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cumberland view better living quality living Cumberland View News ISSUE 8 AUGUST 2017 Retirement Living Welcome to our August newsletter Aged Care Living Home Care REFURBISHMENT WORKS START In our August issue we take a look at some wonderful events that our residents have enjoyed from Bastille Day to a cruise around the Great Barrier Reef and lovely encounters from some four legged friends We also discuss Retirement Village fees and charges and share our tips on making energy savings this winter As we near the end of the cold weather we can rug up with a warm cup of tea and look forward to the fast approaching warmer months Happy Reading What s Happening Cumberland View Retirement Living Saturday 9th September Monster Garage Sale Saturday 7th October Open Day What s on in Melbourne Melbourne Festival There s plenty to check out music from Italian pianist Emanuele Arciuli an architectural garden design at the Queen Victoria Gardens MPavilion or lose yourself inside a mirror with a thousand faces Plus so much more 4 22 October www festival melbourne 2017 Symphony in C Ballet to take your breath away Balanchine s Symphony in C has all the grace and elegance of ballet s golden age with modern speed and a touch of Hollywood pizazz Set to Bizet s exuberant score it breezes along to a knock emdead finale that crowds the stage with white tutus Classical and contemporary sparkle and spectacle Symphony in C is the perfect ballet sampler 24 August 2 September www artscentremelbourne com au Building works have started at Cumberland View Aged Care Windmill Court and include some accommodation rooms getting brand new stylish private ensuites Five new resident rooms are also being constructed on the south side As well as these additional beds Windmill Court will also be getting a new hairdresser s salon and manager s office To complement these new updates the entry to the home will be revamped with new tiling and carpet throughout Residents and visitors will enjoy the delightful new look sitting area while taking in the warm sunshine The external fa ade will also get a face lift with touches of timber HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY ULA Ula turned 100 on 11th July 2017 She enjoyed a lovely party at the Village on Sunday 9th July with all of her children grandchildren and great grandchildren together for the first time Ula is the 83rd centenarian in the City of Monash this year

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Cumberland View News BARRIER REEF CRUISE TO PARADISE Sue Carol and myself Jan are all residents at Cumberland View Retirement Village and cruised on the wonderful P O Pacific Dawn for 6 days with a great crowd delicious food and exciting entertainment We Rode the Duck around the streets of Airlee Beach with music playing full volume singing Y M C A like proper village people We were all amazed at how the vegetation has returned after the disaster of Cyclone Debbie The next day we were on to Yorkies Knob for a trip up to Kuranda and the markets There was little time for shopping but we enjoyed the scenic Train ride home Locals were amazed that we were cruising to places that you could get to in 30 minutes by car We then cruised to Port Douglas where we met with friends and drove to the rainforest While walking around in there we were amazed that the plants down here in Victoria are only 3 feet high but they are gigantic trees up there in Port Douglas We sat by the river and enjoyed the peace and quiet It was then on to a delicious lunch back in town before walking along the beach We then made the trip back to ship for the return journey to Brisbane Photos are of the Duck Bus Scenic Train Station dressed for White Night on the ship and the Gatsby Girls theme night By Jan Bourke CONSERVATORY HEATS UP The conservatory at the village recently received a fresh touch The conservatory located within the much loved vegie gardens has had new clear glass installed and once again keeps conditions humid for the lovely flowering plants and keeps the winter chills out With spring just around the corner residents are looking forward to getting back into the garden and seeing the vibrant flowers in the conservatory and around the village GREAT GUIDING LIFE Robinette Emonson moved into the Village with her husband some years ago and during her time here has served as both State Commissioner and then National Chief Commissioner for Girl Guides Australia After a great Guiding life as a child in Melbourne Robinette has served in a volunteer capacity in Guiding for over thirtyfive years She has served in many leadership roles as a Trainer and member of the State Training Team as well as serving on the State Board for many years Robinette was the first Australian recipient of the Gregory Fellowship and represented Australia at an international conference in India She was pleased to have the opportunity to travel to far flung reaches of India Nepal Japan and the UK to name a few that her Chief Commissioner role required Outside Guiding Robinette has served as National Vice President of UNIFEM now UN Women co ordinating the International Women s Day Breakfast program across Australia Now retired from this very demanding role Robinette still keeps busy spending more time enjoying quilting and knitting She is an avid walker and bike rider and can often be found at the village gym

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cumberland view better living quality living ACTIVITIES ENTERTAINMENT ISSUE 8 AUGUST 2017 ACTIVITIES ENTERTAINMENT Bastille Day On the 14th of July the residents of Whalley Drive and Windmill Court celebrated Bastille Day Bastille Day is a day of celebrations of French culture This day of celebration represents freedom equality fraternity and commemorates the 1789 storming of the Bastille From delicious croissants for afternoon tea and the joy and fun of French quiz games trivia and Petanque The residents even had the delight of partaking in French singing WINTER ENERGY SAVING TIPS At this time of year our power bills can be an expensive fright Here are some handy tips which can help to reduce your energy consumption and bills Tip 1 Upgrade your appliances When upgrading to new appliances look for ones with a higher star rating these are going to be more energy efficient and have lower running costs Pet Therapy Pets not only offer companionship and unconditional love but research suggests they may have the ability to boost health and general well being especially in the elderly Tip 2 Unplug anything that s not being used Be sure to switch off any unused power points as this will stop any wasted energy consumption from appliances that are on stand by Pet therapy or animal assisted therapy is a type of therapy involving animals as a form of treatment The goal may be to improve a patient s social emotional or cognitive functioning Tip 3 Stop the drafts By filling gaps in window frames doors and ceilings you can block the drafts that bring the chill into your house Reduce the need for heaters by wearing warmer clothes and keep the doors closed from room to room Pet Therapy is held in the Bellenden Terrace at Cumberland View Aged Care Whalley Drive and the residents get to enjoy visits from animals which are brought in by staff members The furry friends are often cats dogs rabbits and chickens This interaction was a favourite among our residents recently as there is nothing better than a cuddle from a warm four legged friend Tip 4 Turn off the lights and use LED lights Switch to LED lights These are 4 to 7 times more energy efficient than halogen lights and last longer An LED light equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent bulb only consumes 8 12 watts Also if you don t need the lights on in the other rooms switch them off NEW HOPE FOR DEMENTIA PATIENTS Melbourne scientists have uncovered new research that provides hope to tackle Dementia with scans for iron levels in the brain that could identify people most at risk of Alzheimer s Scientists have found that patients with high levels of brain plague but low levels of iron have a much higher cognitive performance over a period as much as six years compared with those with high iron levels who progress considerably faster to disease in terms of memory formation A drug that is already on the market an iron chelator drug is giving hope to patients as it is reducing the levels of iron in the brain for those suffering with Parkinson s disease The team of specialists are now looking at testing whether a dose taken twice a day over the space of a year will slow the progression of Alzheimer s disease Plans to include a brain scan in the 60 year old health check and then following with a PET scan with any brain plaque diagnosis could be the key to tackling this disease before any symptoms appear with the added help of medication With more and more Australians living with Dementia every year any hope is good hope

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cumberland view better living quality living UBER TAXI SERVICE A CHEAPER WAY TO TRAVEL ISSUE 8 AUGUST 2017 PRINCE PHILIP RETIRES AT 96 YEARS What is Uber Uber is fast becoming a popular and cheaper alternative to the traditional taxi service The following is a guide to help you decide whether this service is suitable for your transportation needs to and from the Village Uber connects passengers with a reliable ride within minutes through technology The driver knows exactly where to go and payment is cashless It is now operating in over 66 countries What are the differences between Uber and taxi services On the 2nd August The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip retired from public service 1 Uber drivers use their own personal cars which are normally no older then 10 years At the age of 96 his Royal Highness has served in an official capacity for 64 years along side his wife Queen Elizabeth 2 Uber drivers do not need taxi licenses they are ordinary people accredited by Uber and rated by customers for satisfaction The 91 year old Queen and the Duke have lessened their workload over the past few years transferring many of their responsibilities to their son and heir Prince Charles as well as their grandsons both Princes William and Prince Harry 3 You will know the driver s details before the trip and can communicate this and your travel plans to family and friends 4 Often drivers will provide free bottles of water or sweets as a way of providing a superior service How safe is Uber 1 Uber gives you the ability to send your family and friends a location map highlighting your route and estimated time of arrival 2 Uber provides a door to door service which means staying safe and comfortable at home until your driver arrives 3 As a credit card must be registered payments are made automatically at the conclusion of a trip which means a cashless transaction 4 You know the driver s name number plate photo and customer satisfaction rating ahead of the trip 5 There is 24 7 support for questions and concerns How does it work You will initially need to create an account via the free smartphone app or the Uber website Credit cards details are required taken automatically at the conclusion of the trip You can then use the website or phone application to obtain a cost estimate and submit a trip request This will automatically be sent to the nearest driver The driver will come directly to your home and take you to your required location If you are unsure if this type of service is for you or if you feel this type of technology is a little daunting speak to family members or someone who has experienced the service and can assist with creating an account https www uber com en AU Prince Philip s retirement does not come as a surprise to most and as he said to one reporter in humor well I can t stand up for much longer it is clear Prince Philip still has his humor and witt at the ripe old age of 96 The palace has said Prince Philip although not playing an active role will continue to be associated with the 780 plus organisations that he is patron of president or a member Prince Edward has said that the royal family will support each other and take on the roles that Prince Philip has now left open Prince Philip has had an outstanding honorable royal career thus far and just a portion of this includes 22 219 Solo engagements 637 Solo overseas visits 5 496 Speeches given 785 organisations Patronages 54 Presentation of colours 32 Service appointments 14 Books authored After serving with the Royal Navy in World War II Prince Philip has been Captain General of the marines since 1953 He has been a strong advocate for environmental and conservation issues and also has keen interests in science engineering and industry Queen Elizabeth describes Prince Philip as my strength and stay and will continue to have his support as well having him appear by her side from time to time Next Issue December 2017 We want your ideas If you d like to see a particular story covered in our next issue or if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to contact us below Need more information Please call us or visit our website www cumberlandview com au Retirement Living Aged Care Living Home Care 101 Whalley Drive Wheelers Hill VIC 3150 Phone 9795 9166 123 127 Whalley Drive Wheelers Hill VIC 3150 Phone 9795 9154 101 Whalley Drive Wheelers Hill VIC 3150 Phone 9790 0555