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IST assignment by Damian Simic

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Damian Simic

2. Audio

3. Graphics

1. Text


5. Interactivity

4. Video

6. Word Cloud


Serif fonts display letters with small flourishes at the end of the tips of each letter. These can sometimes make the font more difficult to read on a monitor in large amounts of text and are therefore mostly used in small documents, headings or printed documents.

In multimedia, text is a means of conveying information to the user. It is a meaningful string of characters that contain letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation.

Serif Font

Sans-Serif fonts display letters as they would normally be written. These are different to Serif fonts due to the fact that they do not have strokes on the tips of the letters and are therefore easier to read. For this reason, Sans-Serif fonts are commonly used in large documents.

Sans-Serif Font

Audio is digital sound. It consists of waves that represent changes in air pressure and allow information to be conveyed through sound. Due to it being digital, audio can also be easily changed or altered.

The changes that I made to this song were to its pitch and audio. I changed the pitch from an F to a C. This changed the frequency by -23 percent. Finally I changed the sample rate to be slightly lower than the original to experiment with the quality of the song.


It's Time - Imagine Dragons



Graphics are digital images. That can be manipulated through the use of multimedia. Different graphics can have different purposes such as logos and banners. Their quality changes depending on the task. For example websites might use lower quality images so that their pages load faster.

Morphing is the process of merging multiple images together. This is made possible with multimedia as images are easy to edit in digital mediums. 





A video is a sequence of images played in order to give the illusion that objects are moving. This allows people to digitally communicate information by visually showing what is happening.

An animation is a sequence of drawn images that are played sequentially to make them look as if it was happening. There are many different types of animation.


Interactivity is the ability for the user to control or manipulate digital media. It's purpose in multimedia is to allow people to manipulate various forms of media such as an image or video. This gives the user control over what they are doing and allows them to have choice over what they are creating. This is useful in many situations such as image editing and even teaching.

What is interactivity and what is its purpose in multimedia?