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This booklet is about Global Warming and how it affects the world and how Organic Farming would affect the business industry

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Some things that you can do to prevent global warming are:

1.Stop deforestation.


2. Plant lots of trees.


3.Minimize use of fossil fuel.


4. Use biotic manure instead of fertilizers.


5. Using Solar Pannels

There are many other ways to help Our World. You Have to take action.

The green house effect has a serious effect on the ecosystems. Some of this effects are: 

1. Warmer conditions mean more eaporation which means that some areas will become dry, although depending on the weather some will become wetter.

2. It will get so warm that it will melt glaciers and other ice making the water levels to increase.

3.May change areas where crop grows.

4. Many animals and plants can die.

There are many more effects that the global warming has on the earths. It's time to take an action on what's happening and come to a stop before it's too late. We are already seeing how rivers,lakes,and many other places are being affected. There are many things that you can do to help.

For those who still don't know what is happening to the world I'll expain it a little. The earth is getting warmer every year. We call the warming of the earth Global Warming. The cause of global warming is us human. We have expanded the "greenhouse effect" making the earth to get warmer and warmer. The greenhouse effect is when the earth's atmospheres catches the sun's warmth keeping us warm. But the activities that us humans are doing are changig that natural greenhouse effect. Some activities that casue the green house effect is the burning of fossil fuels lide oil or caol. This increases the amount of carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere causing it to become thicker and harder for gases to get out.

 Global Warming

According to the Worldwatch Institute if all the farmers in the US went organic they would be able to feed every single one of us. In order for that to happen though, they would have to use more land ofcourse. The quality of the food would increase this is because more people would be working in the farms and like I said earlier the don't use many chemicals. Organic Farming benefits the enviroment in many ways. The soil buiding practices that are done in the farms help soil formation. Also water is being better infiltrated and there's less groundwater pollution. It also plays a big role in global warming. The plants reduce non-renewable energy and it prevents carbon to be release keeping it in the soil. In my opinion, I think that organic farming is really good for us and not only for us but for the world in general too. It is way healthier that the food many of us are use to eat. I think that all famers you go organich for the sake of our world.

There has alwasy been this question between the people. Wether if people should consume more organic food. Well even though organic food is better for you, it is way more expensive than the convetional food. Organic food have less chemicals in them, this is agood thing for those who are consuming it but not so much for those that are growing them. Since the foods have less chemicals it means that they need more care so it's more labor for them to do. There are many people asking themselves what would happen if all US farmers went organic, would they be able to feed us all? Well the answer to this is yes.

Organic Farming