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Claude Monet



Cayman Williams 



Art History Honors

For my artist booklet, I decided to do Claude Monet.  Ever since I was assigned him for a project in 8th grade, I have admired his work.  His simplicity and technique has always grabbed my attention.  I love how he uses many different colors and landscapes to portray his view.  When I visited the MoMA in 2016, I fell in love with his paintings when I got to actually see them in person.  In this project, I show you some of his famous painitngs, his biography, and how he has contributed to the Impressionist movement. This class has let me learn more and more about paintings of his time and through the prokect, I have learned more about Monet.   Please enjoy!


Oscar Claude Monet was born November 14, 1840 in Paris, France.  In 1845, Monet and his family moved to La Harve in the Normandy region where he grew up with his older brother Leon.  As a child, Monet enjoyed the outdoors and loved to draw, although his dad wanted him to go into business. A few years later, he went through a hard time after losing his mother.  Landscape artist Eugene Boudin introduced him into painting outdoors and in later years, Monet moved back to Paris to focus more on his art. He served in the military for a short time, but was discharged because of health complications.   After meeting new people and gaining new friends, Monet won acceptence into Salon of 1865 where hw submitted two of his lanscape paintings.  Monet painted his lover and future wife many times, and had a son named Jean in 1867.  After many years of financial trouble, Monet attempted to drown himself in a river in 1868.  Monet often got frustated with his paintings and deestoryed up to 500 pieces of art. After critics said Impressionists' paintings look unfinshed and like sketches,  Monet accepted the term.  After their second son was born, his wife passed away which influenced the "Ice Drift" series.  Monet remarried and started to get financially stable and gain more popularity for his paintings.  His technique of natural light and appearences became well known in the late 1800s.  Monet died on November 5, 1926, in Giverny.   


from the Ice Drit Series: Drift Ice at Vetheuil


Impressionsim came to rise from Realism in the 1860s and 1870s.  The term is used to describe paintings that capture visual impressions of a scene and capture natural light (since they were the first to paint outdoors).  Monet is said to be one of the founders of Impressionism.  Monet started the French Impressionist movement and shared his technique of painting in natural light and open air.  

Impressionism & Style

His paintings are full of color and are mostly focused on plants, landscapes, and other forms of nature.  His impressions from his childhood are related to the city of La Harve in France where he moved to in the mid 1840s.  He was inspired by Edouard Manet and tried loose strokes and bold colors-in contrast to the linear and formations of other art of that time.  In later years, Monet started to paint in smaller strokes and used more light and atmosphere qualities.   

Impression & Style p.2



oil on canvas

Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris

Water Lilies




oil on canvas


Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Woman with a Parasol


oil on canvas

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk


oil on canvas

National Museum Cardiff, Wales

Irises in Monet's Garden


oil on canvas

Musee d'Orsay, Paris

The Japanese Footbridge


oil on canvas

National Gallery of Art

This is one of my favorite paintings from Monet because of the qualities of light throughout the piece.  The soft white gives a comforting feeling to me because of the beauty of the flowers.  It is so simple because it is just the vase, but it's the main focus.  The background is not noticable because I am sure Monet wanted the audience to look at the flowers first.  He uses his techniques of small strokes and different colors to give it a little more detail.  

Vase of Flowers


This is another one of my favorites.  The whole paiting so is beautful.  I get a feeling of wind and  the sun on my back when I see this. The background is so gentle with the sailboats, and the child and a woman closer to the audience on the edge of the cliff is very cool.  The colors Monet used in this show the beauty of nature and how altitude comes into play. I enjoy the pop of white you get when you see the people, and they are standing next to the dark rocky side of the cliff.  It reminds me of summertime with the choice of lighting and how the sky looks.  

Cliff Walk at Pourville