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Customer Feedback

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"It's the only platform on the web that actually displays my trifold brochure the way it's meant to look."

Vea Glenn

Insightful Decisions

Page 2

"I'm the only one responsible for marketing and communications in my company. Simplebooklet has been a lifesaver. People tell me all the time how impressed they are with what I can do."

Teach It Now

Doug Marlowe

Page 3

"I love getting my community newsletter on my ipad without having to download anything."

Pelican Landings

Jodi Carroll

Page 4

"Our retailers love getting our sales sheets on any device from a simple link."

Wildwood Eyewear

Rod Brown

Page 5

"Email attachments make me nervous (viruses). Now I just open a link and get my church bulletin on my phone."

Monterey Church Parishoner

Nancy Watson

Page 6

"Guests love having our guides and brochures on their devices even when they are out of cell range."

Go Touchdown Travel

Leonard Reyneke

Page 7

"Simplebooklet has made it possible to get our destination brochures into so many more digital hands."

Realize Bradenton

Johnette Isham

Page 8

Very Exciting Things

Nathalie Marchand

"I'm all thumbs when it comes to creating content on the computer. Simplebooklet is a lifesaver to get our catalog out across our social platforms."

Page 9

Whittall Real Estate

Kim Whittall

"Simplebooklet makes my property brochures stand out against my competitors."

Page 10

"I used to spend  hours trying to create content. Now I've got fresh content in less than 5 minutes."


Kevin Knight

Page 11

"Voice narrating my presentations in Simplebooklet is like being in the room while my client reviews my pitch."

Rollts Inc

Sean DeCosta