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November 2016 Cumberland View Ne :

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Welcome to the 5
Recognising 25 years of outstanding service
What’s Happening
Cumberland View News
Cumberland View Retirement Living
• Revue – Friday 25
November at 6pm
• Christmas Twilight Market – Thursday 1
December 4-7pm
Cumberland View Aged Care Living – Whalley Drive
• Memorial Service – Friday 25
November at 1:30pm
• St Justin’s Church Christmas Carols – Thurs 8
Dec at 1:30pm
The past few months has been an exciting time at Cumberland
View and the excitement isn’t about to stop anytime soon with
plenty more events and activities planned.
We celebrated 25 years of service for three very special staff
members. There has been a buzz of activity with the AFL Grand
Finals, Melbourne Cup and raising funds for Pink Ribbon Day.
Val shares the benets of living at the village and being about to
pack up and keep travelling. Check out the changes coming up
for Home Care and to the Pension Asset Test.
On the 4th of October we had the chance to celebrate
something very special at Cumberland View Aged Care Living,
Windmill Court.
Three of our most valued staff Sylvia, Helen and Joan achieved
25 years of dedicated service.
Staff, residents and family members joined together for
afternoon tea and champagne to pay tribute and give thanks for
their long-standing care, support and friendship.
These wonderful ladies started work at Cumberland View just
after the doors opened in 1991 with one of their rst tasks being
to transfer 11 resident from a home in Surrey Hills and to help
them settle in.
Since then, Joan, Helen and Sylvia have cared for hundreds
of residents with personal hygiene, meals, assisting residents
to get dressed or ready for bed and providing ongoing
As a gesture of thanks, they were presented with a 25 years
of service commemorative plaque, owers and vouchers for
a night and dinner at the Langham Hotel and a Ticketek event
of their choice.
Travelling around the world
One of the main reasons Norm and I moved into the Village
after retirement was the travel bug. We wanted to see the
world as we had virtually only seen Victoria on the few holidays
we had been on.
Moving to Cumberland View Retirement Living, we had the
ability to lock up and leave with the security of knowing we
had neighbours and management who would watch over our
home while away.
We have been in the village 7 years now and have travelled the
world several times over. We have just got back from 3 weeks
along the Volga River in Russia, which is 5,500 kilometres long,
passing through 37 locks.
Among the many countries we have been too are Japan,
China, America, shing for piranha along the Amazon,
pounding mullet in Gambia, staying in a Yurt in Mongolia and
teaching in a Senegal school! And we are not nished yet!
Cumberland View News
Residents Vic, Isabelle and Reg from Cumberland
View Aged Care Living – Windmill Court shared
some memories on how television inuenced their
lives since it began in Australia in 1956.
They reminisced that in the early days not everyone
owned televisions, so quite often a visit to a
neighbours house or a stop at shop windows when
shopping was necessary to watch the Olympics and
the Queens visit.
The group spoke of how television shaped day-to-day
family lives. The consensus was that television was
watched as a family and that dinner and dishes were
completed in time for the nightly news broadcasts.
In 1996, The United Nations proclaimed
November as World Television Day.
It recognises how television brings world
attention to major political, social, and
economic issues and events.
Don’t forget your skin check!
Each year, more than 2000 people in Australia die from
skin cancer. Skin Cancer Awareness week is a time when
we are reminded of the importance of sun protection and
early skin cancer detection.
A few weeks ago, I visited the doctor for my annual skin
check. The doctor noticed a spot on the back of my
calf that looked a little sinister. I hadn’t seen it before,
because who regularly looks at the back of their leg?
I had the ‘spot’ removed and it was sent for testing.
Thankfully I received the good news that it was in fact,
just a mole. Phew!
It is a reminder to us all to have regular skin checks
because like most of us, sun protection wasn’t something
we considered in our younger years and it can catch up
with you in later life.
Vern Gibbons
Val McCluskey (Resident)
Skin Cancer Awareness Week: 20
November 2016
Over the years it did start to
encroach on family time and conversation.
Some bad habits such as watching television with dinner
on the lap did start to creep in.
But overall, the friends spoke of how television continues to
bring the world to them each day for news, entertainment,
sports and momentous historic moments.
Residents: Vic, Isabelle and Reg
better living, quality living
cumberland view
Pink Ribbon Day
Cup Carnival
Cumberland View Aged Care Living – Whalley Drive hosted
a great morning tea on Monday 24
October to support the
Cancer Council of Victoria’s Pink Ribbon day.
Each year, the day aims to raise awareness about breast
and gynaecological cancers, and raise funds for prevention
programs, support services and vital cancer research.
Over 50 residents, care staff and allied service members
attended with pink cakes, marshmellows, tea and coffee
on offer. A $200 hamper created through donations from
residents was rafed and won by Rita Radford.
To add to the day’s enjoyment and to raise a further $100,
Bruce and physiotherapist Kristen offered to colour their hair.
It didn’t take very long to raise the money for this to happen.
The Ladies Craft Group organised a stall showcasing a
variety of homemade gifts and household items to purchase.
The sale was a huge success with all funds raised directly
supporting the great cause.
Did you know that on 1
January 2017, the pension
assets test used to calculate pensions will change?
The following is a short guide to help you be prepared.
The assets test thresholds and cut out limits will be altered.
If you receive any of the following pensions, these changes may
affect you:
The Age Pension • Carer Payment
Disability Support Pension • Widow B Pension
Wife Pension
New asset limits
The assets test free area is increasing. Your assets don’t affect your
payment if they fall below the assets test free area.
$250,000 for a single homeowner
$375,000 for a homeowner couple
$450,000 for a single non-homeowner
$575,000 for a non-homeowner couple
Note: The family home is still exempt from the assets test.
Asset limits for allowances
Asset limits for allowances will also increase and there will be no
reduction or cancellation of allowances as a result of this.
Assets over the assets test free area - The taper rate
At the moment, for every $1,000 of assets you own over the
assets test free area, your pension is reduced fortnightly by $1.50.
The Spring Racing Carnival came
to life at Cumberland View Aged
Care Living, Whalley Drive with a
week-long festival of activities.
The Ladies Craft Group created
fascinators fascinators and
decorated hats to wear.
Staff member Nicky Westland
made the wonderful gesture of bringing her horse in. Residents
were thrilled to pat and admire the gentle beast.
On cup day, both residents and staff came together to watch
the race. With champagne and nger food on hand, all eyes
were on the big screen as Almandin rode to a famous victory.
The annual cup sweep was won by 4 residents!
Fashion on the elds on Oaks Day concluded the Carnival’s
festivities. There was a great mixture of both residents and staff
showing off their nes with the eventual winner being Bernarda.
Cumberland View News
ECONOMICS - Changes to the Pension Assets Test
Alison and Rita Joan
Pension Bonus Scheme – When to claim
If registered for the Pension Bonus Scheme, your bonus depends
on the rate of Age Pension you’ll receive when you claim it.
With the changes coming through on 1
January, this rate may be
different before and after the date. Keep this in mind if you have
the exibility of when to claim.
Aged care fees
For those in Aged Care, the change may also affect your
government subsidised aged care fees. This is because your
income, including your pension, affects your fees.
If your pension is reduced or cancelled or if your aged care fees
change, written communication will be sent from the Australian
Department of Human Services.
Assets test estimator
For further information on how the assets test changes may
impact your pension and to use the online estimator, visit the
Australian Department of Human Services dedicated page:
• National Seniors Australia:
Australian Department of Human Services
From 1
January 2017, for every $1,000 of assets you own over
the asset free area, your pension will reduce fortnightly by $3.00.
Shirley and Big Red
Big Red, Irene and Alison
Kerrie Carter and Jenny Rogers
Home Care Reform Approaching
As the Home Care Reform approaches (27
February 2017) we
are doing our best to ensure that our village residents are well
informed. There are many changes as part of the reform but
some of the main areas are as follows:
Home Care Providers will have unlimited home care package
places - In the past, Home Care Providers have had to apply
every year for more home care package allocations. Often
times, Providers would be unsuccessful or minimally successful
making consumer choice limited. Home Care Providers will no
longer have to apply every year as the Government have lifted
any / all allocation restrictions. This allows consumers to have
their Home Care Provider of choice without having to wait.
It will be based on consumer demand rather than the success
of an application. This is why we are encouraging village
residents (especially full pensioners) to be assessed for home
care package approval….because you don’t really have
anything to lose!
Funding will follow the consumer - Once approved for a
Home Care package, Government funding will be directed
to whichever Home Care Provider you choose. Home Care
Packages will be completely portable meaning that if you have
a Home Care Package with another provider, you can transfer
to Cumberland View Home Care and keep any funds you
have accumulated.
better living, quality living
cumberland view
Consistent National approach to prioritising access to
Home Care services through My Aged Care - There will be
a streamlined, single point of entry into Aged Care Services
through My Aged Care.
Unspent funds are returned to the Government and/or the
Consumer - If you have not used all of the subsidy that the
Government has provided you with through your Home Care
Package, it will be refunded to the Government whenever you
exit your Home Care Package. If you haven’t spent the total
amount of money you may have invested into your Home Care
Package, it will be refunded to you whenever you exit your
Home Care Package. In the past, the Home Care Provider has
retained any unspent funds. So, in keeping with the times, a
Home Care Provider can now charge a set Exit Fee that they
determine for their own purposes.
For further information please contact Trent on (03) 9790 0555
Need more information? Please call us or
visit our website
123-127 Whalley Drive,
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
Phone: 9795 9154
101 Whalley Drive,
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
Phone: 9790 0555
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Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
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It was the rst Saturday in October and the Doggies were in their
rst grand nal since 1961 facing off against the powerhouse of
the Sydney Swans. Could the Western Bulldogs pull off their rst
premiership since 1954? It was all set for a fantastic contest and
a fantastic day.
Cumberland View Aged Care Living – Whalley Drive got into the
spirit, with the residents, staff and the home decked out in team
colours with a lean towards the bulldogs.
Along with the big screen showing the game, the menu was
strictly football; pies, hotdogs and hot chips. There were activities
throughout the day including a tipping competition and plenty of
prizes were won.
There was much excitement to see the bulldogs win the fairytale
premiership after a memorable game and everyone joined in with
many choruses of the famous Sons of the West.
AFL Grand Final