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Cupid's Arrow


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Grown in the Dark

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First Impressions

Price: 10 Pounds

Have you ever had a first impression that wasn’t accurate? This guacamole will cause you to have that experience!  Romeo and Juliet’s first impression of each other caused them to fall in love and become oblivious to the consequences of their love. Because they were both focused on falling in love, they didn’t really get to know each other. The guacamole will leave dinners tasting one flavor and then twist into the next. This dish features fresh avocados from Mexico, sweet garden grown tomatoes and onions, and well as fresh lime juice. 


A Caregiver's Cure

Price: 9 Pounds

Juliet’s Nurse is a caregiver who is always there for Juliet, in both sickness and in health. When Juliet is sick, her Nurse is there to help make her feel better again. When one is sick, chicken noodle soup is used as a cure to help one recover from their sickness. Like Juliet’s Nurse, the chicken noodle soup is a nessacary part in a recovery from one’s sickness.  The broth used in our famous chicken soup can cure anything from the cold to the flu.

Price: 65 Pounds 

 This potion is an antidote to cure fighting between two people. This potion allows both parties to realize the reason for their fighting is silly. In Romeo and Juliet, the Montague’s and the Capulet’s are fighting, causing issues for the other characters in the book. The characters die, fight, and are forbidden to love each other. This drink tastes like chocolate, a food that is scientifically proven to make one feel happy and at peace. This potion would allow them to forget their petty differences and allow them to coincide.

Harmonious Dispute

Price: 61 Pounds

This potion will help one to fall in love acting as Cupid’s Arrow. This potion is nessacary because it allows two people to fall into a deep love with each other. This potion symbolizes the love that is apparent to any reader when they are reading the play. The main characters Romeo and Juliet, from competing families, who fall in love which the plot is then centered around. This potion tastes like flowers, which represent love. More specifically roses, which is a common flower given out to represent ones feeling of content and love for another. This potion also helps to incorporate the name of the restaurant into the menu. 


Cupid's Arrow

Price: 29 Pounds

Tybalt is a Lord Capulet’s nephew who will not stop at anything to avenge the Capulets. From the beginning of the play, Tybalt is ready to fight, and he is out for blood. This entrée has a lot bold and spicy flavors that represent his ferocious personality.  The dish includes Chorizo, a spicy Mexican sausage, a blend of Mexican cheeses and jalapenos to really make the bold flavors pop. These featured ingredients really depict Tybalt’s captivating personality. 


Tybalt's Tango

Price: 20 Pounds

Mushrooms are a vegetable that have the ability to grown in the dark. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet are forbidden from falling in love, which mean that they must keep their love in the dark from their feuding families.  The dark is where, like the mushrooms, Romeo and Juliet have the ability for their love to blossom and grow. This dish features farm grown mushrooms, sautéed in fresh onion and garlic. 


Grown in the Dark

Price: 35 Pounds

Birds are used as a symbol in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare uses birds in his writing to symbolize danger which is common in the play.  Don’t worry; you will not be in any danger eating this meal.  These taco’s feature fresh duck, fresh grown oranges and freshly cut garlic. Although Shakespeare’s doesn’t mention duck, it is a bird, so it is being used to symbolize his references. This meal will give you a taste of Shakespeare’s writing.


Shakespeare's Message


Price:Price: 12 pounds

This dish will be similar to a chocolate lava cake, which has a hard exterior with a gooey inside. Like the cake, Romeo is expected to portray a tough and rugged exterior because of his gender and status. What most don’t know is that he is gooey on the inside. Not literally, but, he is warm hearted and has a soft spot when it comes to love. Once his rugged shell is removed, one can see the real Romeo, the Romeo that Juliet falls in love with. The ingredient to accurately depict Romeo’s rigid exterior, the warm chocolate cake. His soft side, a fudge ooze center. The dessert is topped with home-style vanilla ice cream and fresh made chocolate sauce.


Romeo O' Romeo