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Lj Currie 

Miss Armstrong 


English 2, Period 3 

Holidays in England

One important part of England’s culture is the holidays they celebrate. The “Celebrations of Nations” is a holiday celebrated in England where the people have a parade in the streets filled with dancers, acrobats, cheerleaders, and performers.  During the Christmas holidays any greenery decorations were placed in doors until the end of the holiday where they brought it all outside to be released back into nature. Twelfth Night is six days after Christmas and used to play jokes on friends it was filled with fun and excitement. Candlemas day is celebrated until February 2nd which is 40 days past Christmas and it represents 40 days since Jesus was born. Another Holiday celebrated by the people in England is Shrove Tuesday which is before Ash Wednesday and they eat pancakes on this day. This holiday was made to repent for their sins and they use all the fattening ingredients before lent as a way to clean out their food pantry.( Barrow)


Food in England 

An important part of England’s culture is their food. One of the main dishes in England is Fish and Chips and it is made from either cod or haddock. The Fish is dipped in a batter and deep-fried until crispy Bubble and Squeak is another dish most English people prepare as one of their traditional dish because it is simple to make and the ingredients can be left overs tossed together in a frying  pan. Sometimes it is made from cabbages, mashed potatoes, variety of any vegetables and butter added to fry it.  Another famous dish is called bangers and mash it's a combination of sausages and mashed potatoes and sometimes fried onions served on top. Bread and butter pudding is a famous dessert made with leftover bread butter milk and eggs and baked in the oven as a delicious treat . In the past poor people were the ones who ate this, but over time more and more people liked it. Another famous dish is dinner roast made with meat vegetables potatoes and served as a main dish. The tradition behind this meal was for a family to spend time together and enjoy each other company. (Reinemann) 

Language England

A major part in the culture of England is their language. English is the official language and also the number one language spoken in many countries around the world today. The English language that many people speak today have a combination of other languages such as Latin,Greek, and French, and it have over million of words. Until the 1700’s there was another language that English people spoke and it was called the Cornish language. Another major language that people in England spoke was Punjabi and a large number of people still speak it today in religious ceremonies. When many Pakistanis migrated to England they brought with them the language called Urdu and this is how they still speak. Other languages are spoken in England but the main language is English and it has become a major part of the country’s culture. (Meyer)   

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