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Current Best Practices Assessment

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Are you ready to unveil your true potential In our mission to continuously improve we asked IDCON to help us with their extensive experience and their Current Best Practices assessment tool They helped us find the best possible work processes and set the stage for the partnership between operations and maintenance The project is a success Every plant wants to improve uptime lower maintenance cost and increase overall productivity But if you don t know the gap between where you are now and how excellent you could be it s hard to make a plan to close the gap Swedish Steel AB SSAB Your Steps To Improved Reliability Maintenance You can t make goals There s no path to improvement The best you can do is to just try harder But trying harder won t take you where you want to go We ll Understand Your Situation We explore your maintenance management processes and see how we can help you win You get a step by step plan so you and your team knows where you re going and exactly how to get there To Implement Together IDCON s Reliability Maintenance Assessment Will Help You We help you put your plan into action with hands on coaching Unify operations maintenance stores and engineering around a clear and practical plan for improvement Form clear organizational goals to improve your reliability and maintenance 1 919 847 8764 www idcon com info idcon com Priorities Condition Monitoring Maintenance Planning Scheduling Continuous Improvement RCPE Circle of Continuous Improvement Record Technical Database Stores Do rc React Repair Return Repeat p le o f Des Reduce your costs Increase uptime Eliminate the hassles of an unreliable plant Strategically prioritize short term wins and long term plans to know how to win Contact us Production Plan Ci So You Can Reach Your Goals Prevention Follow us IDCON Reliability and Maintenance linkedin com company idcon inc r Then Create a Plan With You Market ai You need an objective assessment and a focused implementation plan Then you ll realize your true potential and reach your reliability and maintenance goals IdconINC

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What do you get with an IDCON Current Best Practices Assessment Educate your team in reliability and maintenance best practices Objective score You get an objective detailed score in each of our 197 reliability and maintenance best practices Benchmarking See how you compare to others Improvement recommendations Get a clear picture of where you are versus where you want to be A business case Learn how much you can gain by implementing the recommended improvements Guidance to build your plan Our implementation workshop gets your team involved and accountable Experienced Consultants They ve been where you are and will guide and coach you every step of the way 1 919 847 8764 www idcon com info idcon com Schedule Your Reliability Maintenance Assessment Is Your Maintenance Organization Cost Effective Find out how good you are Find out how good you can be Make a plan to close the reliability gap Schedule Your Reliability Maintenance Assessment 1 919 847 8764 www idcon com info idcon com