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Teenagers know love & You can fall out of love

you meet a guy in one of your classes. and all of first semester you don’t look at him in a romantic way, especially since he had a girlfriend. he is good at this class and you definitely are not, so he helps you. he gives you answers to the homework and teaches you how to do the problems. after him and this girl break up, you become really good friends, you talk a lot. as first semester moves on and your school is getting closer towards midterms, he helps you with homework more than ever. you need to pass your midterm so he basically starts tutoring you. you become pretty good friends. and then one day, a small pang: very tiny. it’s a romantic pang in your heart. you start to feel something for him, but by the time you realize it’s winter break and you don’t talk very much over break. you get back from break and things are starting up the exact way they ended off; your feelings grow stronger and stronger as you guys get closer over the month of january. when february hits, he starts to have feelings for you too, even though you don’t know it. you guys continue on as friends never believing that you like each other. your friendship grows stronger and stronger, both of your feelings grow stronger and stronger. then at the end of february, he finds out that you like him. you freak out, you think he doesn’t like you back, and really he does. then a mere three days later you tell him you like him, and he tells you that he likes you too. now this is the first guy to ever tell you this, and you know you’re not ready for a boyfriend. 

 you decide to wait, but only 2 weeks later you start dating. your guys’ relationship is nowhere near perfect. it isn’t perfect, you two aren’t perfect, but you’re falling in love with him so it’s okay. everything is fine, until school ends. you guys are finding it hard to hang out, you start getting upset and a little mean about this. things become worse and worse, and you think you can fix it, but he doesn’t think you can. you break up. you’re so in love with him, and you’re in pain, it hurts. you can’t talk about it because it’s private, but it still sucks. things hurt, words hurt, your entire body hurts. you keep living your life and things suck, but eventually you get over him. you fall out of love. You’re still always going to feel a certain way towards him, one that is indescribable. one that you can’t explain. you’re always going to feel a sense of love towards him because he was your first love. but you’re not in love with him anymore. you find your coping strategies and you use them. you wait for your next new “endeavor” in life.