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Puerto Rico is a exotic country, that's a island. Puerto Rico is all about CULTURE, Values, Traditions and many more classifications of culture. I'm here to tell you about 3 important things about Puerto Rico's Culture Food, Holidays and Puerto Rico's Religious beliefs.

Puerto Rico's Culture

     Puerto Ricans have a history behind their distinct food cookery, and it’s an essential part of their culture. Puerto Rican food is similar to other islander foods but also different in it’s own way. The mix of different foods from different places and islands created the tropical and unique food Puerto Ricans have today. Ponce de Leon came with Christopher Columbus and then the Spanish added new foods to the islanders list of unique foods to consume, like beef, , olive oil and etc. Today Puerto Ricans refer to their food  as “ cocina criolla “; Creole food is a big part of Puerto Rican cuisine. Puerto Rican food will always be a vital part of the culture in the country because it’s unique and it has a interesting history behind it ( Rivera ).

Puerto Rican Food

Puerto Rico celebrates special holidays that are a part of their culture . Puerto Rico celebrates News Years just like others in different in countries around the world; Puerto Ricans celebrate memorial day just like Americans to remember and honor the lost lives of soldiers.In Puerto Rico they even celebrate the landing of Christopher Columbus on Puerto Rico’s northwest coast. Emancipation day is a big holiday for Puerto Rico because that’s when slavery was stopped, but the island was still a colony of Spain. Occupation day is a holiday in Puerto Rico to celebrate the American troops landing in 1989 and also the constitution. Holidays in Puerto Rico are special because each holiday has a fascinating history behind it (  Puerto Rico’s Official, National and Public Holidays )

Puerto Rican Holidays

Puerto Rican Religion & Beliefs

Puerto rico is a country that takes religion earnestly, and it’s a big part of the culture. Puerto  Rico’s religion mainly focuses on Catholicism, but Puerto Rico is a country of freedom of religion. Even though Puerto Ricans focus more on Catholicism than other religions, religious ceremonies are not the same as other countries that focus on Catholicism. There are different places for religion in Puerto Rico for the Jews, Baptists and Lutherans along with other different places for religious beliefs because Puerto rico does not have a rule or limit on religion. Puerto Ricans also believe in home remedies and different spiritual beliefs that help people; Puerto Rico also believes in a lot of different natural remedies to heal spiritually. Religion in Puerto Rico is a  big part of the country’s culture because it’s what the people practice and believe in ( “ Religion in Puerto Rico “ ).

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