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A nonprofit organization also known as a non-business entity is an organization that has been formed by a group of people in order to pursue a common not-for-profit goal that is to pursue a goal .

MADD Formation september 5 ,1980 37 years ago , the president of MADD  collen sheehey church . drinking and driving fatalities  on our nation roadways have decreased 51%  many accidents still occur every day

MADD mission is to end drinking and driving support the victims of these violent crimes. and prevent underage drinking and drinking so less death would occur and death of drinking and driving would increased 

MADD is no more victims , more than 2,500 teens die in car crashes every year . texting and driving , drinking &driving really affects the world we all need to stand up and stop all this ! so no'more familes would be affected . i got all my sources from google where this helpful information help us all to understand why MADD is a helpful .