued to grow. It was overwhelming and there was no way he could imagine ever paying off what he owed. With all the other stresses of life, Tim handled it by avoiding it. Eventually, the debt was turned over to debt collectors who harassed him, and even his wife Jennifer, whom they would demean, intimidate, and threaten.


“What kind of man are you married to?” one of them said to Jennifer. “How would you like to be speaking to your wife from behind prison bars,” said another to Tim. These were just some of the lines they used.


It had gotten so bad, Tim decided it was time to do something about it. At one point, someone had actually threatened his life. This shook Tim so badly, he didn’t even tell Jennifer about this until years later. How could he add to her stress with this?


He turned his eyes heavenward and prayed to God. There was no way he could do this without His help. Afterwards, Tim reached out to the creditors to

Tim & Jennifer



negotiate or consolidate the debts. Nothing came of it. All the while, however, Jennifer continued to tithe at church, not willing to compromise on the principles of honoring the Lord this way.


At this point, they had no choice but to downsize and move in to Tim’s parents’ house.  So Tim, Jennifer and their young son lived in just one bedroom. For the next couple of years they did everything possible to save money and pay their debts. But this didn’t stop the creditors and collection agents from continually calling and harassing them.


One evening, while Tim’s parents were out of town, and after having some friends over, something happened that would alter the course of their lives. Jennifer—who had always kept her cellphone charging outside of her bedroom, just happened to have had her phone on her nightstand. Around 4:00 AM a text message alert stirred her from her sleep. It was from one of her friends whom they had just seen the night before. She asked if Tim and Jennifer were leaving.


“Leaving? Why?”


“Because the entire neighborhood is on fire.”


Catastrophic wildfires have afflicted Southern California several times over the years, and this had to be the worst yet.


Immediately Jen sat up, looked around.


Smoke completely enveloped the room.


She woke Tim and they rushed to evacuate without time to retrieve much else than the clothes on their backs. They jumped into the car, drove out of the smoldering neighborhood, and made it onto the freeway just before the entrance ramps were sealed off.


Like fiery fingers, flames leapt across the freeway as they drove through the

Tim & Jennifer



smoke and gloom. Panicking drivers turned around and drove in the opposite direction. While their son Timmy cried out in fear, Jennifer realized that there hadn’t been enough time to rescue any of their earthly possessions—especially her wedding ring.


But they had made it out with their lives.


Finally, they arrived safely at Tim’s brother’s house, where they watched the news for more information on the wildfire. The footage actually showed the house they’d just evacuated, completely engulfed in flames.


Jennifer broke down. All they owned--photos, clothes, things of sentimental value were gone. Most dear among them—her wedding ring. Of all nights, why had she taken it off that night? Little four-year-old Timmy was so distraught that he became physically ill. “All my toys are gone…”


When Jennifer finally composed herself, she realized that the nightshirt she was wearing was full of holes and soot. At the very least, she needed something to wear, along with other things such as toiletries and cosmetics. Her niece Jessica went with them to a local Target store to help get some of those items.


While shopping, the pile in the cart began to grow higher and higher with things ordinarily taken for granted. It was then that Tim realized how costly this loss was. How were they going to pay for all this when they were already so deep in debt?


Along the way, Jessica saw one of her neighbors and introduced them. “Show them your shirt, Aunt Jen!” she said, and explained that they had just lost everything in the fire, including her wedding ring.


Finally, when it came time to pay for everything, Jennifer kept her eyes on Tim more than on the register. As the total continued to climb, his face grew more and more pale. Jessica began to cry, realizing how much it was costing them. Jennifer comforted her, reassuring her that God would take care of them, “He

Tim & Jennifer



always does.” But deep down, she knew that they were just starting to claw their way out of the hole of debt. Now, having lost everything they owned, how could they possibly afford all this?


Just as it came time to pay for all the items, Jessica’s neighbor came to the register, swiped his own credit card to pay for it, and instructed the cashier to add a $1000 gift card to the total. They were amazed. Tim had trouble receiving this because it was so humbling. They’d have been more comfortable giving than receiving.


In tears, and sobbing, they tried to decline the kindness, but the neighbors came around them and refused to relent. They said they felt led to do this, that they were meant to bless them. Eventually, the Target store manager came over—also in tears—and handed them a $100 gift card on behalf of the staff, having heard about what Tim and Jennifer had gone through. Tim and Jennifer believed that God would provide, but they had no idea to what extent.


In the next few days, other people in Jessica’s neighborhood came by to show care and generosity. When the wildfire was over, and residents were permitted to return to their devastated communities, Tim and Jennifer went back.

Everything was gone.


It looked like a war zone. Nothing but rubble remained of the house. Even the cars in the garage were reduced to metal skeletons. The entire scene was emotionally overwhelming. But through the desolation, the people of the community came together bringing sifters, buying pizza for everyone who’d suffered loss.


Later, as they sifted through the rubble, a thought came to Jennifer. I wonder if maybe…


Through ashes and charred debris, she sorted through the remains of the bedroom, the bathroom...

Tim & Jennifer



There was the tub…


Nothing else really left of the house or its contents.


Suddenly, as Jenn continued sifting through the ashes, she saw it.


Her wedding ring!


Covered in ashes and dirt, but it was fully intact.


Everything else had melted—Tim’s mother’s jewelry, his father’s coin collection. But Jennifer’s ring had miraculously survived.


In the months following, so many people gave generously to them, replacing furniture and other items they lost in the fire. Even for little Timmy, who had lost all his toys experienced miraculous generosity when his teacher threw him a birthday party. The parents of all the other kids gave him above and beyond everything he lost (after his teacher had him make a list of things he lost.)


Amidst the blessings through kind people in the community and their church, Tim and Jennifer continued to rebuild their lives. They had no insurance for their material losses because they had been living in his parents’ home.


Jennifer had gone back to work to help supplement their income, as all the money they’d saved for a house of their own was gone. That was when the IRS decided to take action on their outstanding tax bills. With all the penalties and fees, paying it back would be impossible. They intended to take all the money owed directly out of their bank account. There was no way they would ever be able to save up enough money for a down payment on their house now.


During the negotiations with the IRS, Tim met an attorney who suggested that they might be able to receive compensation for their losses. It seemed like a hoax at first, but eventually they decided to listen to what this lawyer had to say. The total cash value of what they’d lost in the fire wasn’t

Tim & Jennifer



very much, so what did they have to lose in trying? Still, while he didn’t put much stock into it, he agreed to try.


During this time, a friend in their small group said she felt led in the Spirit to tell Jennifer that she should make a list of things she truly wanted. So Jennifer—who had made dream lists for God in the past and had them met—agreed to do so. She and Tim listed three things: To have their debts paid off, to own a house of their own, and to have another baby, as they had been trying for five years since Timmy was born.


Some months later, while Tim was out fishing with a friend, he received a notification on his mobile phone. It was a missed call from the attorneys working on his case. They had good news. Tim and Jennifer were going to receive a very large sum of money to compensate them for their loss.


This was indeed good news. But it was the six-figure amount that truly stunned him.


When he told Jennifer, she could hardly believe it. On the day Tim went to pick up the check, he looked at it in absolute amazement. Tears streaming down his face, he said to God, “Who am I ever to question Your goodness? You took what was meant for our harm and turned into something so good, so beyond and above all we could ever hope or imagine.”


The day after he deposited the check, he got a call from the IRS agent who told them that they had settled on a payment plan to get them out of default. It was Tim’s delight to make the first payment for the full amount.


Very soon after that, they found a house for which they had enough money not only for the down payment but for the extensive remodeling it required to make it the beautiful home it is today.


And then one month later, Tim and Jennifer received the happy news that they were expecting a baby.

Tim & Jennifer



God had met all three of the items on their dream list! Through years of struggling with debt and tragic losses, they kept their hope in Christ to rescue them. And they’ve been blessed beyond measure, in ways beyond anything they could have imagined.


Today, Tim and Jennifer along with their two sons are thriving in their beautiful home, and serve as pastors for the young adult ministry at The Promise Church.



Pastor Henry & Jackie



 “Will I live or die?” Jackie said, her voice distorted. My wife lay there on the hospital bed asking me to answer the impossible.

“The doctors think this is it,” I said, “but I’d like to pray for you if that’s okay with you my darling?”

“Do what you think is best.”

I took the opportunity to thank her for being a wonderful wife to me, and mother to our children. Very faintly, she thanked me for being a great husband and dad. We kissed, saying our goodbyes.



Those were her last coherent words…

In spite of the sadness, I felt privileged to say goodbye as so many never get to do when death snatches away their loved ones suddenly. But I laid my hands on her head and prayed with all my faith that she was healed by His stripes, that she would live and not die, in Jesus name.



Only a few days before, Jackie had gotten the flu. At one point, she had sneezed and coughed simultaneously, and the violent whiplash action dissected her carotid artery. But this went undetected. I had been out of town and in communication with her three or four times a day when suddenly on Tuesday night, she stopped answering the phone. On Wednesday while on the way home I made several attempts to reach her but to no avail. Perhaps she’d gone to breakfast with some friends.


Upon arriving home, when I opened the door an overwhelming smell of gas struck me. I rushed to the kitchen and discovered the gas from the stove flowing. Calling frantically for Jackie, I ran throughout the house looking for her.

Pastor Henry & Jackie



I found her in bed.

Immediately, I flung open the windows and doors. How could she have made such a mistake going to bed without switching off the gas after cooking?

I tried to wake her and when she came too, she was unable to speak clearly. She was incoherent, and there was apparent weakness in her right side. She’d had a stroke. I called 911 and within minutes—although it seemed like a life time—paramedics arrived and rushed her to the emergency room.

Her condition deteriorated rapidly. By 5PM the doctors gave a bleak prognosis: “She’s had a devastating stroke, literally an earthquake in her brain. If there is anyone you need to call, I suggest you do it now.”



By 8PM she was completely mute and paralyzed on her right side. Her throat was also paralyzed, so she couldn’t swallow water or food–not even saliva. The doctors had to catheterize her and insert a feeding tube through her nose, an IV in her wrist, oxygen under nose, and put her on a pneumatic bed to help prevent fluid from filling her lungs.

Friends, family & members of our church filled the room, all praying for Jackie.

The next morning while sitting in the waiting room I read the Bible for comfort, help and faith to continue believing. I opened it to Matt 8:16, 17 and read about God’s promise of healing because of the suffering Jesus had undergone. Then my eyes fell on this portion of the chapter:

A centurion with paralyzed servant (Matt 8: 5-10, 13) “Now when Jesus had entered Capernaum, a centurion came to Him, pleading with Him, saying ‘Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, dreadfully tormented.’ And Jesus said to him “I will come and heal

Pastor Henry & Jackie



him.” The centurion answered and said, “Lord, I am not worthy that you should come under my roof. But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed. “For I also am a man under authority, having soldiers under me. And I say to this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes; and to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” When Jesus heard [it], He marveled, and said to those who followed, “Assuredly, I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel! Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” And his servant was healed that same hour.”

The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. “You have authority over your wife, just speak the word in faith and I will heal her.” Not a domineering suppressive authority, it was more like a God-given privilege as the husband and father of my family. I had a responsibility to defend my wife and children against any and all enemies. And this demonic attack was initiated by the enemy. I felt empowered by the Word as faith for the battle stirred within my heart. Hope rose up within me.

The Holy Spirit then directed my attention to this next verse. Let me tell you why this scripture suddenly produced such expectation, and encouraged me so deeply. One of Jackie’s great attributes is her extreme generosity. I’ve never known anyone that so willingly gives to God and others. What has Jackie’s generosity to do with God sparing her life? You can’t buy healing from God, can you? While none of God’s blessing are up for sale, He did promise to keep generous people alive so that they can live out their full purpose on earth. Here is His promise to Jackie and you:



Psalm 41:1-3 “Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, [And] he will be blessed on the earth; You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies. The Lord will strengthen him on his bed of illness; You will sustain him on his sickbed.”

Pastor Henry & Jackie



Gratitude filled me. God would raise her up, deliver her, strengthen and sustain her on her bed of illness because she had given to the poor.

On the second day the doctors warned me that 80% of stoke victims who survive the stroke actually die from a secondary cause: pneumonia. The person’s saliva runs down the patient’s throat into their lungs without being stopped because of the paralyses in the throat & causes the deadly infection. They warned me that this happens on a regular basis to patients who don’t already have a severe cough, bronchial asthma, bronchitis & pleurisy. They were expecting a code blue that night and asked for permission to do an emergency tracheotomy.

Neither of these things happened.

Two hours to live

On Day Four the doctors called me over privately to tell me that they needed to do an emergency operation. Jackie had literally two hours to live. The left hemisphere of her brain had swollen half an inch crushing the right hemisphere into the skull. The swelling was forcing her brain fluid down her spine which would result in certain death.

They proposed cutting a hole in her skull, removing the bone, and then making an incision in her stomach where they would place the bone in order to keep it alive for the next four days, while they allowed the brain to swell out. These were extremely heroic measures. The four-day window was the maximum time available because of possibility that infection would set into the brain. Unfortunately, Jackie is allergic to most anti-biotics so this was a tremendous risk.

After praying and consulting with our family, I decided not to go forward with the operation, preferring to trust God. She was ready to meet the Lord, but not ready to live in a vegetative state, if the operation was unsuccessful or had any complications. Jackie and I had done a living trust just six weeks

Pastor Henry & Jackie



prior to this in which we gave each other medical power of attorney over our lives in the case of a such an emergency.

Unbeknownst to me, the neurosurgeon went to speak with Jackie and obtain her consent. At this point she was completely mute and blind for 4 days.

Our son Hayne who was 25 at the time came looking for me. “Dad, it’s a miracle! Mom woke up and spoke to the doctors. She said, ‘my husband will make the call,’ then closed her eyes and went mute again.”

I lost all the strength in my body and slipped to the floor in the hallway. Jackie and I had had a wonderful marriage for over 27 years, but what I didn’t know was how much she trusted me—with her very life. As I lay there in a heap weeping, I clearly heard the voice of the Holy Spirit.

“Son, that’s what it means to have me as your Lord. Can you trust me to make the life and death decisions in your life?”

My relationship with Jesus was deeper than simply worshiping Him as savior. Yes, I had given my life to Jesus, believed that I was saved from Hell, and Heaven bound, but this changed my entire perception of Christianity. I had to accept and serve Jesus as my LORD and savior in every area of my life.

The brain surgeon now asked if he could perform a different, less drastic operation placing an intracranial pressure monitor through the skull into her right hemisphere brain ventricle, since her left ventricle was forced shut by the swelling. This device (ICP) was used to measure her brain pressure so that they were not functioning completely in the dark.

The ICP reflected no further swelling, and no fluid was ever drained. After four days of consistently low brain pressure, it was removed.

Pastor Henry & Jackie



“I can see light” Jackie said. It was day seven, and her vision began to return.

“You hit bottom but you’re starting to recover,” I said.

Still, she couldn’t say anything else. She just stared at the ceiling squeezing my hand twice for a no, once for a yes to simple questions like, “Are you in pain?”

After 10 days they moved Jackie out of urgent care. Once admitted and settled, Jackie’s new doctor came to speak to me in her room. Looking at her charts he said, “She’s had an extremely severe stroke. Consider yourself lucky that she’s still with us but there is no hope for her to recover from this. The central nervous system does not repair itself once damaged. We’ll do our best to make her comfortable. If she survives you’ll need to accept that your life will be forever changed and that you’ll no longer have the wife you’ve had until now.”

I couldn’t take another word of this discouraging, depressive prognosis. “Please ask the senior doctor to come and see me,” I demanded.

A few hours later the senior doctor arrived.

“Doctor,” I said. “I respect your medical training and expertise. I understand that you have provided me with the medical facts but that’s all they are, ‘medical facts’ as you know them. But I have the truth.”
“What do you mean you have the truth?” he replied. “What is the truth, and who told you?”
“You might think I’ve lost my mind, Doctor, but the Bible tells me that Jesus is The Truth & that we are healed by the wounds He suffered. Your facts are subject to change, in fact every hour for the last 10 days doctors have been giving me differing opinions, stats and facts. However, the Bible states that God never changes, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. So the promise He made to me remains valid irrespective of any bad

Pastor Henry & Jackie



news you all give me.” I knew that facts are real circumstances we are currently facing, but the truth is what God says in His Word.

A new doctor was appointed who tried to get our family to go to psychological counseling because we would not “accept our fate” and grieve.

We refused.




“Ja” was the first word she uttered after nearly sixteen days of being completely mute. Jackie and I were born in South Africa, and she was raised as an Afrikaner with Afrikaans as her first language. “Ja” is the Afrikaans word for yes. Though it was only a drop in the bucket, we were excited. It was a physical improvement that gave us hope.

“If you have the courage I have the faith”

I wrote these words on the white board in Jackie’s room at the hospital. Just above them I pinned her ballroom dancing shoes to the wall so she could see them while lying in bed. (I realized later that I had used a permanent marker and couldn’t erase the words from the board when we left the hospital.)



Jackie and I had been ballroom dancing enthusiasts and had learned to dance in the preceding two years. We loved spending time together in our favorite pastime. If I could help her imagine us twirling around the dance floor in each other’s arms, she might dare to hope.



At the hospital, the staff provided her with physical therapy, speech therapy & every other kind of therapy you can imagine. They were kind, compassionate, caring, enthusiastic.

Pastor Henry & Jackie



Each day I would arrive at the hospital at 9AM, and stay until 9PM, after Jackie had fallen asleep in my arms. Once she had fallen asleep I would slip out of bed and drive an hour home praying and weeping, sometimes out of anger, but other times out of gratitude that she was still alive.

Physical therapy took 6 hours per day, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. I learned a lot from these great therapists, much of which I used to continue Jackie’s therapy at home after the insurance stopped paying for her treatment. They had recovery goals for their patients and the doctors decided that there was no hope of her future recovery.

“I’m sorry Mr. Wolmarans,” our doctor said. “Jackie has reached a plateau and we do not expect to see any further recovery. Your insurance company can no longer pay for her therapy.” This was five months after being discharged from the hospital, and Jackie was confined to a wheel chair. Traditional medical science had given up but our fight for her recovery had just been thrusted to a new level. We were now forced to fund Jackie’s therapy personally—which was not possible.

For the next several years, miracles too numerous to list occurred—miracles in finances, recovery, and being divinely led to effective experimental treatments. Jackie defied all the odds. By all medical wisdom, she had not been expected to survive. Nearly half of her brain had been destroyed by the stroke, leaving a hole where her brain tissue had literally dissolved. She had been paralyzed, blind, and mute. Medical science was stunned at her abilities with such a large portion of her brain being destroyed. And we were stunned because God had done a miracle of restoration despite all the lost tissue.

Through her faith, and that of all who prayed for her, God began a mighty healing in her. Today, she can do things that are scientifically impossible, considering how much of her brain was destroyed. She can read, watch television, walk and move about with some assistance.

Pastor Henry & Jackie
























This is an actual MRI the white area is the damage to Jackie’s brain.




We give thanks and glory to God. We are blessed and grateful for His love. I pray our story kindles hope in you to look to Him in your time of need.

When the doctors gave Jackie only hours to live, telling us to prepare for the worst, we chose to believe God. Let me share with you a glimpse of our adventures of faith and hope, and where it has taken us. These are just some of the countries, cities, and wonders we have visited after Jackie’s stroke:

We have been to both the Arctic and the An-arctic.

Pastor Henry & Jackie



Crossed the Equator several times watched the Northern lights dance across the Alaskan sky.

Worn sun glasses at midnight in Iceland where the sun doesn’t set in summer.

Walked on the Great Wall of China, and visited the ruins of Pompeii.

Stood in front of the gigantic Colosseum in Rome thinking about the Christians who lost their lives there for their testimony of Jesus Christ.

Mused at the Mona Lisa in the historic Louvre Museum after lunch on the Eiffel Tower, then took a Seine River cruise in the heart of Paris.

Used the bullet train from the airport to Tokyo City, and continued by train to Sendai. Prayed for the survivors at the Hiroshima museum in memory of the nuclear bomb blast.


Drank Starbucks coffee in Busan, South Korea. 

We took a gondolier ride in Venice, dinned in the beautiful restaurants of Monti Carlo, and stood in awe at the beauty of the French Riviera.

Swam with the dolphins in the Caribbean. Dived in a mini-submarine in the crystal clear waters of Tahiti. Snorkeled in the blue Caribbean waters of Cozumel, and watched the great humpback whales breach the calm waters off West and South Maui.

Had lunch on Sydney’s harbor gazing at the spectacular Sydney Opera House across the bay. Felt at home in Auckland New Zealand with our South African accents.

Shopped in the markets of Turkey. Visited the ancient Greek ruins, and marveled at the size of the columns of The Parthenon.

Pastor Henry & Jackie



Visited Check Point Charlie in the Berlin Wall Germany, and leaned against the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Did an around-the-world flight first class, starting in San Francisco to Singapore to London, with the final leg to New York on the Concord—a dream I wouldn’t let go off no matter how difficult it was for us. It was a gift for my 50th birthday.

Sailed one of the seven man made wonders of the world the Panama Canal again & faced our fears of where our tragedy first began.

Preached in Africa & then Jackie & I preached in Manilla, Philippines 17 times in 19 days in 2012.

The doctors were wrong!

Now we pastor The Promise Church, which is flourishing with a Bible College, children’s, youth, and young adult ministries, small groups (Life Groups). We have a dynamic congregation of genuine, caring, and passionate believers. We have a growing group of people who love to worship God, pray, and study the Bible.

I invite you to visit us on line at and listen to one of our inspiring teachings, or join our correspondence Bible College. If you live in the area, be our guest one Sunday morning. I know you’ll love it. Come & meet Jackie you’ll be inspired.

My prayer for you is Romans 15:13


Jeff & Kelly



Jeff’s childhood had been one of broken relationships, emotional and phsical abuse. His parents divorced when he was three years old causing the family to suffer instability and financial turmoil. When his mother remarried five years later, things went from bad to worse. In order to deaden the pain from the years of various kinds of abuse, rejection, and self-condemnation Jeff turned to using alcohol and marijuana throughout his teenage years.

Searching for hope, he attended a Billy Graham crusade, became a Christian, and began attending church. But his troubles were far from over.

Kelly’s childhood was no less turbulent. Physical and emotional abuse was a recurring experience for her. The dysfunction in her family sprung from mental illness and alcoholism. Throughout her early years, she feared for her life on numerous occasions.

When she was eleven years old, her parents divorced and her mother remarried almost immediately, taking the children to another state. Soon afterwards, Kelly’s biological father died from his alcoholism. Nevertheless, the domestic abuse continued to the point where Kelly became desperately suicidal.

Finally, after college she moved to live in California. There she accepted Jesus into her life and became a Christian.

Two years later, Kelly and Jeff met. They fell in love and got married after just six months. It seemed that they’d finally escaped their painful past and were on their way to a bright future together.

But they didn’t realize the road before them was riddled with snares from their childhood traumas. Almost immediately, conflict emerged. As much as they’d been “in love,” they really didn’t know each other, nor did they have any understanding of how to create a healthy marriage. They both loved God, but the bondage to the pain of the past kept them prisoner to negative thoughts and memories of their childhood. And at the time, they didn’t even realize this was

Jeff & Kelly



happening, only that their lives were spinning out of control in a vicious cycle of despair.

Unable to cope with the overwhelming stress, confusion, and frustration in the marriage, Jeff began to experience such debilitating anxiety that he could barely go to any unfamiliar environment such as restaurants, vacations, or movie theatres. Two years into their marriage, Jeff and Kelly’s first child was born. Though a joyful occasion, raising a child brought additional stress and anxiety to Jeff. He began acting out in anger and selfish behavior. Almost daily, there would be yelling, slamming doors, hurtful words, throwing things--all this out of the view of the public.


Meanwhile, Jeff developed a pseudo-persona outside of home, and at church. In order to keep up the appearance of being a “nice guy,” he led family, friends, and church members to believed it. They saw him as a good person, in a great marriage, who had his life in order.

Trying her best to be a Godly wife, Kelly did everything she could to keep the home a peaceful environment. But life had become a dark reminder of her troubled childhood she thought she’d escaped. She lived in constant fear and anxiety, and wore herself out trying to appease Jeff.

Three years went by and their second child was born. But this did nothing to change Jeff’s struggles and behavior in their marriage. After five years of marriage and raising two young children, Kelly’s health began to decline from all the stress. For the next five years, she kept going to doctors seeking medical help. The first diagnosis she received was Fibromyalgia. To make matters worse, she later was diagnosed with Lupus. Marriage in shambles, with two small children to raise, there seemed to be no end to the hardships.


But Kelly knew something must change if there was to be any hope for her marriage and her family. Desiring to know what a healthy home looked like, she began taking classes that took a biblical approach for dealing with recovery from past pain, knowing boundaries, and healthy relationships. Over time, she regained

Jeff & Kelly



her strength both physically and emotionally. She drew her boundaries and refused to allow any more abuse. Jeff now faced the choice of losing his marriage or getting help to overcoming his anger issues.

This was a wakeup call for Jeff. Not wanting to lose Kelly, he agreed to take the same intensive class she’d been taking. Thus began their long journey to restoration and health. What they both learned was revolutionary. Applying what the Bible teaches about taking control over thoughts, healing, and God’s design for a healthy marriage, they found their restoration—both individually and in their marriage. Having gone from a dysfunctional and troubled marriage to a wholesome and thriving one, they now both have a passion to see others experience the same freedom and blessings.

Currently, Kelly is completely healed of any symptoms of the previously diagnosed illnesses. Jeff is healed from anxiety, fear, and uncontrollable anger. Not only is their marriage strong, they have God in His rightful place as Lord of their lives, and Lord of their marriage. His word has preeminence in their life.


Today, they are both board-certified marriage and family coaches, mentoring and counseling married couples, and those about to get married. They are on the marriage counseling staff at The Promise Church, and volunteer at a nationwide marriage ministry.

Bryan & Mary



When you’ve lost meaning in life, and the things and people you love are threatened, how can anyone possibly find hope?

As a young man, Bryan had gotten himself deep into a self-destructive lifestyle of alcohol, the punk rock scene, and so many bad decisions he had become depressed and suicidal. Deep down, he saw himself as a caring person, out to save the world, but the shame and self-pity from the darkness of his life weighed him down. None of his interests or hobbies brought any fulfillment, nor did the drinking or partying. What could fill the emptiness of his existence?

He'd heard about God through a friend who shared about his relationship with the Almighty through salvation in Jesus Christ, but it just wasn’t something Bryan wanted any part of. But his coworker persisted, despite Bryan’s protests. Bryan would debate him whenever the topic arose.

Eventually, Bryan couldn’t argue his way out of the logical conclusion that he should accept Jesus as his Lord and savior, so he made the decision. He accepted the gift of salvation and the promises of God. While he prayed with his friend, Bryan realized that Jesus was just what he had been searching for all his life.


But it was what happened next that truly made Bryan a believer.

During this time, Bryan had been suffering from a surfing injury that would not heal. It was hindering his training for the lifeguard academy qualification exam. This meant a great deal to Bryan, but nothing was working, and the exam was not far away. So his coworker/friend—the one who led him to Christ—prayed for Bryan’s healing. To his amazement, a warmth spread over and enveloped the area around his injured knee. He believed he was healed, but only the stress placed on his knee by the test would prove it. Meanwhile, he was instructed to thank God for his healing while awaiting its completion. Any time pain might threaten, he should continue to give thanks to God, and proclaim his healing again.

Bryan & Mary



For the next three days, Bryan decided to do just that while swimming and walking. Eventually, he increased his walking speed and by the third day he was fast-walking with no pain at all after a pool workout. He continued to confess his healing and then increased his pace to a jog, and eventually to full on running. Pain free!

Shouting his thanks to God for the healing, he was now sprinting all the way back to work. He was so excited that he burst into the door to his workplace shouting exuberant praise to God. This drew the attention of the people within, and many asked what had happened. Of course, Bryan shared his miraculous testimony of divine healing. And to top it all off, Bryan went on to pass the lifeguard qualification exam for consideration for the San Diego lifeguard academy.

But the story didn’t end there.

Bryan had experienced miraculous healing, and gave his life to God and started attending church and studying the Bible. Having a relationship with the Lord replaced his feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts, resentment, unforgiveness, guilt and shame. Nevertheless, some struggles resurfaced as other personal relationship challenges arose. This led to significant conflicts with people he cared about, and eventually slipping back into his past habits. This immediately opened the door for self-condemnation and distancing himself from church because of shame. For one and a half years, Bryan avoided God and church.

God, however, was not done with him.

Bryan went to college where he met Mary, a beautiful girl with whom he’d fallen in love. As he got to know her better, he realized how much he truly cared about her. But then the unthinkable happened.

Mary was diagnosed with cancer.

Bryan & Mary



Just as they were getting started with a beautiful relationship, he might lose her. An internal struggle ensued. How could he say he truly loved her, if he didn’t get his own life right with God and share the love and salvation of Jesus with her?

Without holding back, Bryan rededicated his life to God, shared the gospel with Mary, and asked if she would accept Jesus as her savior. She did, and their adventure to pursue God together began.

Someone invited them to hear Pastor Henry Wolmarans preach. While there, Bryan and Mary learned that people received healing after the pastor prayed for them. So they made certain to go to his church and seek those prayers for Mary. Not only did Pastor Henry pray for her, he and his wife Jackie gave her scriptures on healing and taught her how to apply them.

Through faith, Bryan and Mary claimed the promises in the Bible and stood in faith for her complete healing. Mary was healed and cancer free! God had once again shown that putting your hope in Him brings amazing blessings and rewards.

Both Mary and Bryan attended and graduated from Bible College, and it completely transformed their lives. They got married, went on mission trips, and started their family. Because they never gave up hope in Jesus, they both found miraculous salvation, restoration and healing. Today, they serve as youth pastors at The Promise Church.