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February, 2018 edition of the monthly Homebuilder

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Local, State, Federal - 

CWHBA is watching it all!

Are you concerned about a local policy issue or proposal?  CWHBA is becoming more engaged in all 6 counties it represents and needs your help keeping an eye on what is happening in your local area.  If there are issues you become aware of locally, please contact Mike Howe at

One of the issues CWHBA has been working on as of late is related to utilities.  Are you experiencing issues in your area with the local PUD, city utilities, or other utilities?  CWHBA wants to know.  Please email Mike Howe, CWHBA Government Affairs Director, with your specific issues or concerns at

BIAW held their state meetings today in Olympia.  Here are a few of the highlights from both the Washington Affordable Housing Council and the Legislative Policy Council’s meeting:

Washington Affordable Housing Council
A major discussion here was that of the 2018 election outlook.  Honestly, it is not looking promising for Republican’s during 2018 and if things go as some predict, we could see more of the same type of legislative measures in future years that we have seen this session.
What this does is reminds us of just how important our involvement is at the local and state policy and political levels.  

Legislative Policy Committee
The 2018 legislative session has seen 200 more bills introduced this year over the last session, and it looks like the session – for the first time in many years – will end on time, March 8th.  Overall, BIAW believes this was a successful year related to building industry bills.  There are, of course, concerns related to tax proposals and other policy bills.

Legislative Update Call Reminder:  One of the benefits of membership with CWHBA is that our statewide association (BIAW) is actively representing your interests too.  Every Tuesday at 7:30am during the legislative session you can listen to a legislative update call by dialing 1-855-257-8693 and entering PIN: 4950498 (please mute your phone).


Your membership with CWHBA includes an affiliation with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  NAHB was instrumental in ensuring the passage of Tax Reform and making certain that it was beneficial to you, the local builder.

Learn more about this success here:

Also of interest, the home building industry is doing well.

Builder Confidence Stays Strong in February:

The 2018 CWHBA Education Program is in full swing offering opportunities to help you with: marketing, advocacy, business operations and helping to build industry connections.  Understand all of the regulations that you need to comply with as a business owner can certainly be daunting and were here to help you stay out of hot water.  With classes scheduled across: Yakima, Kittitas, and North Central we’ve got you covered.  

Here are some of our upcoming classes to keep you on track:


April 17th - Kittitas
Fall Protection/Scaffolding
8am-1pm, Instructor Fee: $160 per person

Safety 101
2pm-4pm, Instructor Fee: $75 per person

North Central:

April 18th - Wenatchee
*Fall Protection/Scaffolding 
8am-1pm, Instructor Fee: $160 per person

Safety 101
2pm-4pm, Instructor Fee: $75 per person

April 24th 

CPR 3pm-5pm



March 15 CPR/First-Aid 

1-5pm. Cost $40 per person for two-year certification card. 

$55 per person w/ Adult/Child & Infant CPR Resuscitator Mask for on the job site. 

March 20th - Yakima 

  • *Forklift Qualified Operator 12pm-5pm, Instructor Fee: $100 per person classes 1,3,4,5 and $145 for Class 7
  • *Safety 101 9am-11am, Instructor Fee: $75 per person

March 29th

Certified Renovator 8am-5pm

Certified Renovator Refresher 8am-3pm

Fall Protection Scaffolding: 

Understand WAC scaffold competent person requirements and assembly guidelines. Learn how to set up a rolling scaffold and proper inspection criteria for all types of scaffolding. Fall Protection guidelines must be followed while assembly and setting up scaffold systems.

Safety 101/ Re-Boot- Are you a contractor who has always wanted to know what is really required when it comes to Safety Standards on a job-site? Do you struggle with managing employees with regards to safety in the workplace? Is the term OSHA/ WISHA/DOSH still a struggle for your company.

Come to this two hour seminar which will focus on how to establish an effective and practiced Accident Prevention Program for Washington State contractors. 

Topics covered will be how to develop and implement a Best in Class Safety Program, how an injury affects your company and the companies bottom line. In addition we will look at strategy requirements for compliance with OSHA/DOSH and the Department of Labor and Industries. You will leave understanding what safety training your required to provide and job-site specific safety requirements and safety planning strategies.

Fork-Lift Qualified Operator Training- Do your employees operate a Powered Industrial Truck, better known as a fork lift? We can help lift your firm to success by offering a Qualified level fork-lift operator course. Your employees will be trained on the following different Classes of Powered Industrial Trucks: 1, 3, 4, 5 & 7. We will provide classroom training for these types of lifts and a practical evaluation tool to be used at your convenience.


Paid Sick Leave Started January 1st, But The Notification Requirement Begins March 1st---Are you in compliance?

When Initiative 1433 was passed by Washington voters in 2016, it not only raised the state minimum wage to $13.50 per hour by 2020, it also created a mandatory paid sick and safe leave requirement for all employers that goes into effect January 1, 2018.

If you have employees in exempt positions, meaning they are excluded from minimum wage, overtime regulations and paid a salary rather than an hourly wage, you will need to know what to do in order to be in compliance by January 1. Note that use of a paid time off (PTO) program is permitted to substitute for paid sick and safe leave when meeting certain conditions.

Paid Sick Leave Notices

Employers that are affected by this must notify employees of their paid safe and sick leave rights no later than March 1, 2018. The notification must contain the accrual rate, authorized uses of the leave and explain the no retaliation portion of the rule. Employers must also provide a monthly notice of accrued leave, used leave and their current balance of the leave.

1 Hour for Every 40 Hours

Employees hired before January 1, 2018 will begin accruing the leave at 1 hour of leave for every 40 hours of work when the initiative goes into effect. New employees will start accruing the leave on their first day of employment. The accrual is at the employees’ normal rate of pay and should be paid in the pay period in which the leave was used. Employees will be eligible to use the leave after 90 days. 

When Employees Can Use Leave

There are several ways an employee is authorized to use this leave. Employees may use paid sick leave to care for themselves or a family member, when the employees’ workplace or their child's school or place of care has been closed by a public official for any health-related reason, and for absences that qualify for leave under the state's Domestic Violence Leave Act. 

Definition of a Family Member

The definition of family member is incredibly broad, which complicates an employers’ ability to verify approved use of paid leave. For purposes of this act, a family member is defined as a child, including a biological, adopted, or foster child, stepchild, or a child to whom the employee stands in loco parentis, is a legal guardian, or is a de facto parent, regardless of age or dependency status. A biological, adoptive, de facto, or foster parent, stepparent, or legal guardian of an employee or the employee's spouse or registered domestic partner, or a person who stood in loco parentis when the employee was a minor child.

At Least 10-Day Notice to Use Leave

The employee must give at least 10 days notice of their intent to use this leave when foreseeable. Unforeseen leave should be reported to the employer as soon as possible before the start of shift, unless impracticable. In either case, the employee is authorized to have someone else report their leave if they are not able to do it themselves. When leave is used under the Domestic Violence Leave Act, the notice rules do not apply. 


An employer may not adopt or enforce any policy that counts the use of paid sick leave time as an absence that may lead to or result in discipline against the employee. Further, an employer may not discriminate or retaliate against an employee for his or her exercise of any rights contained in the initiative. 

Paid Sick Leave Law Fact Sheet

Download the two-page Paid Sick Leave Law fact sheet here. 

Paid Sick Leave Rules

View the complete set of Paid Sick Leave Rules (RCWs). 

Paid Sick Leave Draft Sample Policies

To help employers implement the requirements set forth in the paid sick leave rules, dowload L&I's Sick Leave Sample Policies here. 

Paid Sick Leave Overview: What You Need To Know

Download a one-page Paid Sick Leave Overview here.

Important New Caselaw for Employers
Mikkelsen v. PUD No. 1
Lesson: Employers need to review handbooks and remove any language that may undermine at-Will Employment.

Floeting v. Group Health
Lesson: Employers in places of public accommodation are subject to direct liability for employee’s discrimination of patrons; need to be vigilant in hiring and training, and check insurance policies.
Jin Zhu v. North Central ESD
Lesson: Employers cannot consider applicants prior lawsuits for discrimination. 



AutoSpa – Central Washington (Yakima)

Gale Contractor Services (Yakima)

Sherwin-Williams Co. (Ellensburg)

Sherwin-Williams Co. (Wenatchee)


AbleGate Homes

Assurance Healthcare & Counseling Center

Badillo’s Landscaping

Banner Bank

Beltman Enterprises, Inc. 

Bergin Roofing, Inc. 

Catalyss, LLC

Central Pre-Mix Concrete Co. 

Columbia Plateau, Inc.

DEB Construction 

DeVos Builders

Dunbar Electric, Inc. 

Farwest Climate Control, Inc. 

First American Title of Yakima

Graf Investments, Inc. 

Green Energy Management, Inc. 

Gust Builders

Harris Construction, LLC

Home Improvement Products, Inc. 

Hordan Planning Services

US Bank Home Mortgage (Yakima)

US Bank Home Mortgage (Ellensburg)

US Bank Home Mortgage (Wenatchee) 

Just Right Cleaning & Construction 

Lexar Homes – North Central 

Loofburrow Wetch Architects, P.S. 

M2 Industrial, Inc. 

MM Wood restoration & Protection 

MSI Construction, Inc. 

Rescue Construction and Restoration, LLC

Selah Septic Service

Sherwin-Williams Co. (Yakima)

Star rentals, Inc. 

Steel Structures America, Inc. 

Stein’s Ace Hardware 

Swiftwater Custom Homes 

T T T Roofing, Inc. 

Tri-Valley Construction, Inc. 

Tumwater Drilling & Pump, Inc. 

Valley Supply Company 

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Wheeler Rock Products

Willett’s Custom Building, Inc. 

Valuable Member Discounts through NAHB's Member Advantage Program: Your membership entitles you to discounts on vehicles, shipping, cell phone plans, computers, car rentals, office supplies and more. NAHB's purchasing power means big savings!

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Secure a booth!

One of the many benefits of joining the CWHBA is to promote your business to the people who need your products and services. We have a few vendor booth spots left so contact our office today and get your business in the SunDome, March 9th-11th. Meet people, engage with potential customers, promote your business to our guests, and grow your customer base!

Contact Lexi at now to handpick your booth space and get in on the action! And a huge thank you to our sponsors, Western Materials, Italstone and Custom Tile Works.


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Tour of Homes™ is coming soon to Yakima & Kittitas! 

Get involved!




JOIN US AT 26A on MARCH 22nd

Today marks Joe's anniversary with the Central Washington Home Builders Association. Joe Walsh has had over 15 years of involvement with the Association since serving as the President of the Board of Directors in 2001-2002. Joe has been a truly valuable team member and resource for us here, to say the least. Come join us at 26A to honor his commitment to the building industry and to celebrate his 70th Birthday. 


26A - Red Lion Yakima

March 22nd, 2018


Dozer Day is a fantastic weekend full of fun for the whole family. Kids actually get to ride and operate real dozers, excavators, cranes and much more. In additional to educating the public about all of the career opportunities in the construction industry, Dozer Day also offers police, and fire department experiences. There are pipe crawls, tire crawls and tractor ride fun for all ages.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Dozer Day 2018 for a memorable day of fun that your family will look forward to year after year.
Note: Dozer Day runs from 11-4 on Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th. Tickets are good for either day but not both days. Also, we suggest bringing a camera as you will see lots of smiles.
We only sell a limited number of online tickets so purchase early so you don’t have to get your tickets at the gate where the price goes up $3.00 per ticket.

Advanced purchase ticket prices:
Dozer Day Advanced Adult Ticket $10
Dozer Day Advanced Ticket Ages 2-12 $8
Dozer Day Advanced Senior Ticket (60+) $8

Purchase Tickets Today Click here:  

Dozer Day—A Call for Volunteers Needed 

Dozer Day will be held over two days, Saturday, March 17th, and Sunday, March 18th, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at State Fair Park.

Volunteers are needed to operate equipment (experienced, professional operators only), work with equipment operators to help children on and off the machinery, monitor lines, and assist with check in and must be at least 14 years old.
We need volunteer for shifts: Saturday, March 17th: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and/or 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday, March 18th: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and/or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

To ensure the safety of children attending Dozer Day, all volunteers will be pre-screened via a Washington State Patrol background check in advance. There is also a volunteer orientation video available on YouTube, which will be emailed to registered volunteers or available for viewing at the event.

In addition to the satisfaction of supporting this great event, all volunteers will receive free admission, snacks and beverages. For more information about volunteering, including an online registration form, click here:  
or contact Carly Faul at Central Washington Home Builders Association: or